But also a year of graduation

Part One: is graduation year, parting Mo gardenia Fang do not know when the street has begun selling gardenia, that innocent color, rich fragrance, a reduction that is full of youthful dreams, but also to attract with too many people pass.The flower bud hawkers, even with the line up, fall into a fragrant flower chain, for people to wear in the chest, clothing or hanging between.This is a symbol of youth flowers, so pure and fragrant, so at the moment I have been a youth flying recall those times, remember those school years sunny fragrance.It’s June, June is part of the summer, also belong to the parting of June.Looking back, everything seems fresh in our memory, those parting reluctantly, and those tears of sorrow and grief, one by one in my mind.Once those arms around, and common joys and sorrows of the students now have far apart, each bear the miserable reality brought.Years expel us, to society, to mature the various obstacles on the road, whether it is nostalgia or guilt, we must go straight ahead.  Pure white flowers, gardenia heart is clean qualities, her frank and forthright, not from the bright appearance to please, but with that hidden in the heart of the fragrance and gentle to others, and to remind all of our wonderful youth read to.About Gardenia, there must be a beautiful story: “The young woman, she was gentle and moving, but never bees and butterflies, just a touch of walking in the crowd.But it is this elegant, attracted many people’s joy, so many married men are away, frequently eyebrows.It was not pleasant in a married woman who seems, as opposed to stimulate their jealousy, envy is not such a pretty dress but also several times higher than their own, without decorative naturally attracted the audience of young woman.They may be absolute beauty, but there is no clear and ethereal beauty of the share of youth.They began raging anger chest, and dark traps, up to no good.How can a young woman escaped this dragnet, because she is beautiful too eye-catching, her youth flying too pretty.In the conspiracy married, she changed a face, suffered a variety of combat and exhibit inconsistent with age, appearance, but the heart still does not change that ray of gurgling fragrance, still fresh fragrance, still adhere to self.With fall coming years until really, she remove her innocent face, with a red makeup to show her loyalty unto death.”This story is not beautiful, but it really reflects the troubles brought beautiful, even if we did not have such a beautiful, but it must desire such a beautiful, and to this end much ado about nothing.  In every young mind, it must have such a flower, open in the maturing of the air, the fragrance of the romantic breeze.How much we desire, how eager for such a beautiful, because although full of youthful immaturity, but natural and youthful atmosphere make us fibrillation, make us rejoice.In the mature growth, we are probably nondescript green leaves, only Bise posture no longer any bit of quality worthy of praise.Until the young bud, bud our hearts quietly breeding, we began to focus on our face, we began to appreciate the beauty of others.This time, we are quietly changing, as if overnight, the mirror we also attach some beautiful qualities: innocent face, in God’s eyes, tall stature, gentle willowy.Not even the United States, there are at least a ray of youthful atmosphere, supporting us to become beautiful and enjoy the beautiful.For beautiful, we began to catch up with acne, we began eyebrow hair rope, what can the United States can keep up with clarity and simplicity it brings youth?Most people go through a transformation of the ugly duckling, and slowly found himself not ugly, and even that is unattainable White Swan.Our joy, our apprehension, fear such a beautiful fleeting, so we are eager to express themselves, to the stage, to the communication, for fear that such a beautiful hastily dying in a hurry years.  The school is a paradise peers, we wander with their beauty, but also with joy, surrounded by their.Here alone, we all enjoy and appreciate beauty, there is simply no time to heavily taxed, but also beautiful and brings anguish attendant, can not give up the beautiful people will give up that also makes people feel happy and worry youth.I like the campus avenue, also like the wide lawn, more obsessed with that late-night stroll in the moonlight pond.I love the profound feelings of the same table, but also love the poetic aspect of a teacher, so I love that girl eyebrows.  Gardenia is now open, and I really want to return to school, to see those who let themselves fascinated beauty, but also had to go and see those mature parting.If you can encounter old friends, I wished him a must in mind: “Your friend is still beautiful.”And in the mouth, I’m afraid casually ask what work, how the situation.We also belong to our youth, but no longer have that kind of life, who no longer has that kind of Sentimental.I am no longer the master of the youth campus, just an itinerant rush the passer, but also on campus only once a site just my detention.  White fluttering of those years, a reflection of how bright youthful style, I always could not stop his thoughts, not to rush like a reincarnation of that era.There are passionate youth gone, there is also an oasis of youthful imagination, like the gardenia in full bloom at the moment, Shu shadow bright eyes, distant fragrance.Helpless time reversal, the world displaced, only feel resentment, hate when people say that unusual.  Is graduation year, I do not know how many people are going to this parting, I do not know their hearts may have retained enough wicker pavilion hands as a friend.In this parting of Mo, certainly full of gardenia, for the friends silently wishes for this trip bloom worthy to be straight off.After a number of years, we’ll forget a lot, wash out those lives less important joy and sorrow, but this parting will always be buried in the depths of memory in each gardenia fragrance of the season, each surge of youth hours, wound up warm heart.It is dreaming of those years, just like the silence in the fountain of jade, nourish silent, but timeless.    Part II: graduation is a year Time flies, In the near future, that there will be a group of students to complete four years of college study and life, to a new course.  Look at those school brother sister were about to leave the school at the time of the last memory of this university record with the camera, that he (she) show their faces to the school and nostalgic feelings of sadness, but also a deep infection the presence of each individual.  Youth finish, waiting for the opening of a wait for us in front of our journey in, facing the sun, the courage to dream of flying heart; wait for us in front of the story, to the stars, and from memory in this life the best four in full bloom over flowers.Nightlife net future as an erratic sky clouds, and we, from this day, began a long journey to chase the clouds.  Tomorrow is wonderful, but the road may be rough, but in any case, we have a precious to recall a can not let go of friendship, for a lifetime of experience.  Great Wall, the trail edge, green lawn.Sung half, had burst into tears.Just for this campus, we did not burn to youth?  Graduates no longer write home.Every time the phone, a few words lazily cope.This does not mean they do not love father and mother, they just could not find a better way of expression.Graduates more than love mother newborn.Freshmen favorite girlfriend, and experienced the ups and downs of graduates who understand that the most lovable or mother.Graduates more talk about home, whether to return home or not to return home, whether it is sports or scorn tone.On the home as if talking about the campus, campus and talk as if talking about home, talking talking talk about mixed.Campus, will become the other islands, another home.Cottages and dormitories on campus home, two photos overlap.Where is the real home?  ”Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes,” he said: “One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, but the forever.The sun rises and the sun falls, the urgent return of the land.South wind blowing, and turn north, could not spin down, and return to the original channel switch, turn the rivers run into the sea, the sea is never full, from where the rivers flow, thither they return again.”This is the only faith graduates.  Graduates have to take pictures under the tree.Is the name of the people, tree shadow.People’s names are illusory, roster one-year change; shadow of the tree is real, this is heaven on earth to give.What is called the “mature” to the tree to look for answers.Splendid tree will go on, because there will be summer; bright graduates who will go on, because their mind, this campus.  So, people look back, they stand somewhere?We have only the youth, but this is enough.Youth means 铁肩担道义, Cherish the article, it was Li Dazhao youth.Lu Xun said, young people also have faint eggs, there are a coward, traitor.It seems, youth is also questionable.  Each of the graduates want to say the truth is, this one.However, after all, not a campus life like “Love Story” movies.When the large lawn in front of the library is erased, the singer who moved to the quiet garden.  He graduated, no waving, it’s too hypocritical.Hunched, back carrying heavy luggage.Remember to come, not so heavy luggage.  Note: I wrote this article not only themselves, but also wrote science brother sister were about to leave college life.Part III: Graduation time have traveled several times Love, scattered mood or remember the story of the people.Seoul come to me to college, I do not know who inadvertently think of the ivory tower of the fragrance, and now I graduated, student career ended.Although not appreciate that kind of hurt Yi San, mood can still bleak as the leaves of autumn.I should also not sensible to own tomorrow!Confusion or will struggle on how to locate later in charge of the bite now my whole.No preparation, no goal embarked on a new journey.  Walking in the scenic campus, more and found that he had not belong here, watching the familiar people leave school one by one, filled with ignorant mood influx of graduate candidates army, I feel like all of a sudden silly from otherworldly life fell reality.Once remembered the dream, once the rhetoric, are blown in the fall this season, the only feeling now think of nothing smile.  For graduate of us have to do a person’s travel, a person walking, a crowded bus, a person accommodation, commuting on a person, a person to track a person’s Romance.Solitude with injuries, for stability, for high-paying, for the house, for the families, in order to take up their responsibilities in order to dream Haomo remaining, to love my people and I love people.Burdens of luggage, alone on the road.There are also hesitant to panic, there is also a strong pull, sweat, tears or will we have to endure alone!The grown-up children, and the hearts of the helpless uneven away, the bitterness and hard carry, finishing up their new clothes, go right!  Campus, is still so silent, without a trace of sound, you bring young season, and like gangbusters off the season time.Gently, I go, as I gently to.I gently waved, not take a cloud.  A thousand miles begins with a single step.I need to do is take every step firmly, constantly moving forward.