Business Life

Some older people often say: “I really envy the young people, ah, the young is the capital.”And some young man said:” In fact, my heart very envious of older people enrich their experience, well-informed and profound ideas.”So side people say:” Young is the capital, old age is wealth.”But not all of the capital eventually translate into wealth?the answer is negative.Just provide capital for the realization of a possible wealth, in order to make this possibility a reality, but also painstakingly. Give you capital, but you waste time, I do not work hard, then your capital you will eventually be squandered, but also how it into wealth?If you work hard when you have capital, we work hard, so capital can be converted into wealth, but this wealth will make your life ever. Friends, let’s run it lives. Because the young, to have time and want to go with the time and want to invest, with a thoughtful soul and wisdom to run passionate, life must be getting richer, fuller.In old age, we can proudly say to young people: “Young is the capital, old age is wealth!”(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM)