Bumpkin inspirational story

In late August 1985, the college entrance examination results would be released, I received an offer from the Department of Philosophy at Renmin University.  Dinner banquet has been put off, transfer accounts and other procedures has been transacted, and even his father have been ready for some national food stamps for me.  However, time has not been to school, I naturally had helped the work at home.  One day, early in the morning I put the vest resting on a lotus leaf, bare back, barefoot, wearing big pants Summer countryside that time did not pay attention to the conditions, both outer wear big pants, underwear is in the village after their own ground lotus touch lotus.  Lotus technical touch, just what kind of long lotus leaves below, most people do not know, but in my case, one can know where to start.However, the biggest problem touched lotus is a long time, stinging fingers, and sludge dip nails, nail color will be black for a long time, how to play Rub soap detergent, indelible, how many days in order to restore true colors.  So, lotus root is bitter job, even in the countryside, many people are reluctant to species.  When I was bent over to touch effortlessly hiding large lotus leaf, Tanabe heard someone call out.  Straightened up, looked up, I call me Mrs Hall, Mrs Hall standing next to me in the same class of two students, Mr Chan and Chiang students.  Chen Jiang two year college entrance exam, students are foreign language, They were admitted to the Beijing Foreign Studies University and the Guangzhou Foreign Languages Institute, Chen’s college entrance examination scores higher than me, that’s still a few days to do spoken language school intensive training.  I see them, naturally pleased, easily erase sludge hands, up the ridge, ask how they are free to run my house.  They said Jiang Xiaozhang school to let them come to my house and asked me to go to school for the 1986 session of the liberal arts classes Shidishimei pass on valuable, and talk about the college entrance examination learning experience.  That time is former Vice President Jiang Xiaozhang yellow middle school, when I was on the first day he is the Vice-Chancellor.  I said, What am I to experience ah, in addition to the hard work, there is a blind cat run into a dead rat it.  But both man child ton of bricks, kept urging me.  When I wash feet in the river, still kept shirk.  After I wash the hands and feet, the students will be without any explanation, to put my vest, pushing me back to the village, with my grandparents said something, we gone, I put the bike on the press Chen classmates, went to school away.They completely ignored me also barefoot wearing big pants!  In desperation, I followed them barefoot into the countryside barefoot do not care campus that time, however, barefoot into the campus is still relatively rare, like me got an offer from the University of the People who go to school barefoot also a large wear pants, it is rare.  However, my teachers but will not criticize me because I dress today, teachers are mostly native lands, already see more do not blame the.Jiang Xiaozhang my criticism is another question, he said, just go to college, let you come to talk about the learning experience to the next music.brothers, you put on airs, so many excuses, so quickly forgetting the?  I hasten to report that forgetting is absolutely not, and go to college, except in the dead of effort, full of luck, nothing to speak of, not speaking, fraught with fear.  I speak definitely not shirk, but Youzhongzhiyan.  I like the guy so his head does not speak, except not afraid of hardship, knowing master, round trip, willing to work hard, it also lacks the.After many years of GU students in my class and now he is Wujin teacher, she chatted on, when I say my grandmother told me when his parents say bitter review of high school, too many mosquitoes, put your feet on the urn in advance to prevent mosquito, shake the fan reading.This could be considered a side illustration of the studying I.In fact, this is exaggerated.After I had heard, laughed, told the students said Gu, the ancient chisel the wall to steal light bladder brother’s wife read the firefly night, this legendary studying the mosquito Zhu Xuedong feet into the urn.Naturally, this is a joke.However, we had to study really is a lot of hard work.  Jiang Xiaozhang matter how I defend themselves, come anyway, you have to talk into the classroom, they have preached, Mr Chan was sent over a treasure.  I bite the bullet entered the classroom, I have this dress on, no sacred atmosphere, just like a little man in the move, music.brothers there are some people familiar with I have to see me in this outfit, laughing.  I stood on the podium, full of panic.People face many occasions, I have always been Qiezhen, still the.(World Wide Web.lz13.CN) but is ready to fly, had stammered with younger brothers and sisters spoke about his efforts, as well as methods of learning, especially the history of my year, but the highest score in Jiangsu Province Billing Division.  Finally finished, I am sweating profusely.  Please Jiang Xiaozhang noon in the cafeteria to eat several of our students.One student told me over dinner, Zhu Xuedong, your shoulders back and not mud wash it!  In 2009, before the yellow school 70th anniversary celebration, I have retired Jiang Xiaozhang toast, Jiang Xiaozhang smile with a table full of memories of my teachers about it when I go to music.brothers introduction experience, Jiang Xiaozhang still I jokingly put on airs criticism.  The summer of 2013, when the college entrance examination was going on, I set up a bureau in Beijing wine, a dozen people, most of my high school classmates before and after the session or sessions with alumni.Mr Chan was also present.  Chat and ongoing college entrance examination, he recalled the story of the year when the college entrance examination us, we have mixed feelings.I have a low term of the Young People’s University is my Young, now serving in important positions in a national reach for the glass in front of me and told everyone that I was going to respect Zhu Xuedong cup, when he was barefoot, wearing big pants, body mud on telling us how to review how to take the exam, about the content is not for me to help, I do not remember, but it is his image, has greatly encouraged the students in our class, everyone says that, like Zhu Xuedong so covered with mud bumpkin can be admitted to Renmin University, we work harder, but also the line!I’m excited to be Zhu Xuedong, finally admitted accidents Renmin University of China!  Haha, that was it.Is not that an inspirational story of what bumpkin!