Accompany me Tibetan plateau

Accompany me Tibetan plateau where less dangerous 5000 meters above sea level near the blue sky far away but can not hear some more bad news for any of us with open arms that only you endless green and you thank you to accompany me to go all the way in Although the sun is here to sunburn General Assembly to be careful to close your eyes and take a deep breath with me there is no breathing oxygen to breathe – Crowd Lu San Mao saw a lot of travel, no matter where to go you will eventually want to learn to write something.San Mao Jose just has to go with her away, my path, but did not you.  winter.  People play this season to the north of the north will be ridiculed.  Fifth day to prepare the evening, the count will go on holiday this waste had finished, I looked at the map on the wall left-hand side, with a blue south prominent in Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Qinghai pale pink territory – – Qinghai Lake and then pack up, leave a note on the table, “the youth is very short, decided to do something today probably will not do a lifetime.”The first day went to the train station, at first more than three o’clock train bound for Nanjing, then the next day at noon train bound for Xining Xi, 5 hours plus 28 hours.Standing tickets.Nature is crowded on the train, sleepy and then huddle together in an underground hallway to sleep, then left arm was numb for the other side of the supporting arm.Nanjing to Xining train, till the end, not many people, so along the way can be experienced on the lot.Nanjing station up the grandfather has been teaching others how to grab our seats, the active strength if we do not sit down and that he stood in the same.Nanjing is also an uncle came up and said to go get some fresh air in the train to Dangshan time, but I do not know how it’s seen him come up opinions.Zhumadian train passes when we finally can not find a place to sit, so spend some money, go to the restaurant to sit down, tubes supper meal, you can comfortably sit tomorrow morning at 6:00.Restaurant there are always some people excessive mental excitement, the night of playing cards, drowsily heard a more than 50-year-old uncle and a young man talking about the young man is not a man in Tianshui.  The train was hot and stuffy, sweaty and did not dare to undress, because it is said in the highland cold, then will hang pulmonary edema.    The second day the next day wake up sweaty, already gleaming out of the window, back to the cars, a lot of people have gone, the empty seat.Tianshui man and the old man was still discussing Tianshui he is not one to just prior to the train, people are amused at the edge of laughing.At this altitude, the train did not go through a cave, the ear will choke up because of changes in air pressure.Can even hear the person on the ride saying anything, I was laughing at him, because even if I could hear, could not understand his dialect.  9:00 am, the train has been traveling in the Loess Plateau, the rain washed out on the mound ditch gully gully to be more serious than the picture on the geography book.Yellow River flows through the area, on the plain between the valley has left seven or eight meter deep groove along the sides of the ditch, littered with some of the people north.Their houses are mostly one-sided roof, the outside-facing walls are roofless, it must not let outsiders fields, the water in this arid Loess Plateau is extremely valuable.Along the way, are looking forward to Lu Yao described by the “dual water village”, a river at the distribution of several villages, each foot of the mountains to dig large and small caves, valleys came Xintianyou, because every seat mountain terraces agriculture, Learn has been built to the top of the hill.But looking at the train passes every village, seem to double the water village, perhaps double water village is abbreviated throughout the Loess Plateau of it.  Cave just does not appear that anyone live there, and most of the cave only to see a lone opening on the cliff, some tied together, if barren hills is an old man, and that the cave was his remaining front teeth, ditch gully gully is his wrinkles.Dark brown face was the color of sunshine leaves plateau, nose and ears have been eroded to the north wind.Oh, deep impact of the Yellow River is his unfathomable mouth.This is her head, chest and uplift the abdomen is Pingkuang plains, mountains and central north, along the thighs until the toes, are mountains and rivers of the South, she was facing the sea, east-west, lying on the land of China.  And a train through a cave, and we shuttle between the night playing cards in the name of the day.4:00 pm, with the surging flow of people at the door, we have to Xining.Out of the station to go to work Golmud buddy’s phone, go outside the station posed for pictures, he called Galway, this is his name written on backpack.  The second morning, woke up in the north under the baking heating.Nosebleed because the dry unbridled flow out.He dragged his exhausted body, ran the wrong twice, to the train station to buy a ticket, go Hada, Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword.Sleep on the road, listening to my father said, Xining to Huangyuan Qinghai-Tibet line of State Road 109 is in them when I was 6 years old to 02 years of construction, the flow of time to go, 11 years later I stand here as a tourist.Xining development well, where the residents did not like the father put it to get the sleeves kept wiping nose.In contrast, a large number of businessmen from Zhejiang building 10 years ago, Chung went to Xining, high-rise buildings going up already.    On the third day the car went over one hundred and forty kilometers, crossing the Mountain, sea level rise from Xining 1800-4100 eighty-seven seventeen meters, then dropped to three thousand four hundred meters of Qinghai Lake.In addition to the gate area is open, scenic spots inside and outside all the shops, restaurants, post offices are closed doors.Scenic very few people.  Back to the plateau mountains, in front of endless Qinghai Lake, the largest freshwater lake plateau.The head is frighteningly clear deep blue sky and sun.Wide lake, a huge sculpture stands in the waters of the West Sea Mother.The first foot on the Qinghai Lake, we went to the.  This is the legend of Qinghai Lake: 1000 years ago, the marriage of Tang Dynasty Princess Wencheng married the Tibetan King Songtsen.Prior to departure, Tang gave her hometown can illuminate the scene of the sun and the moon Hokyo.On the way, Princess miss from home, he took out Hokyo sun and the moon, and she saw the long-lost homeland Chang.She burst into tears.However, the princess suddenly remembered his mission, he resolutely threw the sun and the moon Hokyo shot go Hokyo thought of that came when landing a golden light, into Qinghai Lake.  The story of Qinghai Lake as the side of a clear glass mirror, and in front of Qinghai Lake has been frozen, like a glass is frosted up.Information, said the average annual Qinghai Lake is a glacial seal 108?116 days, a minimum of 76 days, up to 138 days.The ice thickness is 40 cm, the maximum ice thickness 90 cm.Therefore, we are open to seeing the car on the lake.  Step on the frosted glass-like surface of the lake, running while sliding forward play, as a southerner, so big the first time, walking on the frozen lake, there are no major warning people say the ice will crack you out go on, how do we reverse bouncing, the lake is like the earth is usually steady.This is not the Journey to the West in the Tongtianhe, the lake and no fine carp Journey to the West in.Olga, far center of the lake can be seen due to the huge ice icebergs blowing bulge points, like giant waves off the sea, like water surging Qiantang forefront.  There visitors can see far away on the lake, China torpedo testing base on the lake, a bunch of people walking in there, like a row of black spots in the blue sky and the blue line in the glacial lake synthetic creep.Lake sky color, your day is inseparable from that side, which faces the lake.Perhaps you’re upside down, you head refers to the earth.  Yu wrote in the sun off the snow cultural journey, he was lying on the northern frontier of the desert, the first field of vision, no high-rise buildings of the city, for the first time his visual eye and can only place the deep sky.I slipped on the lake, looking up at the sky, highland winter sky is clear, it is deep.In addition to experienced vision in only blue sky on the roof, this is the second time.Blue, blue impressive, blue people do not know where to.Suddenly, I stood up, touch ass, ass is wet.Although the lake temperature is 14 degrees Celsius below zero, but the birds of the sky throwing poo still left one after another seventy-eight cm pits on the lake.I still do not believe Antarctic penguin can take the polar bear feces Baba heating, because no matter how warm the polar bear feces Baba, Antarctic polar bear or not.  Jiro sword in the area, the first time I rode a horse.  Jiro sword out of the area, it was hungry, someone complaining.Momo looking for a restaurant to eat a stack of beef and fried pancake out of shape.Standing 109 State Road, I am here, opposite them.In this way, they return to Xining, I held “ride” the word, to Bird Island.  The first bus carrying Tibetan my car is open, the driver is a man, his wife is the co-pilot, two passengers back there, I was the third.They take me to the Black River.State Road 109 in which there is a fork in the road to Bird Island.I stand by the roadside, it began to snow.In the snow holding a sign stood for half an hour, passing more than a dozen vehicles, there is no one on the way.After forty minutes, to a van, they went stone is Hai, is a car Tibetan.Got on, I found that only the rear edge of the brother speak Chinese, and his father.The car stood Tibetan songs, hanging from the rear view mirror is a photograph of the Tibetan Living Buddha.With knowledge of the Lama and the Tibetan Living Buddha, and they chatted up, his brother became the next translation.Brother said their home in Bird Island on the edge opened hotel, as well as its own Web site, and now there is no winter visitors, they are closed, and will open the door after the fifteenth day of the first.The way they taught me some emergency Tibetan: I can sleep in here you do?good to eat!Thank you!Before getting off, they make fun of me not to let go, live in their home.Yes, if I did not go to Bird Island before dark, or can not find a place to live, they went home.Get off soon, pee on the roadside.Tibetan mastiff lying on a roadside corpse, low temperature, no rot, but the skull is only what the birds pecked bones.In our south, Here lies the body of one worth millions.  At the distant endless yellow desolate grasslands and mountains, pee.Suddenly behind horn sounded, someone called me, to Xining.He smiled and refused to continue to ride.The opposite to a modified sports car, people stood cardiopulmonary separate Hey Song.”Where?” ‘Bird Island’ ‘not’ ‘the way it’,” how much money?” Ride, do not give money, the way words have trouble with what you ‘,’ get on it ‘so, I went to the third car, take me out of the Bird Island area, 20 km from Bird Island.Along the way, did not speak, they sent me to a river they turned away.  Walking across the bridge, the weather cleared, the sun shone the distant mountains, and the Tibetan mountains, like gentle mountain face always says some white banners.Spend fifty dollars, let his son riding a motorcycle the owner of a small store to send me to Bird Island.His name was more than 24 years old, Tibetan.He said the word meaning mountain of “Namo Amitabha” only one way to Bird Island.Temperatures in northern Tibet you did not have a motorbike through the cold, so he stopped, plus a pair of pants, a pair of socks, wearing two jackets.In no man’s land half an hour away, the street people home everywhere Tibetan sheep, cattle, donkeys and yaks, a piece of chewing to eat the rest fall to the grass-roots, eating well and everywhere desertification.  6:30 pm, just to reach the Bird Island area, closed.  Just say Gangcha send me to the train station, there is a train to Xining, said his father, the train now gone.  In more than half an hour just to sit, baked Tibetan stove, was more than his brother received 150 dollars, send me to the State Road 109.  Half past eight, I stood on the 109 national highway toll station, the outdoor temperature of minus 17 degrees Celsius, the road full of snow.Asked Sister Can charge of toll booths to warm inside, she asked across the toll booths, not.At the door and talk to her, to know where the car has not had a one hour.  Lucky in life, life in luck.  Five minutes later a white Santala the various complaint, the success of the car.The driver was about a strange old man of fifty, not to speak.He went to Xining.At first I thought he was just simply do not speak, but then, when the car struck and killed across a land of sheep, he went to a stop a few, when there are trucks on the road U-turn, stop his squalling down, I know, he is not a normal person.Can not sleep, sleepy eyes had been smashed down, did not dare to sleep, I fear that he drove a kick down my door.Kick down in no man’s land, a dead end.In this way, he was frightened at the side from half past eight o’clock in the morning to sit through more security to Da Xining, he was also inexplicable swore off before.  Safety of the car, lucky.Take a taxi to the hotel, all kinds of food they buy has been cold.    The fourth and fifth day morning together, the three of us will be parted.Separating the front to the train station, Zhou Peng hold a moment, I hope you see Tongling.  I went to the post office side of the train station, all the postcards were cast into.  It is planned to begin a ride from State Road 109, go west all the way to Golmud, over the lack of oxygen and dilute Wudaoliang and Tanggula to Lhasa, then ride home along State Road 318.  Called a taxi, allow the driver to put us to the Xining Huangzhong toll, he said here Golmud to Lhasa trains from the big walk, not allowed to enter the city.So holding a sign, in the wind station from nine in the morning to noon, exhausted from the station to the confidence.  Even a passing another car, even if the owner stopped to ask us where to go, or not to ride on the train.Asked a passerby, he said you should walk north two crossroads, where the Kunlun Road to wait, then you go Golmud to Lhasa direction of the car and more.Then go to the Kunlun Road, just east direction to open the car, perhaps farther away from the city as possible to ride it?Then pour three taxi drivers listening to A and B driver’s advice, we far away from the city.  At the end of a downhill and went a few hundred meters, for a brand like enough to attract all the eyes of passers.Finally there is a commercial vehicle, and we say the way, took us 20 kilometers way, to dopa, he let go a large bus station, is a large truck stop.There are truck to Golmud.The result, no, finished goods are shipped.  Asking for a long time, I went to the toll station dopa.The first ride on the highway, the driver really afraid to see my sign out of a car accident.Most people just looking, not to say that some people waved, one stopped, we set out to huangyuan.And the way we say a lot, he said, do you know Yushu?Yushu earthquake in 11 years when he took a car pulled Anhui volunteers cargo walked alone Yushu.He asked me to get off to write “Golmud” to huangyuan continue to ride on the brand, the same story as before.  Lu Renbing and passers-D appearance, so that we completely abandoned the ride.They say that the day did not go Golmud car, there is also going in the morning.You go to the train station and so it Huangyuan.  In this way, went to the train station Huangyuan, over the fence, the first time I saw the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, is the day the road.  Station empty, knocked a window, the man first sentence is how you get in!Okay, I turned the fence came.The train only ten at night, and in a small shop waiting below.  Nine at night when I can not find the toilet, went out and going to the toilet.Due to the high altitude Tibetan plateau thin air and low clouds few obstacles, so their night sky you can see really positive starry.Ninth day of the first month, just more than half of the moon, the stars bright glare.The wild, more than ten degrees below zero, cold north wind that blows no voice from under the buttocks, the legs do not know squatting numb or frozen ass.Off the flashlight, squatted no man under the stars, a kind of an unprecedented sense of insignificance.Towering mountains in the distance also took two days before leaving the snow, it makes a kind of illusion to really see the snow-capped mountains of Tibet.Mountains in the moonlight and starlight quiet just like a giant creepy beast.Moonlight and darkness are intertwined, and not the slightest offensive, earth and sky, darkness and light, in this northern Tibet plateau, is harmonious, natural.  Darkness and cold, people naturally think of flame and light.Caught a lot of weeds and small shrubs branches, took out a napkin with stones outside the station put up a stove, but also the most popular time to burn half a minute, the wind is too big, is not suitable for ignition.  Half past nine p.m., classmate’s father called to condemn a pass, I almost let his son.  Not his own travel alone, will eventually be catching.I do not remember how many times in order to accommodate and give up his plan, as promised counterparts.  Spend a lot of money from Huangyuan let a taxi driver to take us to Xining Railway Station, he was very enthusiastic and I talked about things Qinghai tourism, landscape, his experience, his pride as indigenous and his father’s Qinghai story.To the station, buy a train ticket, a few days later they are sold out.Caojiabao continue to taxi to the airport, already over budget, so that parents fight over money, let me say that my father actually hit 110 Forget.The next morning called back to Tongling booked a ticket, Xining to Beijing, Beijing to Hefei, a total of more than two thousand.  Flight delays to the 18:00 after more than to Beijing, the empire had to turn around plan also fell through.  The aircraft continued to delay back to Hefei, an hour late, only ten fifty to Hefei, uncle ride to travel place to live, they run into enthusiastic drivers, this is our tallest building in Hefei, Tongling transit road you really the long.Night stay at his uncle set a good hotel, but also help us to buy a toothbrush toothpaste towel slippers or something, it is not the same between loved ones.Qinghai took a box of yogurt brought back to let him take it, as long as he four boxes, there are just three colleagues.    The sixth day 8:30 am to get up, wash after a good friend or do not get up, then left a note sneak.  Hefei to Tongling Qichenanzhan cycle shuttle, half an hour.No queuing to take the first car did not get on, get on the second car, friends, is the third vehicle, I still go ahead.  I drove on the highway, roadside snow the day before as well as remnants left behind.Under cover of snow is green plant.How many days did not see the green?When the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau is a desolate land of ice and snow all over the sky, we have inserted the South under the first strains of rice.That endless rolling green at this time is people moving, has a long-lost joy.Hui Yun has a house in the south more and more, yes, I went back to his place.People in the car also spoke a familiar dialect, when the other person is talking about something, you can understand, is a very happy thing.  When you see the familiar scenery out the window, I went back to the Tongling.Even if it is not a big city skyscrapers, there is no wide streets, urban areas where there is no convenient elevated, there is no humane footbridge.  However, when a friend asked me places where people, I will be proud to say, I am Anhui Tongling people, I live in the country’s smallest prefecture-level city.  In the evening, went to the hospital to see the little cousin was born three days, he called Yan Zeen.  On travel, a variety of micro-Fair to say all kinds of people fascinated rhetoric, San Mao and all of a travel-related, as most people put their faith journey.New Zealand, Clinton said the climbers because the mountain where, perhaps you will say that mountain there, none of your hair thing.But when you go on the road and Hillary Clinton as when, in the face of questioning passers-B and C, you might also funny to say “I am the way, none of your hair thing?”