Building a small note

Unless the king in complex building has been for several years, today too busy memory of, feel a sense of loss.    Wang Wang Building is located in the southernmost tip of the clean brook meandering through the floor.Building is named, in fact, the teacher dormitories and student dormitories, it is the strong support of the local party and government in 2000 to be built.    Quite a lot of interesting things happen comprehensive building.    Whenever the early bell rang, the teacher upstairs dental rinse wash, orderly movement, followed by a hurried pace, it is going to teacher and student-run operation together.    At noon, the club West home cooking dishes, constitute a wonderful symphony kitchen.Sometimes spicy chili fried club nostrils, and sometimes the West family stew braised pork flavor broken window into the room.Busy for a while, neighbors all know roughly what colleagues fried delicious.So, eat green peppers east natural walking home, eat Pork natural home west away, carrying their fried dishes they get together, but come together to form a table of good food, there have been thirty-two drinker mention bottle liquor, on the Pork obliterate small cup, naturally very comfortable.    Best of the evening, the whole building complex are active in open.Building mostly unified layout, the innermost room is the kitchen, the bedroom is the middle, and then separated by a green curtain, it became the office and reception room outside.This arrangement would be delighted for small gatherings.Sometimes Zhang bought a pound of new “green sword”, so Zhang teacher in the room will be filled with the love tea, tea lovers, laughter.If at the Tuesday night, because the students are ready to go home franchise “forage” went to the campus it is particularly quiet at this time is “Jiusheng” were the happiest times.They can not help but Jiusheng gathered in a room, cooking cooking, washing dishes washing dishes, pouring pouring.Soon, a few snacks exudes a fragrance was placed on the table in.In front of everyone filled up a bowl high spirits, while drinking wine on the menu, while chatting, enjoyable.There have Jiusheng and super chess enthusiast who then put a small wine table chess tables, playing chess, chatting, traveling to mysterious place, complacency will obliterate the floor on a mouthful of wine in his mouth munching special chewing a piece of braised pork, proudly waiting for the other to resolve the critical situation.Other Jiusheng line moves are naturally support the weak side, their side obliterate the wine, while supporting the move, sometimes finally resolve the critical situation, we will have a laugh, we touched down wine glass, drank a gulp of wine.Good wine, good move, not Yoshiya?    An occasional late at night, indulge in a game of chess or Qichi Jiusheng and wine, the delay in returning to the room to rest, his wife will be stuck his head out the corridor shouting: “a certain time to go home, tomorrow at the!”So, the Jiusheng and Qichi they reluctantly smile, frequent coup, a few minutes became lore chess game.At this time, food and wine on the table also become a clean sweep of the state, so they dispersed back to their room to rest not to mention.    In 2010, I was transferred to the county to teach, and nothing since then embarked on King Building, but that’s not to enjoy the wonders in the.Very wistful, for the record.