Bullfighting scholar

Tian scholar backyards planted four orange trees, fall, trees covered with red to orange Cheng Cheng.That day, Tian scholar picked a basket of oranges placed at the gates of selling, a penny a.A wandering monk came over, his hands clasped together: Amitabha, donor, could give oranges thirst ah?Tian is a scholar monk, begins with a Luokuang Li took to him, looked up and found the monk in front of ruddy, well-dressed, looks more exceedingly sturdy, and my heart could not help committed herself.Monk finished oranges, Zaba mouth: ah, yes, give a!I ate three, but also.Tian scholar angry, waved his hand: I expect to sell oranges, to raise money for the journey to Beijing exam it.Monk surprised a moment, took out a pocketbook from him, shook swoosh, from inside a text Niechu money: I bought this always okay.Tian scholar and thinking there so much money, but also appealing, he snappily took the money, pick up a minimum of him.Monk glanced orange hands, snapped back into the field scholar basket, sit cross-legged, eyes closed, murmuring.Strange thing happened: lovemaking session, to fall from the sky orange, and pretty soon, before the monks filled with orange.Monk opened his eyes, a peel to eat, rushed crowd of people say: I sell a penny ten oranges.People eat a tangerine peel, really sweet.A moment later, the monk orange sell his shirt, he takes the money and puts the rhythm is gone.Tian scholar aghast, put away the basket, to the chagrin back home.To the backyard to look, silly: a orange tree not left, will afford the monk cast a spell, selling all their home orange.Tian scholar anger ran out to catch up, which also can be a monk in sight.We arrived at the exam day, Tian scholar played a backpack, an ample supply of silver, all the way north.That day, passing a morning, I saw a man holding a few head of cattle in selling, Tian scholar surprised: It’s not you steal my orange monk?How is dressed businessman?Tian scholar came up going to find him afterwards, then I thought, to find a store nearby, to the copies as soon as possible, drink and stared at the monk’s every move.Monk lowest selling cattle, less than half an hour, cattle sold out.After that, the monks walked two blocks, into an inn, followed Tian scholar walked into the inn.Monk welcome out, one is to stay, they arranged for him to stay here.Tian scholar surprised: This inn was actually monk opened.A total of four people living rooms.Which has a surname of the scholar, as Wada scholar, it is to go to an exam.That evening, Tian scholar did not go to sleep, pay attention to the monk’s house movement.Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of rushing water.Tian scholar climb up through the crack in the wall and see the amazing scene: the monk bed, shiny one, a miniature paddy fields, criss-cross paths.A good number of puppet villain busy, there are stepping on water tankers, continue to paddy fields irrigation; there leaning on rakes, drove them to plow.Soon Tian on the whole good, monks planted rice, green seedlings grow immediately, and soon end up with heavy millet.Several villain received rice, Chung into rice, ground rice, fragrant rice cakes made the last.Monk received a pancake, Nianlejiju curse, wooden, wooden cow whole set of grid.Monk put away wooden, wooden cow and put it into wooden boxes, hand of a Young, rolled up the paddy field.Tian scholar closer look: actually a painting.The next day, Tian scholar got up early, went to the next room scholar Zhang say hello, that is to the morning market to buy some things.I went out, quietly turning, went into hiding: I’d like to see this monk playing tricks.Wake monk from door to door tenant: After washing, please go to the dining room for meals it.They agreed scholar Zhang.Tian scholar monk, pointing to the room and asked: Where’s Keguan?Zhang scholar told him.Monk nodded and turned away.Dining room, laid out a square table, three people sit, monk, putting the album in a fragrant rice cakes, hook appetite.Guests unceremoniously picked up three rice cakes, but they just nibbled, suddenly fell to the ground one by one, and pretty soon, all turned into a cow.Monk brought a rope, wearing a bovine, led into the yard, tied to stakes on a.Outside the dining room, Tian scholar to see this all so true.He drew his breath, went to the bazaar, thought, and bought exactly the same number of rice cakes, stuffed arms.Back to the inn, the monk smiling hellos, pointing rice cakes on the table and said: Come, come, this is for you, and can be delicious.Then, a bowl of hot porridge on the table.Tian scholar pointedly asked where it went to a few tenants.Monk said: early in the morning they went on their way.Tian scholar pointed to the yard of cattle: Hey, where’s these cattle ah?Monk said: I will take over from the cattle pen, a little later led to the market and sell it.Tian scholar nodded, then, there is a cow moo Okita scholar called out several times, Tian Zhang scholar scholar knew it was.Tian scholar sniffed rice cake, put down, said: incense and ah, there is no rice wine, so it will just interesting.Monk said: Yes, yes, I’ll get to you.Monk turned to Bring.Tian scholar pulled from the arms of rice cake rice cake to replace the monk, the monk again hides into the arms of rice cakes.Monk came in and handed a bottle of rice wine Tian scholar.Tian scholar rice cakes pulled from the arms, say: This is what I bought rice cake from morning to give you a taste, you accompany me to drink two cups of it.Monk said as he handed.Monk took the rice cakes, said: OK, OK, that you eat.Tian scholar said: you do not eat, I eat what nerve.Monk nodded and took a bite of rice cakes, just chew a little, just lying on the floor sent a moo cattle call is heard, turned into a burly cattle.Tian scholar clapped her hands with delight, and got a rope, wearing a bovine, cattle yard and tied together to.Tian Zhang scholar scholar not touched his cattle head, he said: we scholar bided more is not easy, I really want you to come rescue.Tian scholar monk think of paddy fields and wooden reels, he went into the house monk, found two things, they found before paddy reel, reel in addition there are a wheat field.It turned out that barley wheat fields reel made, we can put people back again.Tianxiu scholarship with the monks arranged the objects, and found a spell on the reel, then eyes closed, read up.Tian scholar found wooden cow on the reel into a wooden donkey.They get busy, from species to close, for a while it becomes.Finally grain ground into flour and made into a tasty one barley.Tian scholar took a cow to feed barley backyard, just bite, cows straightened himself, and immediately became a scholar Zhang.Then, in addition to a few head of cattle have also changed over the.Tian scholar packed up and get on a bull’s back, waved toward the scholar Zhang: Come on.This time we go to an exam, do not walk.Zhang scholar pleased to sit Cattle, two on the road.When two people via three clear view, strong cow moo suddenly cried.Out of a white hair and beard of the old man from the woods to.The old man walked in front of a bull: I said how so familiar it, it’s you.Then, the old man explained to the two identities.Tian and Zhang scholar scholar is busy Cattle jumped, and fell down Bianbai: on the Road Zu, I apologize up.It turned out that the cow was actually too much on the horse’s ancestor.Tian Xiu only then suffered a bull something to say too much on the Taoist.Too much on the Taoist pointing to a bull, shouted: You ah, really a disgrace.Even still become a monk look, Tathagata old son and have to say I was not a!On the Road Zu ride Cattle green, blue cow pat ass, angry road, let’s go!Now you have to find those cattle, there are a lot of people have to change it back.