Bullet with bow and arrow

Test site, the host put a plastic bucket filled with sand, placed just 10 meters away, then arrange a pistol and a bow and arrow hand to hand, ready to make two buckets of sand shooting.    At this time, the host to the audience out of a question: Do you think the bullets and arrows, who can only pass through the sand bucket?There is speculation that the scene began: Depending on the speed of the two, 300 pistol bullets per second?500 m, with almost the speed of sound, and bows and arrows rate a quarter of the speed of a bullet even less.There is no doubt, can pass through sand buckets should be bullet.    Trial began, first take a pistol, snapped, bullets fly, got into a bucket of sand, but could not see it come out the other side.Archer’s turn, he pulled the bowstring, whoosh, bows actually can not think of buckets of sand from one end through the other end.    This is really incredible, the bullet not hit so fast through the sand buckets, bows and arrows so slow pace Why can easily penetrate past it?The answer lies in the components of warheads and arrows.    Component of bows and arrows much heavier than the component warheads, although slower than the speed of the bow bullet, but by virtue of its weight advantage, was still able to send out a much larger power than a speeding bullet.In other words, the success rate is not the deciding factor, but quality is the key to success.    In reality, many people in the pursuit of success, always in pursuit of quick success to improve the speed, but they ignore their own quality of training, with the result difficult to be successful.    Speed is not the determinant of success, only to sink in the heart, practicing hard, improve themselves in order to succeed.