Accompany you to go for a ride

In the vast sea, chance encounter forged a fate, this moment of encounter, but it became fixed in my mind you, with indelible eternal.  A shallow depth, there is laughter, there are tears.  Long and short is not important is the share of dedication and sincerity.    Go for a ride with you, because of your presence, my heart had sprouted shoots…  That the fragrance of spring, brewing in the chest, heart wave surge of the sea.  That sweet fragrance, let us revel share.  I do not know when to meet, but happy together, had a great happy time.    Take a ride with you, I do not know I helped you, or are you happy I am, in short, has inspirational laughter, perhaps accompanied by tears and heartache.  Time passing by, like the Mercedes-Benz train, inadvertently went to the site, are you, or I’m just out of the car.  So in the ring of life, quietly leave, perhaps you have forgotten me, and beautiful, but in my heart, left a deep imprint.  Eternal memories spread breed.