Accompany you to the ends of the earth

Accompany you to the ends of the earth will be a child of Shi Ze days do not know how high, how widely the road far.Do not know “ends of the earth,” the word.    To the school age, everyone from their own home, have gone through a number of mountain climbing on the ridge, stepping on the roadside grass, singing songs, go through rain and wind, she came to the school, into the family at that time I learned that the world actually there are so many children, we do homework together, read and write.The teacher in the classroom blackboard to write, to write the alphabet, hands-on teaching us.Some children do not know how to write, wailed in the classroom, the teacher became parents this time, coaxed the child, let the children cry.Children have to send them to the toilet, even to the children wipe.Village of children with mental retardation, can not remember for a long time teacher to teach pronunciation, writing stroke stroke, hey, the teacher had to sigh, the saying goes, cold tea, slowly.    Each exam, I was always ahead of an assignment.My classmate, is a village of female students, an examination of each copy my answer sheet.She saw me an assignment, she followed my assignment.Came out of the classroom on the school playground, I asked her, did not you finish?She said no finish.Why I say you have not done an assignment?She said you have an assignment, and I do not have a copy, I can not afford not to do it written assignment bite!I heard laughter.Wait until Monday exam papers hair down, my language exam, 98 points, 100 points in math, my classmate, did not pass the language of mathematics.The teacher in the classroom criticized.she cried.After school, I said, do not cry, the next exam, I do not pay so early in the papers, so you copied over, I did an assignment.Exam down a second time, the same table Liuxiao Fen students language exam, 89 points, 93 points in math.The teacher Liuxiao Fen student achievements into question.The teacher called me into his office and severely criticized my meal.Liuxiao Fen how students score rise so fast?Shi Ze you would not help her do?She copied or your?I said, sir, I do not know, I do focus on the question, you say two people a table, so close distance, is to use brows know the answer.This I do not know.    To the time junior high school, I know, “her husband Chi universal, Miles still near”, “bosom friend afar brings a distant land near”, “same world people meet, why have known each other” from the Chinese ancient poetry books.I thought to myself, career days, Sea Point, where is your?Where can I find the answer?    That year the winter, I followed the sound of gongs and drums, in tears many villagers and relatives, I set foot on the frontier soldier serving in train.You behind me, his hands clasped together, wish, wish, desire, anticipation, excitement, show your face.I said, I’ll be back, I went to the army to exercise, I will write to you, you study hard, you are my thoughts, no matter ends of the earth to me, my heart is with you forever.You laughed, you cried.Finally blurting, you do not fool me?I nodded and left the home.Then you only 17 years old.    Army troops came more than a month, I wrote you the first letter.Case study tells the life and work of training your troops.Serious tension camp life, man is a good place to exercise, the troops is a big school, the local school can learn things you can not.Month, two months, three months, did not wait for your reply.Mother later said your same table Liuxiao Fen has come to Shanghai, her aunt doing business in Shanghai, her aunt to help her.Do not think of her, do not write to her, and she would not reply wrote, their own future destiny own hands.    At that time I do not know what is love.Only know the students, I want to want to contact each other, to communicate, to understand your current situation.You go to Shanghai, Shanghai how much Yeah, I do not know, bigger than the sea, higher than the sky?I’m cranky.That year I go home to visit relatives, you come back from Shanghai, also brought back a man, this man is perhaps your boyfriend.You said to me quietly, colleagues, he wanted to see our village, take a look at our river is smaller than the number of sea Shanghai.I do not believe.I said why do not you write to me?She said, I do not know what to write.I said to accompany you to the ends of the earth, you done it.Her grinning, face two big dimples..    Back to the army, the company began intensive combat training.Having set out Laoshan frontline of time is not far off.I was thinking, if I died in this battle, how do accompany you to the ends of the earth?How to keep his promise yourself to your promise of?In the Laoshan frontline combat how much time a year, I actually do not have a little skin abrasions, old comrades say, good thing a good thing Yeah, if skinned, your life is over.After four years, I retired home, you become someone else’s wife, I wish to accompany you to the ends of the earth eventually completely shattered.    Really understand where the horizon?Is the time to work in Shenzhen.Listen to Hainan comrades say, End of the World is the words “End of the World” by the sea in Hainan, a rock.So there is a distant community on the Web, there are World Forum.Magazine literature, “End of the World”, is the Hainan Writers Association journal, is a boutique magazine highlighting the culture of Hainan.Cape is that every corner of the sea, wide sea, the corner as much, how can you go do the Cape?    In ancient times, was relegated to the court eunuchs of the literati, the majority was banished to Hainan wild, distance, heart depressed, career dim, the world state of Yan Liang, one can imagine.Today, the horizon has become a tourist destination of Hainan, a tropical jungle of plants, while heavy rain, while the sun, sky blue, sunset beach embellishment, the ends of the earth beautiful and can not talk.    Middle-aged, think of “to accompany you to the ends of the earth”, that is, I felt at that time made it very naively, bumpy road of life, who can predict their life work and study?Who can drink the bitter life?Recalling his own road traveled, those good and bad, that life to death, as if the sea of a grain of sand, so tiny, so encouraging people to grow old.Red Dust, not the old heart of hearts that should be matched by heart.    The same evening, the sun shines on the sea, sea shiny red sunset.Twilight is a symbol of the old men who.To dusk you should also think about the sun at noon, but the exposure of the plant may not stand up to strong ultraviolet.We walked adolescents, youth, middle age, old age, ask yourself, really accompany you to the ends of the earth man, where is?He (she) is still not around?