Bull fighting corrupt officials

Wangjiazhuang fifty miles to ninety-nine county road, the village before continuing piece of the river, is the county seat from that side stream over, when the flood arose, the waves roll days, splashed very alarming, if not the village before that sacred cow stone block, the flood would have rushed Chuang Tzu.  Wow, that piece of stone sacred cow is really weird, not Hill, but only that it protrudes block glistening stones, it looks more like a cow Yeah, clearly Tau Kok.From afar, the mighty in that tummy.  All in all, there is a story, which is a matter between the ancient years, not now spread to Know in the matter, to say why it called ninety-nine county, city walls that only ninety nine feet high.Hundred feet in the river outside the city there is a loach fine, that was also the wave upsets hundred feet high.The former official, whether people live or die, take this pretext is really more money and more search.  One year, the emperor also sent officials to term.After the official arrival of the first he looked around the walls, people wondering, the guys, and maybe be able to build high walls.  However, surprisingly, the magistrate Yamen yet demolished, heightening the ground, re-repair cover up.Naturally, he was just moving mouths, all costs are plundered from the people there.That burst, the county in addition to the official grain satisfied, the official silver, have assessed each year of a lot of money to repair the walls, which the magistrate any more that this is a fancy proceeds.  Year after year, it is also money pile into the pile.Walls, or is it ninety nine feet high, of course, is money into the magistrate’s private library.Men of the city, have been back every year disaster.Shuihuowuqing Yeah, I met the flood, even with things all over the house.  People no way anxious, desperation goes to the Dragon King temple to burn incense and bowed, but not top anything, all of them are terribly unhappy.  One day, the old man went to a temple, greeting them: Do not believe everyone in this matter, both of you have broken copper sent me there, I have nothing,.  Some people recognize this is an old artisan bronze image of the city.Well, he’s really first-class craft, no matter what the cast bronze statue, related to living, like, what he got much effort, spent much effort, who do not know, just listen to people say that his house often Chengsu the lights on.  Saying that one day the night, someone passing by the window from the old craftsmen, the house was heard to speak, a wonder, he did not members of a family, the middle of the night and who speak it?Listen closely, it turned out to be those with a bronze statue of him talking to the cast!Others say, middle of the night often heard him cast the horse Maxima, Huihui call out.  Someone asked him, he did not say anything, just smiled and stroked his beard.And everyone knew he was a good-hearted people are convinced of his words, do not ask him to do what copper, brass basin sent some to face, begging to go to a small coins also sent.Oh, what have copper objects, big girl, daughter of a small copper bracelet, grandson, nephew of one hundred locks, do not scrape together a few days a lot.  Old master shut the door, who has not seen, has been over forty-nine days.That night, I have heard of his house, there is a cow moo!Moo!Cried, called voice can be really big, the whole town could hear.  The next day, he opened the door, a good cast copper cow standing in the center of the room, nodding gold lit up the house.To see the sea of people who, without exception, marvel, saying: live cattle, but also so spiritual, watch the eyes, that angle, that hoof leg, which points to run like a cow.With her fur looked soft and smooth, exactly, but it is icy cold.  Out of such a major event, runners, henchman quickly reported magistrate.A magistrate, but also figure out this thing has great use, he figured the bull to the emperor, might be able to buy into the pension plus Paul, he soon told, called the bull carried away.  Those runners, henchman rush to go pro.They went into the house, the old master of things to steal, only to grab the bull.But the bull is like rooting like standing there, also not lift lift, lift also lift does not move.Old master stood, angrily watching silent.  A report of the runners went to the magistrate.The magistrate said in amazement: there is such a thing it?Got into the car, crying, shout a drink to go.The magistrate in the end is more than a bad idea, he called him the old master, good words good words when he said: I can give you carried away this bull, train and gave you 320 silver.  Old master said: magistrate master, to be honest to say it to you, this is the city people’s bull, that mountains of money, I do not sell it.Magistrate a look with a soft no, and his countenance fell immediately shouted: do you want to rebel?Not carried away the bull, you’ll go to the Yamen.  To the lobby, old master neither kneel nor speak.No matter how the magistrate asked, he does not even answer the chamber.The magistrate took a gavel, called the action from the criminal, the old master not only did not beg for mercy, did not even hum hum.The magistrate looked at did not rule him, put him in jail went.What methods are used, and not move or bull.It seemed to take root there as long.  This year the summer, and down some rain, accomplished by the river, billowing black waves, appeared to diffuse into the walls.I really like the city turned the same day, the children crying, adults called, could not find a place to hide.  Moo!Moo!Bull called, scream could be heard throughout the city.It is no longer rooted in the ground like that of copper cow friends, shiny shiny fur, with lanterns, like two eyes, the tail of a stick, a flash slide toward the walls rushed to the.This array, has high waves to break into walls, and loach fine black swirls in the water body.  Oxen rushed the walls of the mouth into the water, only a burst of time, put the drink down.Loach sperm tail thrown too high, we can not afford a high stirring waves coming.Water anymore, that sacred cow returned to the house the old craftsmen, it is like a bull, it is like standing there rooting.  That year, the flood did not diffuse into the city, but as usual the magistrate to share the money to repair the walls.But no matter how he played it, catch it, people just do not pay, we are behind said: Let craftsmen grandfather, to cast their cattle to trance, no longer afraid of a flood.  These words reached the ears of the magistrate, he was so angry stomach to be broken drum, stare teeth and called the old artisan bronze image put on the lobby, orders down, beheaded.  The magistrate had just finished, I saw the earth was shaking the house, turned out to be bull cried, I really like thunder so loud.Runners, henchman scared and panicked, paralyzed legs and soft to the ground.Like the old master was standing there like a tall stone pillars.  The magistrate also scared face was earthy, his mouth still hard to say: this magician, launched beheaded.  If not finished, moo!Shanbengdelie the cattle call is a loud, shook the magistrate ears buzzing ringing, got into a ball shaking children, several people helped him to go after Yali, he had the old master and then down to the dungeon.  The magistrate finally come up with a sure way to poison, mixed with the wheat Rang on lime, installed thousands of sack bag.The second year of the summer, and the waters flow into walls and watched come, the bull turned into a sacred cow washed up on the walls of your mouth, into the water to drink up.Runners and henchman who also followed rushed to the scene, the Rang filled with wheat and lime sack bag dropped to the water.  Oxen Cuckoo drinking water, drinking drinking called sack bag stuffed throats friends.Loach stir one’s spare time with fine black waves, swirls into the wall, runners, henchman to all government offices ran high, oxen looked up, his eyes lighting up all the water from behind to chase.  The magistrate, runners, henchman hid in the hall, and oxen triangular corners put the bureaucratic knocked days, the bad guys are gone smashed water.  It is in the water swimming, and finally rescued the old master.That two horns like two hands, like the old artisan care on the water, with the hydroplaning down lime in its throat burned up, getting out of strength, with the hydroplaning fifty years, it is the last effort are used out, climbed ashore.Slowly it into stone, old master sad to shed tears for a while, he was reluctant to leave it, he built a hut next to stay.  Hut not now, but in the cattle around a stone, but also keep its footprint.This local people, who forget it.That sacred cow though petrified, but still so glistening, Whiskers Wu Wu lying there.  Although the other end of the bull has turned it into stone, no longer walk, can not be called, but people will always remember it, because it will always live in the hearts of the people.And that the magistrate even his name, people are too lazy to find out, because it has long been hated him.