Bully business

Jiankang East has a business grocery firm, named Tai Yuen Chang.Great Yuan Chang treasurer name Erik surnamed Zheng, head full of not only business sense, a unique long-term vision, was a warmhearted, good heart Zhu Er, whenever his neighbor neighborhood suffered natural disasters, he would generosity.According to the old rationale children say: what goes around, comes around.Can last two years, Zheng dispensers be enough bad luck to go, half did not get a good newspaper Sier.This does not, that night, a dark and stormy, a shopkeeper Zheng fast asleep, outside the hospital suddenly heard the sound of the watchman exclaimed: Zheng dispensers, big bad, fire!  bad!The warehouse is in flames, which filled with seed-corn!Zheng Ji Ling jump treasurer, urged his wife and children run away, he ran to the door of the stride, climbing ladders to pick the piece of heirloom gold standard.At the moment, the fire by the wind, rises higher, between the huge warehouse blink of an eye into a sea of fire.Dad, all burned, and you still have signs up again?Son excited and nervous and frightened, clinging to almost Zaijin fire in the treasurer Zheng whining cry, you do not say good man rewarded?You look good in the newspaper where?Where ah!  Where there is life, there is hope, as long as keep the sign, its own opportunity to make a comeback.Cried non-stop to meet his son, Zheng dispensers staring eyes: You shut up!If it were not neighbors messengers, we can stand here yet?This is a good report!  Human life than days, justified.At this time, in charge of this one and other household chores and liturgical’s slaughter came hastily, eagerly said: Zheng dispensers, Tai Yuen-chang after another accident, I believe this must be tricky, you can still report it official!  Late autumn last year, Tai Yuen Chang has just acquired a shipment of furs, there were bandits home that night, grab his shirt, even the hairs did not rest.Seeing to the New Year, Zheng treasurer and finance, from the South into a courtyard full of Denden bamboo ring.Was not yet gunpowder, firecrackers are not yet available, during the first day, each household must buy the number of bamboo stems burned in the fire, so deafening crackle plague scare evil spirits.Who wants to have not started selling, Yuan Chang will be large crackling pan fried, New Year should be a full bathing.Obvious that this is someone black knife in the back, deliberately make mischief.Unexpectedly, Li treasurer stopped in the slaughter, shaking his head and said: No, I then again, there are always good and evil report, when the moment arrives, the natural retribution.  But, Dad, do not do nothing if the business was a?Baba asked his son tears.Zheng dispensers staring signs arms, hissed out a word: do!  The next afternoon, with the help of all the neighbors, Zheng shopkeeper put up a temporary shelter shack.then.He picked up the Great Yuan Chang to sign corner of Zhao pawn shop.Zhao Zheng treasurer and the treasurer usually a good relationship, apart from anything else they handed out a few pieces of silver, Tai Yuen-chang signs but priceless, can not afford to shop when.This borrowed money on me, so what when will Shihai.Zheng dispensers profuse, turned to go, actually can whack the street, cries everywhere.Zhao treasurer could not help shivers, panic ran to the door ensnare door.  Looked through the door, all look pedestrian saw panic, Jiben your head, as the saw vicious.No, people that appears in today’s more terrible than the vicious emperor Xiao Baojuan!  The Xiao Baojuan with people saying, look just like 21 days no chicken chicken, a scoundrel!Though he is young, only 19 years old, can belly full of all the people of the scourge Huahuachangzai.As long as he was out of the palace, the people must be avoided wherever he went, who would violate a ban, shoot to kill.Even more scary is that he who can not guess when will roll out, and when they return to the nest, just like at the moment, a team of mourners people went on their way, that the emperor arrived and hurriedly put down the coffin before fleeing Saya Zi.Within a moment, the whole street was empty, leaving only those coffins.Zheng dispensers see the genuineness, Xiao Baojuan play heart big time, ordered a small eunuch open look around.Master look, dare not neglect?The eunuch Pidianpidian ran forward, stoop Jue Ding, resorted to feeding effort finally overturned the coffin lid, Xiao Baojuan probe look, music, and people can not air, but also occupied a cool, dry place children What?To Renna, dragged him out of the sun drying, I went to cool off!  Dead for days, not to offend.Watching the coffin was carried away, the deceased thrown in the streets, Zheng dispensers anger and hate.Volume Xiao Bao and other pedestrians run away, surrounded by family of the deceased was trembling, Zheng dispensers stepped forward, took out a few pieces of silver to buy them coffins, carefully buried.Bulkhead home, he let his wife and children to temporarily step down after the hand over, he said: Chen Gonggong, Come.  Voice hardly ever, a middle-aged man slipped into the shack dodge.Zheng treasurer low voice asked: warehouse fire, and he did it?  In addition to his, who do Chuzhe Deng wicked thing with smoke?Zheng Chen Gonggong treasurer is known as the man sighed, speaking in a shrill voice replied: Zheng dispensers, you still listen to me advise, repairing a few acres of land, farming honestly go!Then toss it, I’m afraid you have to lose the life!The old saying goes: people do not fight with the government.Moreover, you fight this government, this world on his greatest!