Business Pearl “Zen tea” feeling

She is a poetic woman.Her grown in Poyang Lake Yunju.The vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia has her dream was young, she has the stage to showcase their talents, have a career of her success.Today, she is like a hard-working Yan Zaihuai the love nest north to south fly home, and Yongxiu County contracted investment of 200 million yuan to build eco-under Yunju “Zen tea”.She is the president of the Federation of Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Hohhot president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Inner Mongolia North Sheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Business beads.    Osmanthus fragrance of the morning of October 15, in Yongxiu County Yunju Next nestled on orange leaves of the forest bungalow outside, a white wooden table has been filled as early as oranges, grapefruit, peanuts, chestnuts.Green “Zen tea” stretched delicate posture in a transparent cup, cup of tea mist sprang braved intoxicating aroma.Under the pleasant autumn sun, dressed in eye-catching business Phi beads brown clothing falling on wooden chairs, with the reporter pulled a homemade sections.    ”Coming back this time, not only wanted to do something for the home, and there was a feeling miss home and loved ones.”Delicately thin lips, bright eyes shimmering, pearl business talking about his poetic life.Business beads that in the spring of 2003, for life is full of beautiful dreams, she took Koto pharmaceutical products, with passion to the north of a career break, Zhang Bin and her husband went to Inner Mongolia to expand the market, and in Erenhot City set up a pharmaceutical company headquartered in North Sheng.A pleasant surprise is just 11 Spring, North Sheng pharmaceutical company from a little-known small businesses, developed into a new enterprise business radiation throughout Inner Mongolia, with annual sales breakthrough billion.    There are scraps will be successful.December 27, 2013, Business beads solid effort in terms of reform in difficult areas, has been elected as “2013 Ten Outstanding Women of China’s reform,” gloriously embarked on a podium CCTV.    Life is full of passion quotient beads, after a successful career, do not forget to actively return to the community effort to promote the harmonious development of enterprises and society.    That was years ago a winter, when the shop Hohhot Heng Su Xiaolin play in Qingcheng Park Elementary School, accidentally fall into the frozen lake, the critical moment, people spontaneously formed a relief team, jumped into the icy lake rescue drowning teenager.Su Xiaolin saved, and brave, self-sacrifice Haolong Biao, who has sacrificed his young life.    Shocked by the sad news, business beads not only deeply regret that, but decided to Hao Longbiao family home for troubled subsidize.Since 2003, trade beads 1000 yuan per month to help finance Hao Longbiao sister completed college.In this regard, Hao Longbiao mother was moved to tears took her hand and said: “Business always, you’re a good man under the sun!”The business bead answer is:” Your son to save others sacrificed their lives.Now, again such a good daughters to school to give to the state, I have no reason not to help.”In addition to funding Hao Longbiao family business the beads also led the North Sheng pharmaceutical company employees to social welfare in the first place, and actively carry out the public free to send medicine, health care products and gift units of sanitary materials as well as free health testing, counseling and other activities, has more than plays host to the “adverse drug reaction and recovery of expired drugs” campaign, praised the people of Inner Mongolia.    In the face of a major disaster SARS, a stream, snow, etc., business bead’s North Sheng pharmaceutical companies keep in mind the social responsibility, the first time the total value of donated money, donated medical supplies, disinfection products, medical equipment, more than 5 million yuan.After the Wenchuan earthquake, beads business organization employees generously raised 57,815 yuan donations for the people of disaster areas, rushed transferred to the disaster area.Yushu after the earthquake, she donate up to 12 million yuan.September 17, 2010, Inner Mongolia and Jiangxi ‘Federation held a “Thanksgiving helping” mobilization meeting, business bead in turn raised to 3 million yuan “Thanksgiving aid” money was referred to the Office of the regional Federation of helping.    In September, only beads supplier swallows fly north, with a deep love for flying south hometown hometown, invest two hundred million yuan to build eco-under “Yunju” “Zen tea”, was warmly welcomed home crowd and highly anticipated.Business beads that she did not do it that “Zen tea” business opportunities, but to our country’s culture and Zen tea culture perfect combination, so that the “Zen tea” organic ecological awareness, charity culture enjoys popular support for the realization China delivered a positive energy dream.    In the “Zen tea” ecological and cultural project base, the reporter saw the mountain pass of Au tea vibrant, green as in spring.Business beads told reporters that the project occupies 500 acres of the mountain, the whole tea three points distributed in the green water around the temple really.Currently, the mountain of the project flow, asset evaluation has been completed, road construction, production plants and cave repository of design is in full swing.    ”Yunju is not only holy temple culture in China, strong incense, and the forest coverage rate reached 98.More than 9%.Spring, a variety of flowers blooming, visitors stop onlookers, Wang spent sigh; summer and fall, lush bamboo, birds singing, visitors mesmerized; winter, Zen-filled sound, clear spring sing, poetry Meng Meng.Here, no dust pollution and pesticides, no traveling is disturbed.I will fight not only here cause ‘Zen tea’ culture of the Pure Land, and the beautiful landscape here will finished pieces to protect, retain it, and to future generations.”Pearl says business.    When reporters envious of her success, she pointed to the “A True Temple” in the growth of the tree 1200 years of ginkgo, said: “Compared with it, I did it matter what?I’m not as good as a leaf on a tree branch ah!”