“Bunch hanging on the vine.”

All your spring road is like oil.Pata rain outside the window the eardrum has been a full two days, is still not stop the trend, it seems that the sword Geji borrow the words: “The next day missed.”Of course, this is just the beginning.    Morning, still asleep dream, received a phone call.Postman.Eyes instantly turned from hazy Impressionist school and then return to realism Teng sprang to bed.Even so, the postman was impatient roar Liang Sangzi.    Just received is coveted for a long time teacher Wang Qing book “Daughter vine”.I do not remember what time thinking about the opportunity because of what the book, but just listen to this coerced warm breath do not have a title on the fabulous taste.Green organic division, said the words of the day will own the rest of which one to me, then just wondering, what is the chance to have the opportunity to do?To wait until it comes to an opportunity?Then, one day, he said micro-letter year for the Green Teacher: “I made a wallet that you change this” daughter vine “How?”Later, I used the opportunity to create their own life and life to her collection of essays ‘lie’ should come, I’m the real made a big profit.Green division, you lose out.Read the next book, probably on hold for a long time, always feel that time has left a dusty book.I always respect the author and the author’s words, books are no exception, I could not bear my favorite book in my hands ash dust, so give this “daughter vine” Green Division package printed Fengqiu Huang and bamboo pattern transparent book cover.May you be more serene in my hands!    Wang Qing teacher is recognized because of a Lunar New Year holidays accidentally saw a picture in an article from Huxiang Ling teacher in space – “Storm Inn”, written pride of joy, according to Hu teacher’s words, very handsome free and easy.Because a text to get to know someone is fortunate to get to know someone because of her numerous Essay again is extremely lucky the.I was “FY Inn” Green division has recognized, she read a lot of text.Her delicacy, vivid strokes, unique perspective and different watch, tranquil and quiet life with the dust of the true nature of germinal total traction with readers again and three thin read of her word, and her word is her people.She is like her characters’ memories of grandmother Irene small courtyard planted vine-like “, with a total grass fragrance exudes modern intellectual women elegant atmosphere, and her character is like that Fujieda scattered spread down each stretch style variety of fruits, you will have to ponder over the slow taste, otherwise you can not eat it taste.    Early to open the book, Wang Qing teacher photos with roughly profile, I should be the first time that green division “ins and outs”.1962 is the more distant an era of digital symbols, and her face clearly people think this number of absurd.Probably a woman’s talent always resist the passage of the flow of sand erosion cheek, you can not see with your eyes.    Perhaps because of Lijiang’s sake, skip the time to enjoy it again, “Storm Inn” is not found without hesitation, “Listen to Naxi Ancient Music”.From her pen to find previous 2007 Lijiang, time goes by, even if only a few years, but still Lijiang for a dress, I saw an old man in the eyes of Lijiang right?I was eager to look like far more than the reality of the image?Although only song with green pen division Naxi ancient music, but I clearly felt a little years ago, Lijiang also as purdah girls and Your face looks like, now, everywhere is full of vulgar makeup powder gas.    Afternoon time in the rainy season is particularly gloomy, dark, long, especially after a sudden power outage, everything looked dead and lifeless.Fortunately, the book division of Green has been on hand.Continue with a number of articles read her article, until the sky darkened even more can not clearly see it was not a small bold font.Where a “born-five years sun”, young teacher wrote “Back to the ward has been upset for his myopia.”She upset because she only vaguely myopia looked at her newborn daughter a.I think this high myopia, in a dark hut lay aside the book forget it, otherwise I would not know the future will not be annoyed gift.    Anyway, is so obsessed with this collection of essays, because she really is a normal life, wrote a prose text bones.This text is unusual, but see everyday content.In particular, the opening of each title are amazing applauded, and the text more attractive, surprise.Most of the time below her readers guess not, not the novel’s plot twists and turns of the story, but her own inner direction and extended narrative of the real thing.    Green take the title this piece of writing division always makes me think of San Mao, San Mao title of the article is to let people think this subject is none other than non-content but otherwise it can not clearly express the idea of the article.Youth division is also the title of the article takes a sudden enhance the value of the article itself.    Green said the division, which was previously the 2007 work.If only these probably are not reading enjoyable.Green in the other division blog later bear the “vine” is still growing slowly, compared to the “daughter vine,” to see a more “immediate” green division and that more mature “daughter vine”.    Planting flowers and grass get that woman, that woman quiet nature, the joy and pride of Walker, that Wen Wanshan good mother, that provoke text writers, such as Green division, said the sound: “Hail Mother Goose” of the.    Finally, a small woman thanked the youth division presented “vine” of grain, more chewing taste.