Bullets of truth

In mid-1911, was once a two-time US President Theodore Roosevelt decided to run again.The following year on October 24, he delivered a speech to Milwaukee.As he boarded the station to prepare the speech, the crowd rushed the assassin Schrank, fired a shot at him.Only heard a bang, a bullet passed through the hands of the Roosevelt speech, hit him in the chest.He was shocked to shake a few times, immediately resumed his composure.Soon murderer was caught, people angrily to beat him.Roosevelt while clutching his chest while urged everyone to remain calm.Audience who had not noticed the blood had soaked Roosevelt’s coat, shouting to let him go to the hospital as soon as possible.Roosevelt felt the injury is still not life-threatening, but this time it is a great opportunity to show the image of a tough guy.So he rejected the people’s good intentions, stood on the stage and said loudly: Maybe you just saw I was shot, can these injuries did not matter, it can not even kill a stag his foot enough to adhere to 90 minutes, until the end of the speech before going to the hospital.At a time when the bullet into his chest had 3 inches, will be removed very dangerous, doctors recommend to stay in the body.Roosevelt nodded calmly said: In this way, the rest of my life will be accompanied by bullet.Since then, various media are trying to fight back pain reported the assassination of Roosevelt speech after the news, which will undoubtedly increase the weight to the campaign, he should talk about his heroic act in the later speech, but in the end Roosevelt still lost the election.In summing up the lessons of failure, he said: I thought I was a strong boast, but people may think it should be criticized and condemned, no one believed a person not spare their lives will have the ability to protect the public.First love yourself to love others, not even their own care, how can you protect others?