Busy watching flowers, heart Lianhua scattered

Quiet town, a few heavy mottled.Autumn wind blows, several times autumn Mu Hua Yan.Text, wrong wrong yo, peace of mind is very.    Autumn Saola a few tree leaves, rustling sound.Shocked the rise, the sky is still blue delicate, white clouds still soft; people are gentle, leisurely heart, meaning also lightly.    Grind ink intended distant party, he argued that read like a silk thread.Enron, dressed in plain keep fireworks.I was in the most simple rhyme tune spectrum soften the years one of the most song.Accompanied by the breeze, still bustling, jealously guarding a period of years is good.Moon spring tours over several times, the number of clutch and everything tasted it, when is enough.The quiet beauty of life, willowy and more emotions, such as love of old.    Smile, thousands of miles, misty clouds, tempting.Traveled per journey, unconsciously becomes like that long,.Just know, after the fleeting, the final disposition is not changed, how many ways of the world, perhaps slowly change in the cycle of the seasons in many, or the vicissitudes of life, or sad, or graceful.    Former German Xinyu heart, after all, arrived, but the passage of time, after all, is their tired tired aside, the wind division, sparking thousands of emotion.Collection of a strike through, why would tilt in time where?Close their eyes and took a deep, autumn and flies so long, busy has not diminished elegance.    Although no changes undergone earth-shaking, but also inexplicably feel a little changed, helpless.Getting used to, with the most delicate of mind, a beautiful collection of past.    Red slightly, washed away all the time Magnificence.Since breeze, Yang Yi Mei, the heart remains the same, but pedestrians too hastily, this situation there who knows, who knows this meaning?A few pens, but also said endless demands and wistful.    Epiphyllum perishable, difficult to move the rock.The situation honestly, you are all.Tian Ran rest, dream Butterfly, butterfly incense at around.Nightlife net pull situation, did not return from the people; no martyrs, stable years.Flowers, is met is fate; the flowers, I see the petals falling quiet, your a frown all at once, into my heart has been quietly hidden.    Eyebrows heart, gentle as before, Yiyi regret and guarding you give warmth.I’m a tea and a water Seiitsu years, quietly waiting, quietly waiting for you.He forgets his own, hearted smile.Mouth, dream rhyme flow, or you.Fleeting love, fell silent.    Ichikawa hay, a few Cang Shan.Du Yi window, uneasy mood ups and downs.You did not, I dare go, everything changes, why the situation has not changed, it seems like real magic.    Often wonder: If, can also still safely in place from the hustle and bustle, this is exactly what state of mind?Worth of secular interference, desolate life how much things hurt?    A bustling study, an idea has become gray.Jin always bustling everywhere, a pronounced ego, begins to Acacia begins to gray.    Line Ichikawa love affair, a ride through the landscape, temporary streams to quiet right, visit with Susan vegetation.In harmony with the landscape, the world learned how to get along with where self.    Flowery Meijuan, Homecoming, but said only as shown signs of life.Who will remember those flowers in bloom, bud withering rush, missed not owned by people just passing.    Past incense, but this life with you again I miss the emotional hang around.This life, this is the final encounter became dust obscure nostalgic dream, a few San Francisco, San Francisco several times, but has always been reluctant to forget.So, this smoke in the years to come, and who broke our hearts?But never regret this Red in the encounter, knowing each other, even if this life you are in the horizon, my cape in.The distance across impassable, but I still worried about the jump in between the lines, and you, as always, this life, you are always waiting for me the same.    Life, there is always some stories, the graceful Looking back over the years; sea, there is always met, the aesthetic Homecoming.Also take the time, people also finish at people and things in the past days, we will also face these old days as it was the same as to retain the same smile.    I thank fate, creating an encounter which.Since I do not want this bustling world, you are my world.This gave birth to you, the world is no longer her.    Busy watching flowers, heart Lianhua scattered, but unfortunately can fight crossing, leaving a dash of gentle, Qianpan, affectionate pending.