Industry expected in mid-2017 Hong Kong residential market volume and price go

Data map。 Zhongxin She reporter Wei Liang She China news agency, Hong Kong, December 21 – Hong Kong real estate agency Ricacorp residential real estate market review 2016 21, 2017 and look ahead market prospects。 Ricacorp Properties, said preliminary estimates, the housing market in 2017 will show a trading volume and price go pattern, a second-hand housing will increase the overall volume of about 60000 levels; mass residential property prices will rise about 5% The luxury property prices can rise up to 8%。
Recalling the 2016 Hong Kong property market, Ricacorp Properties director Chen Dawei represent the basic pattern of the property market in 2016 is "first bitter sweet setback" in the first quarter following a mid-2015 after the second half of the light conditions, the amount of property price fell further, the secondary market the number of business registration in the quarter, hitting a record low; in the second quarter and the third quarter with the stock market recovery in Europe and the UK release of capital inflows and a significant rebound in both volume and price rise; the SAR government introduced new hot recruit, recovery soon the property market setback, the rapid decline of the volume again。 Chen Dawei pointed out that, according to the Land Registry, as of December 14, 2016, overall residential tired recorded ten thousand business registration, involving an amount of about one hundred million Hong Kong dollars。 According to the trend projections, by 2016 full-year registrations ultimately up to about ten thousand, rose 1% year on year, the annual total value of property transactions will reach approximately HK $ 443.6 billion, up 4% year on year。
Ricacorp Properties said that although the United States resume our pace of rate hikes, but Hong Kong has the lagged interest rates, and therefore has little impact on the market。 In addition, in mid-2017 will have a new chief executive took office, even if the existing hot recruit will not be dismantled, along with spicy opportunity is not large, coupled with the overall economic performance is still stable and unemployment are on the property market in mid-2017 has a supporting role。 Ricacorp Properties president Liao Weiqiang said that in mid-2017 the property market will tend to smooth development, trading volume continued to single-handedly beat the second-hand, the mansion will continue to be optimistic in pursuit of funds, property prices are expected steady rise。 Trading volume, he expects a 2017, the overall volume of second-hand housing will be about ten thousand in 2016, and then rose more than 2 percent to about 60 000 level, where the primary residential turnover of around 20,000, second-hand housing transactions It is about 40,000, while the total value of annual residential transactions rose nearly 6% to about HK $ 469 billion。 For property price movements, Liao Weiqiang pointed out, less than the overall supply and demand balance, in short supply, the fall in property prices is difficult, is expected to moderate in 2017 property prices will rise, mass residential property prices increased by around 5% throughout the year, while the mansion increase in property prices will outperform the market, it will reach 8%。 (Finish)。