Buried in the spring of love

An boyfriend of a small electric Komori, a few days to continue to knock on my office door, said Ann died a little about electricity, I must go and see.  An even really small electrical died, only a doctor can save her and not me.But Komori said, you are a small electric benefactor, you regardless of her, who she tube?  Komori mind a little two, really, two may not work.  The relationship between the three of us are a bit complicated, when we first came to power small security company to work, I thought she was single, and then she started to pursue, I’m the manager, always put the best run business allocated to her, but experience so that other colleagues went to report me boss.  Fortunately, small electrical safety very clever, coupled with my help, she went straight through the internship.However, when her monthly income of more than five thousand, Komori took from his home called, and also into our company.  Then she fishes I confessed not single, and Komori has been good for three years.  No wonder every time I took her home, said she always play the fool to sit up, and I thought she just wanted to stand end to end.Then I found that he is a great tragedy, a small electric security firm footing, I no longer important, because the boss said to me directly, Ann was a small electrical business talent, but fortunately you gave her the opportunity to.  Since that day, everyone knows I’m a joke.I had to pretend not to mind, brought from home tofu, sector-wide for everyone, did not fall safety of small electrical and Komori.  An electrical and Komori little I eat tofu, probably talk a bit, I think this man is Tiao Hanzi, so he had to do a meal at home, the couple invited me alone, then of course, you can not pick out, that meet smile can melt away allies and enemies meaning.  Two I continue sincere cooperation and security in the small electrical work, the performance of our lines, the other group than down, the boss is very happy, once drunk, but still very bitch to say that if there is no small Du, you little electricity and security is more than suitable pair, the men shoved woman fine jointly conquer the world, and the world is your!  In fact, I thought it not think so.Good birds greener pastures, but Du Mingming is small twigs, met with customers all speak words not agile, once a customer stammered, Mr. Liu, I have your name?  Shayang Komori think of, my cold and lovely smile.An small electrical Just then the door into the office, I study a little baffling smile, then he said carefully, I could run Longxia Trade City that line it with Komori?  I was startled.Longxia Trade City is a large investment projects on the billions of dollars, if the run has become, at least for the next five years of my life emboldened.I had already planned to install small power and how to operate, and now she has to Komori blending in a piece, what?  For months built up a good character, and finally dike across the board at this moment, staring at the small electric Ann’s face broke out with old passions, my howling, no.  I put a small electric Ann out of the office.After re-sit down and still angry shortness of breath.It seems stupid now live a long time, a wise man will be stupid, small electric security has been ruined, really!  Then, a small electric Ann was sick a few days do not come to work, probably, she threatened me.  Saman small electric and Komori live in a house the rent is cheap, full of dog feces, hawkers selling vegetables on selling out loud under the window of her home.  I have advised small electrical safety move, she said, I am saving money.  Girls love to save money, save to do the dowry.In particular Komori’s home, it is said to have pointed to poor wife’s dowry live.I want to tell small electrical safety, my family do not dowry, nor even a son.Fortunately, these words did not say it, otherwise it will lose more face.  An small power really sick, I walked into an intense smell of symptoms of illness, and then found a small stove with balcony support.Inside the dark boil medicine.  I’m not biased against traditional Chinese medicine, but I think, in relation to the hospital sick.Komori said quickly, this Chinese herb very effective, eat a good pipe.  An electric small bed also echoed that good tube.  An electrical sick little cheeks are sunken, and say cough, I really want to curse.  An electricity to the small hospital at 7:00 pm registration and medication when Ann had to remind small electric Komori, to line up.  Komori’s action is always very slow, each time I lead, and he did not have any money.  In addition to the company to meet, in fact, I do not have too much contact with Komori, I always thought he was just stupid.  And very accurately recall the meal, the food security of small electrical home end of the table to eat, safe small electric Yiliaoyisheng, asked Du, Jiang Zhouzi I bought it?  Until eat rice, Jiang Zhouzi did not serve, small electric Ann asked twice, Komori should not, no problem.  But the door when I went to the kitchen tour before, obviously saw it resting on the stove Jiang Zhouzi.  An small electrical suffering from pneumonia, and again a drag, probably even his life is gone.After being severely blame the doctor, small electrical safety in hospital under observation for one night, Komori go back and get toiletries and I looked at each other to stay with her.  Is not no words, just say no matter Naju, a little embarrassed.  Then, with a small electric Ann Low barely audible voice again asked me to let him run with it Longxia!  She said, let him make some money, I want to break up, my heart will feel better.  The window of days, obviously has been rotten, but looked out at me, to see the scenery, but if sunny.