“Bully” Zhou Tong revenge

“Outlaws of the Marsh”, there are three-dozen mountain Ju Yi Qingzhou, all owned by Tiger concentric story Shuibo.Song Jiang led his army cavalry with three mountains, break Qingzhou, killed Murong prefect of the family, opening, and food.However, when copy Murong prefect home gold and silver, but also ferreted out a notice.After Song Jiang saw a frown smile, to bully Week Channel: Sundance Kid weeks pass, the original name Murong prefect send you ah!The notices gave Zhou Tong.Zhou Tong took a look, tears Shua may drip out: it was five years ago!Five years ago past, he appeared in front of Zhou Tong.  Zhou Tong, outside the city of Qingzhou Zhou Zhuang Renshi, home flies well off, there are more than 30 acres land.Father Zhou Ren, honest and upright; mother Wang, very virtuous, for weeks pass cherished.The village has a rich man named Zhou Pa, treacherous man, lord it over in the village, stomp your feet Zhoujiazhuang corners to shake three shake.Murong prefect turn relied on his uncle, bully female male hegemony, the village became a tyrant.See who is not pleasing to the eye, mouth reproved, raising his hand hit.Zhou Ren twenty acres of good land adjacent sides to the same week Pa.Every plowing, Pa Zhou Zhou Ren must be more to the ground a few plow plow.More than five years, Zhou Ren more than 20 acres, the three acres less.For which he quarrels with Pa weeks, beaten up four weeks Pa Rulangsihu son.Zhou Ren very angry, to Qingzhou Murong prefect Yamen drumming complain immediately to the Murong Pa Zhou sent five hundred twenty full wages, the result of the plaintiff becomes the defendant.Ann had a week to occupy Zhou Ren Pa twenty acres of land charges, Zhou Ren twenty acres will be hard to break the hegemony week, again suffered fifty large plate.Zhou Ren was so mad, on the day shouting: God!How sensible place, money can pass official ah!Breath did not come up, vomited blood died on the lobby.Zhou Tong mother of tears, how do they find ways to do?Under the help of relatives and friends, sent Zhou Ren.At that time three weeks pass was only read the book, see Zhou Pa so rampant, said to his mother: the father of the baby was asked to take revenge, go study with a teacher.Mother thought, took some money had to bid farewell to his son.  Five years later, on the night Zhou returned home, come home, do not see the door, the yard looks weeds Hu trees, ruins.Mother cried a few times no one answered.Immediately flustered, hurried to find a neighbor.I asked, a neighbor Zhou said: you leave home in the evening after a month, I heard your mother bawl, who did not dare to intervene, Pa Zhou sent around your home.The next day to see you hanged on mother.Listen to this, weeks pass a stomping away.The next day, the sun rose a tall pole, Zhou Pa door is still closed, but no one opened the door, how is this going?Pa home for weeks on Wednesday Kanghuo last night due to family problems, to live in the night, breakfast the next morning and hurried to catch weeks Pa home.See the door shut tight, forward shot Mengen, only no one came to the door, and even a few large dogs and no one called.Hurried to the village shouting people, who do not come.He had returned home, called his own son, so he jumped over the wall, open the door.He Yeliang broke into the inner chamber, he looked scared calf tendon transfer, no one chamber screaming, duo miles shiver ran out the door: family owner killed!  So he shouted, ran out.Neighbors everyone happy, and some secretly and said: retribution, I finally gave in addition to harm village!A moment to ask the village men and women, young and old, this news spread.Less than half an hour, reached there in the long.In the long scared immediately collapsed to the ground, a moment no climbs.I stumbled getting up to go home to Pa Zhou.A look scared whole body shake, I saw a piece of blood.Look weeks Pa, the first separation body, heart torn out.His son, grandson, daughter-an eighteen, a not left.I saw three rings and accountant, two nursing homes, tied to the bed, plugged the mouth, not shouting.A few housekeeping dog, have been drug death.Sabrina immediately took their mouth, untie the rope tied to the people, asked who next to the account Mr. dry road: about a dozen Han came to us some of his servants, said: “quit your thing , you wronged night.”Just us were tied, stuffed mouth.We scared, heard a burst of crying in each room.  Last heard was interrogated his former club: “You bully, I was bully.Why do you occupy my Jiazu, the framed my father died, my mother beaten to death, the neighborhood bully how many people, how many people’s lives kill?You relied on Murong prefect of power, abuses.I apprenticeship is for the newspaper Fu Chou, snow family shame, people from harm.You are there any words?’Just listen owner pleaded:’ I left the dog life from me, you are the mother from her own death!” Why he was dead?” Yes I was raped ‘did not wait for him to finish, just listen to scream his former club, while the sound of knives.  I heard that claim to bully swear to God: “Dad, ah, Mother, ah, children give you revenge.  Several Han shouted: “My brother has been avenged, let’s go!’I heard bully and said:’ He quit personnel, leave my name!”Everyone at the table to see the never ending left a note goes on: people from harm reported that their parents have gone through, to be in the arena from straying: hero hero to work when, Sundance Kid weeks pass cut Zeishou.  X years X months × report Qingzhou days of long, wide Murong prefect posted notices arrest Sundance Kid weeks pass.Inside the residence in this notice Murong prefect ferreted out, it is then posted.  Sundance Kid wiped his tears on the Song Jiang Yan said: Brother, I no worries, as you Liangshan, for good good!  Sundance Kid nickname, goes from arrest notices Sundance Kid weeks pass and spread out.  There are songs in praise: for the newspaper Fu Chou mountains, home to five-year apprenticeship turn.  Patricide reported harm the mother hatred, Ju Yi Liangshan offer Chidan.