Accompany female travel experience in Hong Kong

Yesterday, loaded with small Xin and passes to get their hands Alian.Small Xin is my daughter, and then guess in her mind, not knowing what Hong Kong is what he looks like, but something new place to play, never left Shenzhen for her, that go to Hong Kong tomorrow to play, joy and dancing He laughed, and very active, it seems particularly talkative.So we thought, it went to Ocean Park.    Early the next day, look up the weather outside the window, ah, light blue sky, cloudless, the weather is good.We hurried breakfast, and then back up a sloping shoulder bag, small Xin also back a small bag, a family of three set off on the parade.    When cross the border to find a home exchange shop, for a point HK.To pass, the way to help her go through the information gathering in Shenzhen Customs, put it later refers to self-touch pass quickly.After the fair like a double customs, came to the convenience service station is located next to the Customs and Excise Department found that there are tickets to Ocean Park, then directly bought two large and one small three tickets, and day pass metro ticket.When selling a ticket line staff when informed that we will not walk, take the initiative to come up with enthusiasm map, which will show in the direction of the subway, which want to transfer, sub-buses where to go out, and finally the map sent to us.    Ever since, we have from Luohu – Yong Kowloon – Mongkok – Admiralty lines clear, nearly half-hour drive, and soon to the Admiralty.This Admiralty, geographically located in Central and Western District, Hong Kong, on the ring, close on, may be regarded as the heart of the.Out of the subway station point of view, full of high-density, large glass curtain wall business summer, building enterprise groups, as well as government buildings, a ground with a ground Yan Shen.Because little, people, story, and therefore narrow roads, dense premises beyond our imagination, not to expect green belt across the road, wider than the leisure park.However, through this man, if not a suit, shirt trousers is straight, whether hot or cold weather, they are the same clothing that ladies are more than Western dress shirt or elegant suits and other expensive, perhaps it is where Hong Kong’s commercial and economic center of most here.Unfortunately, Hong Kong space is relatively small, it did not seem like plain, and some have already built buildings and streets, a pick one, most of the commercial high-rise, low-class residential area, high-grade villas, etc. extending from the bottom of the hill halfway up the mountain, even to the top of the hill, if a separate spacious residential villas, it is surely considered expensive luxury villa.    Already more than 12:00, stomach feeling empty, I looked for McDonald’s to sit down, talk about it first be filled.Not previously eaten meal in Hong Kong, but also the future of McDonald’s over here, here to give my first impression, it feels like McDonald’s cheaper than domestic, and each package has the same in every price, very detailed, perhaps because Hong Kong dollars cheaper price stability properly, the original solid bar.The three of us called the three packages, Hamburg bread here is very soft, good taste, and I’m about to eat Alian, and actually eat the.But his mouth was not yet satisfied like, want to try again, so he bought a package chicken wings and four in Hong Kong, perhaps because chicken is the focus of imported products it tested, so it feels just this chicken nuggets and chicken a bit more expensive.Alian, and when I put the fourth package finished, insisted it is too full, very uncomfortable, hey, I eat at McDonald’s this kind of place, so the first time make it uncomfortable to eat.Because we eat that, according to these four packages of three and a half to eat, always feeling like yet full.And four packages, just over eighty yuan in Hong Kong dollars, the real count is less than the nearly seventy yuan RMB, the value of the.That small Xin, have always been slow to eat, I said that hungry, but eat up, always slowly, slowly, alas..    13:00 and more, we boarded the double-decker bus, went straight to the front of Ocean Park.This Ocean Park in Hong Kong Southern District Wong Chuk Hang, from the introduction of sea chart can be divided into Asian Animals, Aqua, Whiskers world, Rainforest, the world ocean, mountain motor city, rapids and dynamic world of heaven and earth eight districts.But the feeling in my view, that simple point is the two large area, a hill, a mountain, the mountain is mainly play a variety of recreational facilities, such as off-road carts, crazy roller coaster, jumping off a building and the like, in addition to the foot of the mountain family activities outside the class, there is the marine world, Aqua, is known about the aquarium, museum and other right jellyfish.    Into the marine park, take pictures, look at that, look at this, did not look the map, what a fine looking, casual go, although large can be, and then a sea of people everywhere, to play what should be long lines, hot weather, hey, bitter Yeah, there is no way.Before long, we Huhututu to get on a train like antique cable car, from the ground to the top of the hill is sent, as in the design and decoration is like in the water, looking at the edge of the LED display that Shao knowledge of marine life, is fun.About five minutes into the hillside, or also it can be a great platform hilltop bar.First, a few queue like to see the team do not know what to play, can not see inside, casual with a long queue row up.Anyway, where every row, happy child wants.Row for half an hour, and finally to us, turned out to be a tropical rain forest of artificial rafting, sitting on a big tire, a tire can take eighty-nine about people, ah float down the rapids of man-made canals, both sides from time to time we spray gun to spray water, sit in the girls get sprayed by water Wawataijiao, plus fast is sometimes slow and sudden collision swing, although we have a raincoat in the body, but one down, five minutes no that the body already wet coat more than half.    Just go sit when, at that time not starting less than a minute, standing next to a staff member holding a SLR camera, the camera will be in front of you, if you unsuspecting to also put up POSH, or What posture.That is over, and so you drift off on the shore, they have the photo printed out and PS what rainforest pattern, installed a good fight, little will or pressed into a transparent plastic sheet where a large, that is four inch of it, there is an inch of four conjoined with, plus a small one inch photo two transparent plastic tucked inside, and so, and so, when you export, it gave you, thank you, 178 yuan, 78 yuan for a large, one inch to four hundred other to send two key chain, there are photo.Hey, silent, if not Well, they can walk, but my heart really can not afford to make their own family photos that had been placed on the counter, when advertising something, disgusting.Buy it, and a little dark, Oh, well, when is experience, not to pay attention next time it wants to shine.    From the torrent came out, I wanted to go to see the Arctic hall, which can be too cold, our whole body wet, into the disease that will certainly not be frozen.So we changed directions, sit speed train, is ranked ten minutes of the team, which speed train, like a rolling coaster class exciting, but not so long, it did not turn large circle strike, also-ran that people experience the speed and highly dynamic swing.    At first I thought Alian and small Xin fear of such activities, the speed can be done to try coaster, but beyond our expectation, small Xin shouting fun, but also to sit once play, Alian was moaning and groaning, how He refused to sit, and certainly scared scared of.what!As for the more adventurous rolling coaster, what swing the hammer, Alian certainly a no-brainer.Well, after such a turn, with sun exposure, Lin Xin and small dress is also fast running out, my back just a little bit dry, but not anti-matter, it went to the North Pole to visit the halls, in that seals, sea lions, elephant seals and other animals, in the water, the water to swim upstream, or tumbling.    The three of us, travel, there is no thought in advance where to go, how was the trip tomorrow…., Is entirely free exercise of leisure, where they go count, the mind without any pressure and burden, and some that fall into your eyes only novelty and fun.This small Xin, Cantonese will not say a few words, even if unspoken, is that salt is not short, not allowed to pronounce Mandarin Cantonese-style, multi not quite say too long.Sometimes, to communicate with people, she spoke into Mandarin to communicate with people, and then the first Mandarin or is simply to tell us what to say, and then say with others by our..Ah, environmental relations, hey, it does not matter, everything slowly, after more contact with the naturally learn Cantonese.    Sometimes, however, in a strange environment groups, she is not completely introverted, or innocence, break up with somebody, Shenzhen in a public place, or in public transportation vehicle, such as the subway, when you see poor hygiene, not abiding by the guidelines of a child, a small Xin will take the initiative to persuade other people, or even more children to stop it.    Hall came out from the North Pole, when we take the underground train to down the mountain, went straight to the aquarium and other areas, this hall is one theme bar Ocean Park.Long row of the team, left and right around the bend, the outer row of little more than half an hour of the team, tan face dry thin person, is back full of sweat, can finally go in, but in fact this is a very large fish tank, or several huge fish tank composed of thick glass hall, which raised many variety of marine life, marine plants, a variety of fish, sharks, coral..Then there are four holes in these tanks with a hole or bump the glass, in cooperation with the light, can make people in different angles to feel, to see what activities aquarium.The viewer can feel the big things you want to see the attitude of behavior.    From out of Ocean Park, already 6:30, the sun was so fiery as Chennai to grill the earth, we do not feel hungry, and that McDonald’s was too top Chinese pot belly up.Just thirsty, in the marine park, a cola or water, but sell more than 20 yuan Oh.    The same journey to the same time, we returned to the Admiralty, is already seven, and Alian though I was not hungry, you can eat a small Xin has been shouting to buy something to eat, in fact, we have a clear mind, she just mouth itch , nothing to eat snacks, said to be hungry, it is just a pretext.This does not take her into McDonald’s to buy two packages, her share of eating a few bites of hamburger, slow down, other non want things to go, and his play up.    Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient, it is also a dynamic city, rich in natural nightlife.So when passing Mong Kok, emergent affection, I would like to see here at night street.When out of the subway station, in front Dungan too confusing, crowds, such as weaving.Within a short time has not yet come to adapt.Hong Kong original road is quite narrow, consisting mostly one-way street, Mong Kok pedestrian street so naturally.And our city’s pedestrian street is different, here not only to see different skin color, accent, speaking all kinds, the line of people in various languages, there are many hawker stalls, all kinds of swing sing Jieneng found: Cantonese opera, Cantonese pop, pop Mandarin, foreign language.; Some amused, some performers make money; there is another faction of the leaflets, and some sketch or painting, putting up posters and even more initiatives, performances and so on; fills the entire middle of the street walking position, plus the coming and going of flow-through plug go, almost no extra space, plus those of Hong Kong’s unique ultra-protruding, or large signs advertising hanging House side, the top of the street, flashing red, green and yellow and blue constantly neon..At this point, I have no words to express in words, can only use words to describe – a different kind of wonderful.    The trip to Hong Kong, although not the first time, but it is the first time the small Xin and three people Alian.Night is also the first taste of life in Hong Kong, savoring the customs here.Hong Kong subway point of view from the people, was quite civilized, and could barely see someone taking out the trash on the ground, I heard here is to impose fines of littering.When talking to each other on a crowded subway are a small voice, it does not interfere with the others, if there are any people to speak louder, and will discourage the jump on.    Wandered nearly nine, fear not keep up with the customs, the hearts can not help but worry about them, so we quickly returned to the subway, ride to the Luohu direction, to the Luohu Customs, is nearly ten o’clock look, but who cross the border but still super and more, but also long lines, alas.Out of tourism, the most tired of long lines still have to be afraid.