Bullets do not penetrate the tree but they can bug

Iron birch, also known as black birch season, growing at an altitude of 700 meters area, bark dark red or almost black, with white spots above the clouds.This tree is very hard, twice the hardness of steel, wood bullets hit this, like playing on a thick steel plate, as motionless, known also harder than steel tree.    It stands to reason the tree so hard, will not be intrusive pests, but when scientists opened the trunk of the time, surprised to find a spot called the clothes in which small insects, which allow scientists is very strange, after a large number of studies have found, spotted clothes can do that, and it paid huge efforts related.    This small insect, the biggest feature is to have a very hard front corner, as if, like drill bits, but these alone is not enough, they have a side air bag, which store water, and they fly very special, both rotary flight, these features will provide help for them to enter the iron birch.    But the most important thing is that they have the patience, they began to find that with a little balloon squeezed out water, wetting it, and then to fall in with the angle, rotating body could not, of course, do not see the effect at first, they insist on this action a It is 15?16 hours.    A few months later, this point has been broken change, only to spot clothes life expectancy, on the other supplement, then repeat the action again and again from generation to generation, until it deeper and deeper, and so the nest built, about 20 years later he spotted clothes can live in it.Because iron birch own characteristics, although the clothes spot early pay a lot of effort, but as long as the nest success, not only shelter but also harm other animals away, you can ensure the longevity of the population survive.    As long as we put aside distractions, focus on one thing, we will be able to achieve great success.