Air China Southern drain rescue provoke controversy: the environmental impact is minimal

November 3, the CZ600 China Southern Airlines flight from New York to Guangzhou, a female passenger air sudden illness。
After the unit starts emergency response procedures, in the air and let go of 43 tons of fuel, a successful alternate airport in Iceland。 Passengers were taken to hospital in time, the current uneventfully, out of danger。
The incident triggered public concern about air discharge of oil。
Why choose midair oil discharge?Air put oil What is the process?Are there environmental pollution?Where to put oil?Impact on the safety of the aircraft will do?In this regard, Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of China Southern Airlines。 In order to land safely only good midair oil discharge of oil, why should we choose to let go of it?According to the relevant person in charge of China Southern Airlines, the aircraft during takeoff flight is expected to need to carry enough fuel required for full backup and a certain amount of oil。
Arrived at the scheduled destination, the aircraft carrying the fuel consumption has been largely expected and almost the same before takeoff。
At this point, the weight of the aircraft fuselage on landing in line with standards。 But once the plane took off shortly after landing needs, then the fuel carried by the aircraft and not consumed at this time, the body weight of more than landing weight specified in regulatory standards。 In this case, the plane landed safely in order, only put oil in the air。
"This event, perform the flight of the aircraft maximum landing weight is 251 tons。 As the aircraft was flying for more than four hours, the weight of aircraft far exceed the maximum landing weight, and therefore need to put 43 tons of oil。
"The official said。 Put oil in the site selection process wasteland ocean mountain air put the oil is like?Put out oil affect the environment you?Reporters learned that the plane is in the air put the oil will be processed by spray, allowing the release of the fuel be diluted。
The so-called atomization, refers to liquid water droplets into a liquid process。 According to China Southern Airlines relevant person in charge, put the aircraft airborne oil level is generally maintained at 3,000 meters。
When the plane airborne release of jet fuel is atomized, will turn a lot of very small droplets, these droplets form a mist suspended in the air。 3000 meters altitude and low pressure will bring greater air flow。 "These high wind blown formed oil mist, and flows in a wider range, dilution, it can be said that environmental impact is minimal。
"The official said。
Reporters learned that, in order to avoid oil pollution as much as possible, the civil aviation industry choose to put the oil region very carefully。
In general, the oil discharge sites are selected over the ocean, mountains, wasteland。 Among them, put oil more choice over the coastal area off the coast。 The incident, after obtaining regulatory approvals Iceland, the aircraft will be put oil on the sea along the air route。
Midair oil discharge process is a very safe procedure put oil in the air, aircraft security affect you?Reporters learned that not all aircraft can be airborne put oil。
To complete this action, we also need models have this feature。
For now, large civil aircraft are equipped with discharge pipe at the end of the wing whenever he needs it can be drained through the oil drain excess jet fuel。 Some narrow-body aircraft is not due to the fuel load, no dedicated drain device。 Once an emergency landing, you need to consume fuel by hovering in the air, until the body weight in line with falling standards。 "Although the oil discharge air is to ensure the safety of upset, but as long as joint efforts with efficient, air drain is a very safe procedure。
"China Southern Airlines officials said。 Editor: Fei Fan。