Accompany you to the most romantic street

Night sky full of stars shining wandering stars lost every single miss your face horizon of the night sky in the foreseeable future to go home accompanied lover illusory sticking to the city barricaded two fell in love wandering heart thing of the past experience of life dream of floating single-stream moved yesterday’s figure looking lonely soul pursue your footsteps hand another one-way journey to accompany wandering exile freedom horizon journey of life extends to every corner of the world we hand in hand to measure the flow path of life abandoned some time with both feet traces of the old signs of life years burn the lives of the most romantic candlelight accompany accompany you see a stray wandering Chuan Amidst a period of time to stop and go see the beauty of life nostalgia bluestone steps Nama green moss record too many memories of youth come exiled himself to accompany you go to the most beautiful street we walk hand in hand stars in the night sky are also accompanied us to stray dream