Bus Life: ink-stained bus

Leaving aside the secular noisy, high-rise buildings in the city between the vertical and horizontal terraced rice paddies, among Qionglouyuyu Feiyanzoubi, carved beams, straight and tree-lined road between portray a picture of a gorgeous harmony.If this is the green leaves of modern urban life brush, then, the city streets throughout colored buses is galleries Smart freehand.    When sharp advertising in full swing to seize the screen, and bus advertising also quietly take the heat.Of course, the carrier is a boxy body of the bus Changzhangduanduan.Do not you see that in the spacious parking with each temperament there is a bus body wrapped in colored coat, arranged uniform, sitting quietly, stoically shower with a gentle night.Colored body suit propaganda theme of the pulse, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and other colors.A depth of each color depth of the intensity of the brush, emotional catharsis.One can imagine that every person conceived by a bus careful compilation of copying, like a rainbow after the storm horizon.Early in the morning, cars buses are pulling colorful tone filled with running, beautiful and dispersed in various sites in the city, in addition to strongly impact the eye of the world, but also decorate the city so strangely gorgeous dazzling.    Often of a golden bus passing from the side, slowly move closer to the platform, that beautify the arc track suit autumn sunset, co-author of plants and flowers and a row of neat patchwork of park along the river the premises, which is how beautiful an ink Dan ah!    Bus body coat, cater to the Red Sunian.Dragon Boat Festival, iris leaves being modified, dumplings play a leading role play; when the Mid-Autumn Festival, round and round pizza exudes a warm affection; and more conventional, it is everywhere the.Such as all kinds of bottle shape, sleek cell phones, the day dragged by the car ran over the world, all you have to dazzle mouth water, immediately subconsciously felt in my pocket, a possessive idea born from the heart, straight jump you have to tickle the mind.Infinite magic of advertising, the big cruise in your eyes every day.    When the bus drove slowly along stately tall August First Uprising Monument, a buffer in the Song Poetic style buildings, passing through beautiful and bow Sima Temple overpass, the shuttle in the clear water, green necklace, jade river corridor lights , whistling in the cable-stayed bridge on August curve beauty, magnificent Mercedes-Benz at the spectacular Nanchang Bridge, uncertain in altitude Rover Nanchang Star Ferris wheel.Do not you think it is like a bright pearl in the meantime it shine?    If the city is easily accessible by main roads of the city vein, then walk in bus is the artery of the city.The arteries of people sometimes, but at the time, seems to have become pictorial in the wizard, how also able to escape the creative hands clenched magic pen.Heaven shining bright lights of street lights, rolling on the ground there are collections of body is also bright flash in the modern city’s new business card service window.    Ink dye public transport, can not love?