Accompany you Kazamaki lotus

November 8, 1916, general Cai E suffering from laryngeal tuberculosis in Japan died, only 34 years old.Xiao Fengxian that this hearing, you’d rather die.This allows long life later how she faced it?After the memorial service on Cai sent the hero to win friends, peach color Chiaki elegiac, Xiao Fengxian quietly left the Bataihutong.After back and forth, married to a division commander, division commander killed.Forced to live, she and a cook, lived in a bungalow Shenyang Shou Quan Street, Huanggu District, Alley’s.For the husband surnamed Chen, surrounded by neighbors who called her Mother Chen.She gave himself a meaningful name: Zhang wash non.Chen was a humble man.He vaguely knew she was an unusual woman, but, about the past, she did not say that he would not ask.She did not work, rely on his modest income to live, they live in the north wing of only 10 square his narrow, almost no furniture at home, the only decent furnishings, but also that it would only call him every day, winding up and started a small alarm clock.He always felt wronged her.So, as long as she likes, as long as he can do, he will try to meet her.Her only hobby is drinking, drink two cups almost every meal, then he will roll up their sleeves to get her two snacks, and occasionally accompany her to drink two cups.Trivialization of life because of his warmth will have a little taste.Her only pleasure is listening to opera.A play, she listened, enraptured.Manasarovar.For him, for life, she is pretty stride.Do not pay attention to wear, just love the clean, often a few mundane washed clean clothes to wear on her, very different.She carried a small package, that there are a photograph, was a handsome young officer.He asked once, her faint smile, replied softly: an ordinary friend.Day driving fast forward in time.Their lives more and more hardship.A last resort, she made a nanny.She met an old friend, it was her only point of contact with past life.The enemy is Mei Lanfang.Mid-early 1951, Mei Lanfang rate troupe condolences to North Korea DPRK war volunteer, via Shenyang performances.She heard the news, would like to see the former old acquaintance in Beijing, and to seek his help, then wrote a letter sent Mei.A few days later, she received an invitation to meet Mei Lanfang reply, she was excited, put on his best clothes, dressed as festive, went to see Mei Lanfang.Recommend by May, she went to a school authorities when a health worker.That was nice of her life most days Shun Yi.She appeared very active, participate in various activities.When the movie “Friends” put too talkative street, she looked again hidden in the crowd.Mountain stream seek Concert, that person on the screen of the Bi really her and generals do Cai?In the old days of love pan yellow, as if it is simply another man’s another life.Her life has not remember Xiao Fengxian, China and the United States serving skirts, poetry and painting, greeting sent.Then I encountered the same spark of life in man.She lives with a man surnamed Chen with a lifetime.She did not really know him.WWW.5aigushi.COM she just used him to escape his thoughts, that memory.However, he gave her all the warmth of a family.She is a woman understand that she did not understand why, if the General Tsai alive, among them, or that is a story, that’s all.And he treated her with sincerity.He hoped that all her injuries can be treated and heal in the dull years, as he has done a rice porridge, usually, but dependents.In 1976, she finally completed her tortuous path in life, died at the age of 76 years.She stumble in their own bungalow next to a public toilet, a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.He carried her into the hospital emergency room, unable to save.He goes on to follow the trembling photos of her life in her pocket.Tears from his face streaming down ravines.Life, he had not told her that the word love.He was not called Zhang Xiao Fengxian renamed or wash the woman’s non-aficionados, however, some of the feelings and into the blood, is thicker than water.That is love.She completed to accompany a decline in life every day people, not the generals Cai, but he.Love your bright spring no matter how many people, fall in love with you Kazamaki of lotus, a person is enough.