Accompany the young girl to go to school

This past weekend, the young girl let me go with her children on the day of English class, readily agreed.Home near distance, walk 15 minutes to.  Because the courses before adding the correction on the fifteenth, Saturday classes with 3 hours.First, parents open class, the teacher has granted all the knowledge to parents reported: 26 letters of the alphabet and their representatives words, words and phrases, occasionally a few short sentences.  Teaching obvious form of Westernization.Students sit in a circle without desks, so do not open the books, almost all of space throughout the classroom teacher-student interaction, interactive games and to mobilize the maximum attention mainly in English teaching, not mixed Chinese, direct and effective; review the study group is introduced “PK” concept, to mobilize students sense of competition, supplemented by material rewards.  The so-called material rewards, is made “dollar”.The so-called “dollar” Although it is false, but in the children’s eyes, it is true you can buy toys currency.  We can see through to adults, it was just a game, it is difficult to appreciate probably enjoy unlimited fun while children learn in the game.  In the first three “PK”, a young girl accidentally lost 100 “dollar” previously acquired the right answer, actually sympathy with the idea, sadly at the moment of the game, and even within two minutes of the back seat, still aimless something missing.But soon vanished, heart, help team win the final.  Here is our dialogue on the way home: Q: young girl, why give that little game?  A: My “dollar” lost.  Q: It is very important?  A: Yes..That was before I worked so hard to get.  Q: The students picked up, why not go back and get it?  A: In class the teacher would not let just stand up, clawing 200 “dollar”, the Panel points (Note: At this point have been back seat.Comment: the pros and cons considered it very clear) Q: Then how do you cross two minutes seemed to forget the loss of the money?  A: The re-earn chant, anyway, has been lost.  Q: You yourself back to the teacher and explain the situation, a chance to come back, OK?(Note: Students have been turned over to the teacher) A: Do the!(Comment: Good Never look back) Q: I can help you and the teacher to come back, OK?  A: Well, thank you!(Comment: free can) in life, we adults often because of missing something or feel dejected emotion, long time can not “put down”, yet it can not compare the child’s mind.What blinded our innocence in our growth process, can not be “put down” the joy of it?  Sunday’s lesson, less than two hours.Because it is a new school, parents are not into the classroom, only to watch in live video foyer, but also because of commercial confidentiality reasons, the video is no sound and does not display the contents of teaching, so I think the purpose of this measure is only three points: First, to help parents read with their parents pass the time; Second, give the child a safe hint: the parents on the side, watching his at any time; Third, the willingness to attract more prospective parents to school.  Before each received class, there are reported cases of a few minutes, and concentrated in the form similar to yesterday’s report, said longer.Interestingly subsequent events: the toy auction, “dollar” pay.It turned out that the young girl a few weeks since the hard-earned “dollars” really can buy toys, but here it can only be used in “dollar” became the only.  Open, interactive, and the value of competition, the four elements well integrated into the whole teaching and learning activities, and achieved remarkable results.Even shy by nature children here can also enjoy the show the other side of his own character, enjoying the joy of learning.  To a simple language teaching designed to be so clever vivid, strongly attracted parents and children.Our nine-year compulsory strange how little you can not change the traditional mode, still teaching in a free atmosphere, but also innocent children of nature it?  Perhaps one thing, especially in a system with inherent pattern of things, it is often difficult to break.This is of course related to adulthood we tend to worry about the outcome, the lack of sufficient “start from scratch” the courage relevant, but will face enormous obstacles to re-allocation of vested interests.  February 2014