Accompany ants play for a while

Ants little head I simply did not know Fengyun big head inside things.I am happy that somebody put a small building on the suffering of ants.Someone once told me, The Ant Bully.In fact, I am also a small ant.- Inscription (a) before the Spring Festival that year, I learned from that town to town, now has more than five years.I live in the best room school teacher living quarters on the third floor, it is also considered spacious, a hall three rooms a kitchen and a toilet a balcony a corridor.There are a few pots on the balcony, pots were planted with cactus, mountain tea, sweet-scented osmanthus tree, lucky bamboo.  I like the Volt scenic point of view balcony.From near and far, can be seen outside the faculty garden, vegetable garden there is a cement road, road side of a river, the river there is a hill, a hill planted with trees litchi, longan tree, cinnamon, bamboo, pine.Often when the weather Qingnuan, you can see the corridor floor, on the balcony, a pot of black ants back and forth.  (B) Today Sunday morning at nine o’clock, I looked out the window, the skies are blue, clouds are white, the sun is particularly bright.I just remembered to supplies tortoise in the corridor plastic basin feeding.I opened the refrigerator and found no pork, only a large piece of homemade pork.Did not willing to, but look at the follow me ten years old friend’s sake, I had to cut a large, enough to let it eat your fill.When the moment I use chopsticks tucked piece of pork ready to put the bowl, suddenly found seven or eight black ants neat row of the team’s swagger in the side of the basin, they carry food in busy places.So, I immediately put a pork back on the chopping block, temporarily do not feed the turtle.  Ants and turtle little head I simply did not know Fengyun big head inside things.  (C) see these ants, I immediately think of Chinese home world, to help the ant story: Chu and Han contention on the occasion, Zhang Han emperor Liu Bang counselor with caramel as a bait, the ants smell and sugar together, make up “King suicide Wujiang River,” the six characters, King Seeing that God, Sanghunluopo scared, are not Yangtianchangtan: “days I die, I cross what is” is the sword committed suicide.I think, Zhang took advantage of sweet ants addicted to this habit, outsmart self-willed King, can be described as magical art of war, one’s opponent to decide their fate.Think of that story, I immediately got into high spirits, decided to use sweets, pork, etc. as bait, earnest accompany ants play for a while.I used a magnifying glass to prepare for observation purposes.  I am happy that somebody put a small building on the suffering of ants.  (D) My first thought was to catch a live ant to give the turtle Kaihun.When I merge with the thumb and index finger to pinch the point where relatively large bird ant when it panic and flee into hiding four.I would suppress it with the index finger, thumb and forefinger to pinch it took a close.I put ant into the pot, it choked, desperately struggling, not enough time to call for help to the partner, it becomes a tortoise food.Tortoise raised his head, looked at me with open eyes, I said to him: “so it slowly, I’ll ants Zhuolai, good hospitality you.”(E) I caught a small ant, in my left hand and my heart.It looked forward lifted his head a little, then slowly crawled away in the direction of four fingers.Climb it and go, I feel a little itchy palm.It climbed the ring finger, I quickly put your left hand on top of the basin.It is coming fingertips when I laugh.There is no way to go in front, it actually has to climb.To the end of the fingertip, if it does not climb back, certainly pitched down, fell into the basin, to be eaten turtle.I promise, if it is not planted it, I’ll let it go.  I was the little ant to worry about the safety of life when it has come to the fingertips, the first a low, there is not even fall.I did not think it actually leisurely leisurely to the back of the hand crawled up from the bottom of the fingertips.I’m ashamed of my self-righteous.I honor their commitments and put it on the balcony.  (VI) I got a piece of cake in front of ants on the floor of the corridor sprinkle some large cake crumbs.I once heard a high school biology teacher said, after the food arrived ants location, once the sweet stuff found its tentacles will immediately autonomously hard up, feeling like the same guy ran into beauty.  I see an ant crawling over, I began to carry delicious prepared for them anymore.It could not move it with open arms Qubao food, perhaps spreading body sent to the pheromone on the food bar.Soon, come up with two, three, small groups of ants, common transport.After they get food, along their antecedents ordered to climb to the direction of home.I suspect that they will be towed back home food storage, meal for later.Ants get too excited, I use two small twigs as chopsticks, the food caught into a bowl.  (VII) I got a very, very small stones, gently pressed in an ant.I secretly proud.Like to see, the ant on its own power is how to escape self-help.I think, if the partner does not save, it would die.I stared at the stone look, small stones in constant vibration.While, an ant came, it came two ants, ants come in droves.Instant, ants pushed together, the ant rescued.I pinch the ant into the bowl, it is floating swimming school, a Shenbozi turtle in the water, it took a kill.  I crushed an ant with the index finger.When an ant passed by, with its tentacles to touch the bird dead ants, came three five ants, they touch antennae with each other, exchange information with each other.So, they work together to dead companions as food to the nest drag direction.I was very surprised.  (H) I feel that not enough fun.So, I think the rampant cockroaches.I want to taste the taste of the cockroach biting ants.I took Baoli kill, walked into the room toward the cylinder lightly spray the corner, less than a minute, and ran out of a small cockroach.I catch cockroaches, cut with scissors and two of its wings back foot, put it in the middle of only a few ants.They surrounded cockroaches around, another ant escaped.After about three minutes, a group of ants mighty rushing toward cockroaches.I suddenly realized that the bird is not because timid ant not run away, but the home Quban messenger.Moment, put cockroaches ants surrounded by a packed.Ants stormed, but cockroaches to be outdone, took a somersault few ants thrown all the way.Ants are more and more dense mass, large or small.Their division of labor, solidarity, go all out, and finally beat a strong opponent.They happily home to catch food stall.  It is said that ants have a great effort.If you weigh the ants carry the weight of the object and its weight, you will feel very surprised.Its weight lifted, actually more than its weight almost 100 times.Never a man can lift more than three times the weight of his own body weight in the world, in this sense, the ant than a man’s strength is much greater effort.  I looked down a large force, ants home is in the basin of the pelvic floor that kind of sweet-scented osmanthus tree.I can not wait to catch cockroaches and ants eleven large bowl, let the turtle to eat your fill.But I’m afraid Baoli kill cockroaches sprayed toxic, and therefore gave up.I use two small twigs as chopsticks, put cockroaches caught into the sewer mouth, put it just poured water rushed down.  (Ix) Then, I put on the chopping block piece of pork cut in half and put half a bowl to feed the turtle, and the other half into the middle of the ant colony.  World affairs is that there are so many coincidences.But why at this time, I found not far away from these ants twenty-three tiny red ants, not very red.I jump for joy.I used a small stone against the black ants carrying a piece of pork above, the purpose is self-evident.  I quickly opened the fridge, then cut a piece of pork, red ants on the side.  I Duanliao Yi Zhang stool to sit live, as children excitedly, interesting to watch ant fight.  There are one or two giant red ants climb up, and another one went home tipped off the red ants.After about two or three minutes, a group of red ants mighty rushing toward the pork side.I applauded, between red ants and black ants, a thrilling battle is about to begin.  At this time, one black and one red, two ants singled duel.A pay to use, who do not give way, biting, pushing forward, rolling on the ground and downs.They are struggling to fight warriors, we kicked off two ant kingdom of Armageddon.I marvel.Gradually, a mix of red and black, irreconcilable, shopping in the end.My blood boil.On the battlefield, full of go all out, selfless warrior.  It is said that observing ants action, you can get wisdom.I have seen with a magnifying glass, and some make every effort to cling to each other on the battlefield rolling; some like vise versa bite and hold the sworn enemy of the forehead; some live opponents incessantly bite of a tentacle of the roots, the other tentacles have been snapped; some raised his opponents to hit to hit; some look to bite each other’s upper foreleg; some left leg has only incomplete, covered with scars; some chest was torn open, exposing the internal organs.I think hundreds of lives, perhaps they are fighting for the truth.This battle, for both sides, meaning how great, will go down in history, never forget.  Someone once told me, The Ant Bully.Today, I take this opportunity, as chopsticks with two small branches, the two pork clamped into a bowl.I brought a pot of boiling water, immediately fell to the ants who.I get a short pleasure.  According to Taiwan press reports, the California artist Chris Truman kill 200,000 ants, to create a portrait of a brother with the bodies of ants.In order to complete his vision, he bought the live ants to the ant farm, after they were poisoned, then the corpse sealed in resin, completed a stunning piece of creation.It is understood that this piece takes several years to complete the work, its highest outcry to tens of thousands of dollars, has been sold to the acquisition of specialized strange creation “Believe it or not,” the company, did not disclose the transaction price.  (J) In fact, I am also a small ant.