Building Mengliu cloud, live Shaohua

During these 10 days, as a practice team, I cherish his teammates help each other.In the countryside, although sometimes very tired, there are many things to do, but there is help each other teammates, it was hard to share things together, feeling really great great.Not afraid of working hard.In the evening, we took the sound, in the classroom, we sing together, chorus, man show..We really completely fused together.Until last night, we received a certificate of merit and a captain I carefully prepared for everyone, smile, makes me very excited, I believe that we are united enough collective.I cherish our friendship.Treasure every teammate.During these 10 days, as the deputy in charge of teaching the team, I cherish this countryside gave me the opportunity to exercise.Although we have organized pre-made full preparations, the 10 days has been largely successful, but there will still be some small accidents happen every day.Children will be injured, there will be mischievous students disrupt the class, coupled with bad weather, with rain from time to time, even heavy rain, students en route to and from school safety issues and so trivial question has been concerned about my heart.This is my first trip to three rural areas, and also my first time to face these problems.Faced with these problems, I try to calmly and rationally to face to deal.The face of a bee sting to find the pot of my children and for the children clean the wound with soap and arrange for teachers to be treated and sent home in a timely manner; the face of bad weather, I would try to arrange for each teacher to send home children are safe, urge students to advance in the downstairs classroom teaching as soon as possible, not allowed to go naughty rain; the face of mischievous students, I try to patiently told them the truth, so that they understand and correct.Students face does not match the actual age and ability to accept, I actively coordinating teacher, modifying their programs.During this period, the face of unforeseen circumstances, I became more and more calm and have to deal with.I cherish this opportunity to exercise, and thank you for your cooperation, let us journey to the teaching carried out smoothly.Countryside tour is over.My life for the first time the three rural areas come to an end.But the story of the children and I will not end.We still keep in touch, they care about my situation every day, I also worried about them.They’ll call to discuss scientific issues with me, I do my possible to help them understand and more, I hope they get better and better.Like the kids promised me, to study hard, to understand a little more knowledge of the future out of the mountain, to see the outside world.The mountain not to be shackled, on a good university after study hard, not out of tune with the outside world after that mountain.I hope that every little lovely has a lot of future, after all good, good people become.Ten days later, as if fleeting.Really a blink of an eye over them.I still remember that ten days, like the movie screen like scenes in my mind constantly show the.These ten days, we left the sweat and tears, we gain joy and emotion.And now, we want to leave, we bring blessings to open our new journey.Thanksgiving six cloud, thanks to the mountain, thanks to the group of cute little guy, kind of like to thank the group of villagers.Thank them for their understanding and tolerance, thank them for their support and help.Since the purpose of his trip to three rural areas of our lack of experience, and may have some shortcomings, but also some regret.But life had no perfect thing is not it, the only thing we can do is to promptly recognize our shortcomings and empirically correct make up for our deficiencies, improve step by step, step by step to improve our own.Thank tour countryside tour, so I am more determined to do their own ideal teacher later, because I know like to see the children’s thirst for knowledge, I hope to do our part to help them, that bring them knowledge.Although I can do very little, but I’ll try to do.Through this countryside tour, I gradually became hoarse voice let me know the teacher is not easy, let me have a sense of awe for this career teachers.I hope that the future can become a respected teacher!