Accompany you to see the prairie

REVIEW: prairie four seasons are beautiful in the spring long spring, the grass between in inadvertently coming out of brown grass, yellow and green hazy distance, hidden in the grass closer look in the weeds, but you germinating really feel the breath of spring, spring grass.  I aspire prairie, where the vast because I desire, but also enjoy the quiet and indifferent there.I have many times dreamed of vast prairie, has been eager to put its broad embrace immersed.There has been a dream just wanted to personally look grassland, pure taste of what the vast grassland, prairie bring people feel fresh, it has a vast expanse of grasslands and vast as the sea, like a man with a generous heart, nature is really the world’s most beautiful Creator.I like this song “accompany you to see the prairie,” listen to this beautiful melody, as if once again saw the brilliant blue green, I like the prairie!Sitting on the prairie, watching the endless flowers, and much of the day together, going to want to sit there doing nothing, forget all the troubles, leaving the secular and enjoy the beauty of nature has given human!Every time a hearing was very fascinating, and I have you on horseback dream grassland, grassland not let my people live, can not help yearning for that very vast grasslands, “green and wild and vast, wind-swept pastures of cows and sheep “always want to personally steppe, the horse bolted, to experience the kind of vast open refreshing let children fly freely heart.  I love this song, it was like listening to a beautiful prairie..  Because we are destined to make this life I have a desire to wait until the season’s most beautiful grassland accompany you to see the prairie together to see that the green grass that see the blue sky and white clouds gently floating watch with my thoughts accompany you to see the prairie grasslands together Four seasons is beautiful, long spring in the spring breeze, inadvertently cropped up among the grass in the brown grass, the distance a hazy yellow-green, hidden in the grass closer look in the weeds, but you can really feel the breath of spring , spring grass sprout.Autumn prairie sooner or later have some very cool, and deep in the morning dew, wandering aimlessly riding a horse on the prairie, continue to let the sun warm the heart soft, occasionally flying south to hear the passing of large Yanming shouted from the top of the head, listening to their pathos and loud sounds, people inexplicable sad.Prairie winter, the northwest wind whistling daily required course, if it snows, the prairie is a big white carpet, cold, confused, beautiful.Summer flowers are blooming under the blue sky, lying on the grass soft and thick, and what we do not want, do nothing, fresh air, mixed with the smell of grass in faint floral, fresh, white clouds, sunny, sheep, horses leisurely grazing on the hillside in the distance, accompany you to see this prairie along with my thoughts, with my love, prairie let our hearts warm, so love broad, deep.  Friends, I am waiting for you in the depths of the grassland, grassland in the most beautiful season, let me accompany you to see the prairie together.  However, melodious and soulful songs, once again touched the depths of my heart that thick prairie complex: green grass, blue sky, clouds lengthy, warm sunshine.Grassland, lonely and empty, its broad and deep to give you an upward force.Ride in its arms, you do not know what is sad, what is sorrow, accompanied by the sound of the horn prairie, I released a man of heroic and passion.Mountains, covered with dust, wash away, but do not wash my body kind of a touch of sadness; sweetness and light, blew away the worldly tie him down, but blown away the mind share deeply miss.Let’s hand into the depths of the lake virgin prairie, with pure water, wash away the dirt earth. And that loving swan couple companion, with a leisurely swim in the lake.Beautiful grassland Yeah, let’s horse galloping in the blue sky, listening to the wind whistling from the ear, watch the clouds floating leisurely on his head, looking at the cattle and sheep either bolted with amazing eyes of our.Let us dependent, facing the glow of the rising, laughing blue sky and white clouds lingering; let us accompany the setting sun sets and the stars and the night sky Shizumori way to come.Tired, lying on the grass, let the prairie for bed, as was the blue sky; hungry, chew a few berries fired several mining roots, thirsty, drink sheep’s milk.Network I put you far away from each other to pull together, get to know ever since, my life has become more substantial, in this beautiful network, how many days and nights, how many times lost, you accompany me through, we have a longing for a better life, with worrying about friends in this small space you I only have a quiet mood, Red rolling, the world troubles, the rhythm of life has become increasingly tense and competitive social life, we are here to seek a party outside the Taoyuan mind, why not flying depressed mood, feeling distant blessing of friends!  Friends, forget one day bustle of hard work, put aside during the day interpersonal secular.  In every night, fate put you and I meet in the silent night sky, you and I dripping tap the keyboard, tell all friends, looking out across the sea Geping friends, every click has lots to talk about homely, has a warm and romantic blessing, in this busy work can be heard greeting friends feel very happy, looking at the deep night, you and I always reluctantly, always leave blessing in.  Let us abandon the hustle and bustle, the collection of love in this most holy place, so that all creatures bear witness to our love.  Let us join hands all over every corner of the prairie: caves, bushes, lakes, hills.  Letting us into the endless future years: dawn, dusk, spring, summer and winter..[Editor: Tree man]