To 11 trillion trust products marked "barcode"

  Has learned from sources close to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the trust products XBRL regulatory filing architecture relevant units jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences University, is standard drafting stage。
Once in the implementation, will soon enhance the regulatory level of 11 trillion trust products。
  XBRL of trust products, trust products equivalent to the branded, easy-related products by label classification, indexing and labeling。
  Personnel involved in the architectural design representation, compared with stocks and other financial products, trust products with standardized difficult, less common characteristics such as target product variety, XBRL system and standard construction, is to trust in different, different between trust products, to extract the common label, there is no top-level design, is easy to cause confusion。   Previously, regulators have been in the information technology of the trust industry research, was chosen XBRL as the paving stones of informatization infrastructure trust industry last year。   According to sources close to the China Banking Regulatory Commission disclosed above, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and once issued by this standard, the Trust needs to establish a standardized system of trust products, and then docking the establishment of bonds in China Depository and Clearing Corporation Trust of XBRL information reporting system, information submitted。
  This system will trust industry in the product information disclosure and reporting, a revolutionary impact trading and regulatory trust three links。
  The people close to the CBRC official said, on this basis, trust products market can be established。
For not only between individuals and other non-financial institutions, trusts and other financial institutions can take to deal。
  XBRL expert, director of the Center for Financial Technology University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Liu Shiping think, the reason behind that trust IT industry, the market does not trust the early years of prosperity, trust industry by leaps and bounds in recent years the trust industry, IT technology put forward higher requirements, both in trust level, or regulatory level must make up classes。