Accompany the longest love confession

If someone asks what is the purest?That must be the child’s mind.You have to ask how I know?Because I was attracted to the child’s eyes.Today’s children, as always, enthusiastic, and every recess is simply my “nightmare”, and my little children playing the “tree climbing” game, one by one jumped and hugged me, and it is called: a robot body!Little children frolicking I seemed to be chasing back to that age, carefree, without fear of injury, do not worry about life.Today I also harvested a small fan brother, “I’ll call you Uncle okay?”” Uncle, I’ll show you a hornet’s nest, a big hornet’s nest!”” Uncle, I’ll take you pick the child, I can help you fight down, it’s sweet!”” Uncle, I’ll take you to my house to see the fish, it’s good or bad!”” Uncle, my mother has not come back, you go play with for a while, OK?”” Uncle, you go back to eat it, so my mother is like my own home.”” Uncle, I’ll see you in the afternoon!”Sensible people have to say is that distressed him.When I walked down the stairs back to the dorm, turned around and saw him also came to the first floor of the stairs head out and looked at me, and I know he wants me to accompany him to play with, he waved to me to say goodbye, turned around He ran up the stairs.The children want very little in fact, the most important thing is to accompany.