Building Mengliu cloud, live Shaohua

Six ten-day journey to the cloud, on July 25, when the day came to an end a thoroughly.In this short period of ten days, I gain too much…During these 10 days, as a novice teacher, I cherish every child six cloud and thank them for their tolerance of my.As a teacher, my experience is insufficient, but my students, the group of cute little guy is not inclusive of all the time I.They will paint me, and told me in words, the teacher, your painting is very beautiful, you worked hard.Teacher, I like your science class, I want to continue your class.Teacher, Thank you for coming six cloud brought us so much knowledge, thank you, it is tough.They will draw on the blackboard of my head, will be written on science teacher, hello, will draw on all sorts of love, and accompanied by the text, your love.Bookmarks will send my own doing, and write on it, do not forget me.Too much too much.These cute little guys with their own actions continue to accommodate me, touched me.I do not know how to express my love for them, I just try to do yourself, prepare lessons, the best of its ability to help them broaden their knowledge.During these 10 days, as a science teacher, I cherish the children’s thirst for knowledge.Every science class, when I show scientific experiments to children, they kind of surprised eyes, always make me very happy.They chased me ask a variety of scientific issues, issues of all kinds of ideas, for example, whether there really exists Iron Man and Hulk in the world.?Whether there is the existence of aliens?If so, the aliens look like?and many more.I was pleasantly surprised in their thinking, and even some students know a lot of little scientific knowledge, though understanding is not very accurate, but they have some understanding of the scientific names.This surprised me, because they told me they had not been to a science class.Later they told me that they would look at extra-curricular book, will look at science on television, to acquire knowledge through the understanding of science.They really cherish science classes, rehearsals will cause even because science classes was delayed and sometimes sad cry.I was really touched, they did not give a chance to learn, they will seize the opportunity to learn, to think.I cherish and I am grateful to have this opportunity to come six cloud, they like to bring their scientific knowledge, to live up to their expectations.