Bush of wild morning glory

(A) warm early summer, bright glow, humble wild morning glory.  Bushes, wild morning glory bloom with indifferent and now she is the ultimate thin pink and white flowers.But, who would not appreciate it, in this overgrown weeds woods, only it – yourself enjoying the wild morning glory that of a beautiful youth of their own.  Morrowind, the air warm appropriate, all full of life.  Grass shaking oily flash of green, trees shines the sunniest Inner Voices.  However, no-one attention thin body hidden in the grass swaying light pink color.There are growing wild morning glory, wild morning glory bloom being humble powder intended.  ”Maybe I’ll just enjoy it myself!?”Wild morning glory no choice but to shake the pink flowers in my heart silently sigh.But no-one knows it’s heart, because it’s just an optional wild morning glory.  ”Everybody says that flowers are the most beautiful, that’s why I like flowers on compact speakers reflect less than beautiful pupil in it?”There are wild morning glory moment of confusion.  But the reality is still reality, wild morning glory always confused after a while, it becomes the clear exception.It knows in this world who does not take account of it again, and then no one will really praise it, because it’s just a small, poor, weak, or even always thinking dependent, and is very humble, Re Renxian extremely wild morning glory.  (B) dense thickets bathed in the warm sun in.Who knows may have bushes of another world?  Wild morning glory is struggling to learn the shining golden leaves gaps in the map down the narrow already somewhat faded sun.But this did not affect wild morning glory like the sun in the open.It is always early blooming Pied own pale, and greet the early sun baptism, feeling the morning breeze blowing gently.  Perhaps such days are also comfortable.But there’s no one secret hearts.  In many cases, the gap in the wild morning glory daze looking at the top of the tree, it will suddenly think: sunshine outside the more wonderful!If I can grow in the place of the sun on the better, so I will be completely bathed in sunshine, and that people will see me, the grass will not bully me, more trees I can not stop that belong to a warm cozy up ······ Yes ah!Desire is always very good, the reality is cruel but true.  Wild morning glory always after God himself crazy for a while, will laugh at myself: wishful thinking.It is only just a dream, the reality is that it still has to live in the bushes, his head still speckled leaf gap, it’s just part of it dipped down Yimiyangguang, the rest are dreamy, unreal things.  Although there are fantasy, but always wild morning glory can quickly adjust their own, it is always telling myself: I have been very lucky, I should thank God, this grove, although I grew up in, but I have hope that I can also feel that warmest Yimiyangguang stroked my soft weak weak Pied.  (Iii) the sun to warm the strange wild morning glory, but also make it more leaf growth out to be.  Growth is a how happy thing ah!But for the wild morning glory is, it is extremely distressed.Sometimes it really blame God, why is it such a body, the other climbing plants will have to look more alive, will bloom more beautiful.  Yes!What hope someone will see it yourself, someone will say out loud: “You see, this beautiful flowers and more!”This dream is pursued things wild morning glory.  But after all, the dream is a dream, a dream will still wake up, the reality is still prostrate in the grass wild morning glory bottom of the tree, where nothing can make nestling wild morning glory, nothing can make wild morning glory bloom too high in the breeze.It is surrounded only see and green grass swaying in the wind, no other nestling.  But the sun is still giving it the ability to force it to continue to crawl, leaf curl should be gradually, gradually have wound.It did not choose the body close to the grass beside him, and did not choose to extend it leaves to be, unconsciously she lay wrapped in a leaf on grass, attached there, pale flowers that really blow Atlas since the speakers, how the spirit ah!  Some wild morning glory excited, and then looked high, it may be visible near the street.I believe in the near future, some people will see me, some people will be surprised to find: You see, that horn wild flowers in the grass on the green, how wonderful ah!  Wild morning glory that Yimiyangguang eyes closed bathed in the morning breeze, the mind has long been every now and then to that distant dream where there are all beautiful, all gust of wind blowing, leaves crashed rang.Growing on grass but lost the mood to enjoy the music, it’s so awkward shaking soft body, and the awkward shouting: “Go away friends!You hate wild morning glory, you Le me time to breathe . “wild morning glory and thus has been growing on the grass beside Shuaixiang suddenly dry soil in.Wild morning glory sad creeping in there, ears still echoing grass just unpleasant words, once the heart again sank to the bottom, that moment also wilted pale of Pied a dash.  This is how many times it’s a climb, wild morning glory really can not remember.Every time it thought that they can trumpet when the dyke, the grass will be taking advantage of the momentum of the wind flung it to the ground throw, but each time fiercely, with no little pity.  There was a time wild morning glory from trying, it’s just lying there quietly, quietly listening to the sound of rustling grass around.That so much like laughing at yourself, laugh at myself spineless.Wild morning glory in my heart began to secretly cry.  Yimiyangguang top of the tree that has gradually become blurred, wild morning glory think: Yes, the clouds know my heart, do not want to let the sun also wept.  Wild morning glory feeble lying there, no one can see its humble body was lying in the bushes, no one would think it’s the heart of how plaintive.  For a moment, what it does not want to do, what not want to think, but surprisingly quiet, quiet lying in the grass, as if to quietly stopped breathing.  No one knows a wild morning glory will have their own distant dream, that is to open in the morning sun, the morning breeze in the open, you can open the attachment in the body, is that of a humble passers bring their own beauty of.  (Iv) once again climbing, he was thrown to the ground again, indeed, lost the courage wild morning glory.  Yes!A Mighty Heart will again have a weak moment, wild morning glory listless listless lying there, thinking about their own efforts to ashes again and again, I felt wronged abnormal.  ”Everyone to bully me, no one will pay attention to me, no one will take me seriously, I can not find my nestling ” wild morning glory secretly sighed in the morning breeze, had secretly thinking ······ cold side of the grass is always scoff at it, swaying with the wind in the green body, as if it is to show off their dancing beauty.It does not allow wild petunias and green wrapped its body, it is always evil Henhendiba throwing wild morning glory flung to the other edges, no little sympathy.  The head of the branches it is simply out of reach, high above the foliage that is always floating in the air by the power of the wind fell on the wild morning glory pale delicate petals children, tightly curbed the wild morning glory breath of fresh air always make it difficult to suffocate.  As long as the flowers are like butterflies frolicking around him, but the butterfly is not fly here, just like a butterfly flew into the garden beautiful.Many times, wild morning glory have seen the beautiful butterfly passing over the top of the head, eyes never did not stay for it.  The thought that birds can fly freely give it some fun.Unexpectedly?Diao leaves are birds go pale petals children also will become the bird mouth of the food.  Wild morning glory can be frightened birds peck its thin as onion skin-like pale of Pied Piper, it has never been subjected to the tearing pain Italian.Luckily the birds pecked after a long time, and finally lightly fly, but wild morning glory has scarred, feeble, distressed lying there.  ”I must be extremely ugly!”Wild morning glory sad cry, that children also broken petals swaying in the morning breeze, swaying in the grass.  Hurt the body, hurt the heart, wild morning glory growing malaise of the spirit.  But growth is still continuing, it leaves still want to be one of the best climbing in, who do not bring trouble to the nestling.So, morning glory opposition within the heart is still there and always, forward momentum is still there, it must climb a part of its own “treasure Therefore, sad at the same time, wild morning glory will still try to tell myself: Do not give up.This is wild morning glory is tough, and no one can.  (E) re humble life have meaning it lives.  Wild morning glory just thinking to find a stable nestling, it is not thought to show off their beauty, it’s just thinking about seeing the road not far from it, then there is no hope.  In later days, wild morning glory is still stretched body, still green leaves are knocking many times at the foot of the earth.Although this kind of life so many times discouraged wild morning glory.But when the day of a sun rising, wild morning glory will become particularly angry, always in the sun, the wild morning glory will feel that they have been very lucky in fact, grow in the bush, it is not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid sun exposure, more afraid there are too many mosquitoes to pollution.Think of these, wild morning glory is no longer sad, think about these wild morning glory again start to climb the efforts of the day.  On a sunny morning, the woods very quiet, cicadas fell asleep, the grass can not afford to play a little listless listless spirit, the leaves are also sun feebly.  Wild morning glory has been stretching his leaf shall, been working hard, trying sudden wild morning glory leaves must be touched to a hard stuff, wild morning glory so awkward wrapped around his body, I’m afraid but also accidentally dumped into the earth below.  Wild speakers took great effort, his own Ye shall be fixed there.A gust of wind blowing, wild morning glory shaking up their own body, but the surprise is that this time the wild morning glory attached there safe and sound.  When the wind stopped, wild morning glory before breathing a breath of fresh air.”I’m scared to death of the” wild morning glory and my heart not to mention more excited.Wild morning glory moment really look around a bit around, looked at his body attachment, what is that?Wild morning glory could not believe it, it looks to a dry twig.That small branches still upright in the soil.This time the wild morning glory can be assured that it will never thrown into the soil up.  How happy ah wild morning glory!What a surprise ah!  It points while nodding to the wind, while another waved his hand and the sun.That it is more pleasant light pink petals children has opened in a small dry tree tops.”I believe the near future, I will be in this dry branches full of!”Comfortable in my wild morning glory, happiness and joy unspeakable.  The sun still sun goes down every day, according to the head of the opposition that still Yimiyangguang morning glory leaves still kept shaking his head every day, falls on a wild morning glory Pied occasionally there will wither went flying down floating in the air.  But no one has noticed: It seems to wrapping has become a big beautiful wreath on the dry branches.There is already a light pink blossoms in full color, even pink with white, is white cute, pink blooming.  Always in the morning breeze, the morning sun, wild morning glory pink sky and blew the trumpet, it looks like clear to all: there was a wild morning glory of their own youth!  In one day, I accompanied the morning breeze, bathed in the warm sun, walking on the roadside not far from that grove.Twisting head the moment I saw the trees that cluster of beautiful wild morning glory wrapped around the top of a small tree, against the background that there Yimiyangguang, such as trees weave the most beautiful wreath.  I was shocked at the moment.