Bum marry

As the saying goes: widow in front of Much Ado.This is not false.Take Gui, who lives in a remote mountainous rural young widow Lizhen for instance, today would have been a good thing to do, only to cause a storm.Lizhen Zhang, early thirties, the year before the death of her husband, no children below knee.Because the young pretty soon became many men, especially those old bachelor who attack target.The number of bachelor to be a nearly forty years old bachelor chasing loudest.This old bachelor surnamed Tan name and secondly, because he had given birth to a scabies sores, plus two years, bums homonym, speaking to walk again some Liuliliuqi, the villagers would call him bum.Lizhen bum and live in the Village head, the two are both in the same large banyan tree, no matter old bum something to Lizhen home run.Initially, bums often get some rags and broken pants called Lizhen help mend.Lizhen who is enthusiastic, see bums home only a seventy-year-old father, not only to help him break up underwear, and sometimes to help him clean easily folded.This way, which makes it even more bums sleep pillow head freak.Just go on, he only glanced furtively Lizhen was red like a ripe apple-like face, and later, a pair of blister on peering stare at Lizhen plump breasts quivering from time to time.Over time, the bum’s courage is also growing up.Last fall day, bums think the time is ripe, Tianyi dusk Lizhen went home, learn to look for foreigners to marry him on TV can see, down on one knee, took Lizhen’s hand and said: Li Jane sister, you and I are half pot of wine, why not pour a pot to do!Lizhen confused shame and angry, forced to throw off the bum hand and said: after you with that, I would not have stepped into the threshold of home!Having turned into the room and slammed the door shut.This bum is burning banana did not give up a few days and Sipilailian tried several different courtship way, the result is not the door stone lions ass.Eat several hard nails, Tan bums could not help but angry, and since then, always looking for a chance to make a fool out Lizhen, to relieve my heart of gas.One day at noon May this year, bum along an old mud-walled, walk and humming a tune ran the “Love Boat Tracker”, when Lizhen walk through the doors closed, the room came to hear a man laughter.Bum heart could not help anger and hate, he stopped in front of a closed door foot, heart cursed: okay, you little widow, I do not usually touch at you, you’re a prude, saying ‘bum brother, please your self-love point, Lizhen not busy roadside flowers ah!”But now, the big day actually behind closed doors, and wild man fooling around!Well, today, obediently listen to me bum on nothing, or else, I want you to look in the mirror Pig people inside and outside!Bum grew more and more gas, went to the door to shoot from the door.Let his surprise, Lizhen out to open the door, he smiled and said: brother is a bum Yeah, I was going to go How about you!I look for?Bum a Lizhen said he was looking for, like a grasshopper fell into the pan body roll Dusu, not by the tongue knotted, Korea, Lizhen my sister, and I want to die you ah talking actually pull since a drake voice, proudly sang: Meimi think, want to know sister sister Mimi.Sister wants to think enterohepatic off, stand up every night to the cock crow.Bum singing and forced to go step by step Lizhen.Lizhen hurriedly stepped back, loudly: bum brother, what are you doing?doing what?Lizhen sister, you just said I was going to find it?Hee hee bum step forward in Minato.People find you have something serious!Stern said Lizhen.Something serious?My good sister, love is not something serious, serious things, what count?Hee hee do not pay attention while Lizhen, bum look rushed and grabbed the hand Lizhen.Kuaifang Kai!Or I’ll call people!Lizhen forced to throw off the bum hand thundered.Call it!Call it!You do not call me want to shout!Bum emboldened to say, I ask you, what you just shut the door and speak?Lizhen angry red in the face, she stared bum look, did not say what.Say it!Say it!How dare not speak?Haha bum even more proud.Well, I say!Lizhen angry, and your father and!What, and my father?How dare you make up cheap Lao Tzu!A bum, not by anger cried aloud.Which take advantage of you, that is your father and Well!Lizhen did not back down.I speak you listen, you do not take my dad to impress me!Even my father Dad, today we have come to a ‘double unto catch’.However, if you can kiss me a bum and talking on a step forward, narrow your eyes.Lizhen furious, she will be pushed in front of a bum pushed hard, it pushed the bums tumble.Okay, I do not blame you, you heartless nonsense!Bum from the ground up, angry storm straight neck muscle, his hands on his hips to the house shouted: Come to the inside of the wild man I roll you little bastard What nonsense here!With the sound of the old man leaning on a walking stick step by step from the house came out the hard way.Bum saw back then swallowed stomach Mangjiang.Lizhen stepped forward and hold on to the old man said: uncle, you old waist just Cawan medicine, how come out?I have to take lessons from this animal meal today can not!Furious old man with a cane, pointing bum, how you do not call the beast?Bum stole a glance at the old man hands Flanagan rim of the glass thickness of crutches, busy obediently bowed his head and said: Dad, I really do not know you, you I want to eat cow grass ah what?You beast called me old robber see the old man was shaking with anger, Lizhen Mangjiang help the elderly to sit down on a chair, he said: uncle, you old injury not good, there is nothing to sit down and speak slowly.Does not it!See the old man had sat down, bums and again ventured very little uneven tunnel, you have seven dozen elderly, and people Lizhen only three dozen, and I almost Well!Today I look at you, you do not kill the beast you!The old man stood up, raised his cane to fight bums Henhendixiang.Lizhen busy stopped and said: uncle, your ladyship will forgive him!He is really do not know you’re in there.Otherwise, it will not Luanjiang.Fu followed elderly sit down, gently rubbing the waist for the old.I raised such a thing is not, commit a sin ah!The old man lying on his back, you beast Listen!I see u got a skin disease slag, grasp grimace in pain all day long, having a bit this morning on the mountain herbs to boil water to wash you.Who would have thought a pummeling at the foot of the old quarry, if he had not seen the mountains are mowing Lizhen back come back, but also to find bruises wine as I rub, I have pain killing me.You do not appreciate people just fills the hand to do at!You still do personal?Edie, I really do not know ah!See father put tears, bums can not help a bit guilty.You have to really want to change, then knelt down and give Lizhen recognize a mistake!Dad, I have my man a real man, to a widow does not piss you look in their own, to you this way also bear MAN!Not waiting bum finished, the old man with his eyes wide open shout.Old father face like a pair of eyes to Mao Chuhuo, bums reluctantly to kneel down Lizhen: Lizhen, my brother I was wrong bum, quickly get up.Lizhen busy propped bum Road.The anger still lingers old man with a cane to the point: your kid listen to me, you are not allowed to re-crossed the threshold of the next step Lizhen home!You toad wants to eat off!Uncle, your ladyship eliminate cool it!Lizhen side leaning elderly sat down on the back side bum said: bum brother, you go back di home, I am going to send drugs in the past.Bum ashamed and grateful looked Lizhen, walked in front of the old man bent down and said: Dad, we go back!Alas father and son face di disappearing back, two lines of sorrow and grief tears streaming down the cheeks down Lizhen.