Accompany Rangers

This is as fresh as a daisy as wild and romantic love story, however, when I saw the true face of man, he was shocked to hear how people admire this woman, this is not only romantic love.A speaker, a microphone, a man drunkenly singing on a small square of the city, she squeezed in the crowd of onlookers, his face smiling at him.That laugh, after fresh rain the sun, in seeing the apathy and sympathy of his heart sowed the seeds of a warm.At the end of the concert, the crowd dispersed, he was busy packing things.She went up to him and asked, can I help you?He refused her goodwill.Since then, he is still in this small square to sing, but she still squeezed in the crowd gave him a smile.Day, two days, three days, she was to report on time every day, beautiful clothes Yuechuan Yue.As if to fix them, the city at the time of rain ever, full twenty-eight days.Heavy rain blocked the footsteps of his departure, but also gave them plenty of time to love.Bored rainy night, she dialed his phone, and dialed a wonderful journey of love.They burn phone time from ten minutes to twenty minutes, and finally, talk for an hour is still something more to say.Endless talk on the phone, then stay in the chat when they meet.They sat side by side under the eaves, watching the rain come down a little bit, punched one nest on the ground, just as they now happy hearts jumping.Twenty-eight days, enough to make two strange heart a little bit closer, close enough so no gaps, no barriers.However, he did not hold her hand, did not even touch it.It made her some saw it.Finally a rainy day, that she was sick in the hospital, he was very anxious, asked her colleagues all over, no one knows where she is.He Mao Zhaoyu, turn over all of the city hospital.In the third floor of a hospital, he finally found her.At this point, he soaked to the skin, it has already become a drowned rat awkward.Her heart suddenly pain and hugged him tightly, unwilling to let go.And he saw her pale emaciated, sick even only one person alone to the hospital, he finally spoke up to say do not say it, he said: Do not go to work with me to stray it.Only this one, she laughed with tears, then quit his job to accompany him to wander around.There are wandering how hard life, but this is her living by working girls did not think.Walking in the car stalled on the muddy road, she could only push down, handled badly efforts, often pushing the car was turned over, the two men fell and a mud; it was dark, they go after the front middle of nowhere on the road, afraid of vexation.Every place they find a good position, he sings, she watched.Much money, they will be very happy, but there are also unpleasant to be humiliated when.Either way, they support themselves by singing of money along the way, all the laughter.This is more than a year wandering.Eleven years, she accompanied him to go more than 700 cities large and small, she gave birth to a child and a woman for him, and build a happy home for his complete.However, he never took the hand of his wife shopped in a street, never been on a roller coaster to take their children.He wanted to give his wife an unforgettable surprises, strong role models to the children endless, he boarded the top of Mount Tai, where his wife and watch the sunrise side by side.7000 steps, he spent a full 11 hours of time, sweat soaked clothes all.He was reluctant to let her stay with their own to a higher level to a higher level on the ground, she was sitting up ropeway.Every love can not only romantic, they also need to face worldly troubles.Her parents do not agree with her life partner to find him, they constantly send gifts to send money home, phone calls to relatives and friends.All her relatives by his sincerity and optimism infected, ultimately, parents love this sensible son.He said that in this world, the most fun is free to sing the happiest is open the door and see beautiful wife and son who ran against him.She accompanied him to do fun things, and then again he Happiness Pengdao.This earth, there is a love which, as pure so they do not stick purely secular gas?So they went into the CCTV’s “starting to happiness” column, and I also had the honor of hosting the Games to see them.She is a healthy and beautiful woman, but he is a paraplegic, no legs street singer.He walks with two square wooden box, step by step moved to center stage, posture is so ugly, the people are so short.I think that, under the eye, her face how much there will be some embarrassment, only to see her smiling face, eyes lovingly looked at her husband as if he is the brightest star on stage.I was shocked her calm smile, but more shocking is that she went to the center of the stage, in front of millions of viewers, crouch, and her husband hold together tightly, some indecent action, but she is so skill, without the slightest embarrassment.Perhaps true love from the heart, everything can be put aside worldly, any doubts you laugh, and I shall feel comfortable.