For decades only focus on one thing that is more efficient storage

Storage areas where we see the ups and downs of many companies, but also see focus Infortrend storage areas like the 20 years of professional storage vendors。 Recently ZDNet reporter to interview Infortrend's general manager of China Yang Wenren。 Yang with many years in the IT storage areas, not only for the industry pattern, changes in market trends has a precise understanding of its industrial and technological change more profound insight。
The dialogue, Yang explains the profound changes in the industrial storage areas to technological change and then to market demand, as well as changes in Infortrend under the company's development。
To ZDNet correspondent was impressed, Yang talked about Infortrend this company 20 years to focus on storage, also have their own characteristics in the deep corporate culture inside, Infortrend's going to do is focus on storage。
Infortrend's past, now and for the foreseeable future is to focus on is stored, focus on technological innovation, focus on how to make storage more efficient, more accurate focusing on how to handle each IO, each data。 Today, regardless of the storage medium and then to flash memory, or traditional storage architectures from tape to disk and then distributed to the super fusion, as well as private cloud, public cloud and then the cloud hybrid cloud data, changes in media, changes in architecture, development。 But for the core enterprise data storage management is clear, that is, the data processing performance, bandwidth, low-latency, IOPS and reliability。 Infortrend's products to do the core idea is how can store different types of data to the different needs of different storage media。 Infortrend's products to help users of data via the Internet, through a variety of communication protocols to do to save the backup and exchange in which different storage devices。
Infortrend's core technology has been developed that is in a different storage medium which allows data to flow, exchange and archiving can be done in different media inside, which is the core of Infortrend。 Real flow of data silos to break the issue and realize the data, Infortrend's on the inside is what role?This requires brought from exploding data growth and application demands of hybrid cloud talk。 Do hybrid cloud landing connector society as a whole today are faced with massive data growth and ever-increasing variety of industrial applications and diversity issues。 In the field of data storage based on distributed data storage has become one of everyone's choice, but on behalf of distributed data storage is the integration of a large number of public cloud computing, storage capacity, and a large team in the maintenance of the above data and security。
But we also want to see a lot of use of public cloud computing, enterprise local production data and combine public cloud also need a connector。 Because now, for a long period of time to delay its rate of network bandwidth There is always a bottleneck。 The current solution is the need to resolve a cache。 Like whether it is Internet, television or virtual device requires a set-top box, or do the processing node cache, we can see clear and smooth TV picture。
The Infortrend's role is to be a hybrid cloud landing connector。
Yang spoke by Infortrend's products, enterprises can take advantage of the latest production data of EonStorGS products do storage, reading, data safe, efficient, low-latency connection to the cloud。 Let the public cloud data quickly and do docking, Infortrend is an important technological innovation。
Hybrid cloud management, Infortrend's new technology enables hierarchical management。 Traditional storage to achieve some of the local management at different levels, including solid state disk stratified, hierarchical traditional disk management, Infortrend's products to achieve a hierarchical management of the cloud on the network data, docking public cloud vendor's storage space。 That Infortrend can help companies in the field include space cloud management, cloud and open up the local scene, to achieve unified management of the entire space on the space and time。 , Which allow enterprises to achieve real data fit in a public cloud, for which data on the proximal end of the conventional solid-state disk inside。
This system will be based on business needs to achieve, distribution and management of data do。
This realization of the cloud maximum value。 It can be done through the cloud of global synchronization, the synchronization is to say different global offices, Infortrend's products can be done through the public cloud global data sharing, a company that is the world you have several branches, Infortrend's product will do through the public cloud exchange, synchronize and make backups, Infortrend's products and public clouds do docking, some of the top technology integration。
Complementary advantages -Infortrend long-term strategy if you go a little deeper learn more underlying storage industry something deeper, you will find industrial applications to solve, you can not just professional, quite a lot of things to integrate the entire solution。
So Infortrend Yang mentioned the Friends of the domestic industry with more cooperation, not competition。 After Infortrend to do is to make a product around the change of the demand, to achieve the complementary advantages between industry, play their respective roles。 In addition to the advantages of the product itself, Infortrend characteristics of a healthy development is to actively support and expand the advantages of cooperation。
Infortrend's storage vendors in conjunction with the active support of domestic software defined storage, play the advantages of open source software, and actively promote the needs of enterprise applications。 For partners, Infortrend hope to borrow from the shortcomings of the professional division of labor to make up the open source software to meet real customer application requirements。 Because some manufacturers of products to meet the functional requirements are, but how commercialized this one is weak, Yang believes that if domestic manufacturers can strengthen their distinct professional advantage, the various professional firms together, would be a very good complementary。
Finally, we see what happens when a business can be tolerant storage for so many years focused on one thing, bringing?That is, regardless of changes in the industry, whether it is public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud floor, including Ali cloud, AWS and other service users in China at the time, and when faced with the problem of data storage, professional storage vendor can think of is Infortrend's。 The storage problem for many years of industry experience and technology and rapid solution to the hybrid cloud is the fundamental Infortrend's。