Accompanied by four classic story of a lifetime

Accompanied by four classic story of a lifetime, misunderstanding early years in Alaska where there is a young couple got married fertility, because his wife died in childbirth, leaving the next child.His life is busy, and busy with housekeeping, because there is no one to help the kids, to train a dog, clever dog obedient, to take care of the child, biting bottle feeding your child to drink, raising children.One day, the owner went out, call it child care.He went to another village, because in case of heavy snow, the day can not come back.The next day to get home, heard the dog immediately came out to meet the owner.He opened the door and saw blood everywhere, looked up, but also blood on the bed, the child was missing, the dog in the side, is full of blood, the owner discovered this situation, that dog seizures, the child ate, furious below, to pick up the dog’s head toward a split, the dog killed.After that, I heard a child’s voice, you see he crawled out from under the bed, then picked up the child; although the body with blood, but unhurt.He was surprised, I do not know exactly how it is, look at the dog body, leg meat is gone, next to a wolf, his mouth still biting dog meat; dog saved the owner, was the owner of manslaughter it was a most amazing misunderstanding.    Note: misunderstanding something, people often do not understand is, no reason, no patience, lack of thinking, unable to understand each other in many ways, reflect on their own, under the impulse of feeling extremely what happens.Misunderstanding the outset, that the other side has only think of a thousand mistakes; therefore, cause misunderstanding deeper, to get out of hand, people misunderstanding the ignorance of animal puppy, yet there will be serious consequences so terrible misunderstandings between such people, it is hard to imagine the consequences.    Second, the nails have a boy with a bad temper, so his father gave him a bag of nails; and told him that every time he lost his temper on the fence to hammer a nail in the backyard.The first day, the boy nailed 37 nails.Slowly the number of nails in a day reduced.He found that the spikes under control his temper than to nail some easier.Finally one day the boy never lost patience tantrums, he told his father about it, his father told him that now whenever he can control his temper when you pull out a nail.Day by day passed, and finally the boy told his father, he finally put all the nails were pulled out of the.Father holding his hand to the backyard said: You have done well, my boy.But look at the holes in the fence that these fence will never be able to return to the past.When you are angry I would like to say these nails like a scar left.If you take a knife and stabbed others knife, no matter how many times you say sorry, the wound will always be there.It is as real as the pain discourse can not bear the pain.    Note: Because of some often can not let go of each other stick between people, causing damage forever.If we can start with ourselves, others began to look at forgiving, sure you can receive many unexpected results someone else opens a window, that is, let yourself see a more complete sky!    Third, wait a minute to start most of my colleagues are very excited, because the unit was transferred to a new director, it is said to be a genius, specially sent to rectify the business; but the days passed, the new head but nothing as Binbin day courteous into the office, they hide inside a rare trip, those who have strained to death of bad apples, but now it is more rampant.Where he was a genius Well!It is simply a nice guy and easier than previous supervisor fool!Over the past four months, just when a real effort to be disappointed as the new director, new managers have ruffled leather bad apples always open, the hotshots were promoted.The fast start, breaking things of accurate, conservative and April show him, just like completely for individuals.    When the end of the year dinner, new director after three drinks a speech: I believe everyone on the performance during the new arrival, and the subsequent drastic, some puzzled, now listen to me a story, you will understand: I have a friend, bought buildings with a courtyard house, he moved in, the yard that will completely overhaul all tree clearing weeds, replant buy your new flowers, one day return visit to the original owners, the door was shocked to ask : that the most expensive peony gone?My friend discovered that he went so far as to shovel the peony as the grass.Later he bought a house, although the yard is messy, he is anything, really thought it was the winter of Zashu plant, opened spring flowers; spring thought it was weeds, summer became Kam nest; six months for no movement of trees, autumn leaves actually red.Until late autumn, a clear understanding of what it really is useless plants, while vigorously root out, and all the precious vegetation preserved.Speaking of which, raise a glass to the competent: I respect every one here, because if this office is a garden, you are just in between Jennifer Wood, Jennifer Wood can not bear fruit throughout the year, and only after a long period of observation only recognize out ah!    Fourth, it is a large story of soldiers returning from the Vietnam War.He called his parents from San Francisco to tell them: Mom and Dad, I’m back, but I have requested a presumptuous.I want to bring a friend home with me.Well of course!They said we would be very pleased to see the.But the son went down, but one thing I would like to tell you, he was seriously wounded in the Vietnam War years, less a arm and a leg, he is now desperate, I would like to ask him to come back and live with us.Son, I regret to state, but maybe we can help him seek rest.Father and son went on to say, you do not know what to say.Disabled people like him in our lives would be a great burden.We also have their own lives to live, can not let him destroy the.I suggest you go home and then forget him, he will find their own piece of the sky.At this point the son hung up the phone, his parents never heard from him.A few days later, the parents received a call from the San Francisco Police Department, told their beloved son has been killed in falls.Police believe this is just a simple case of suicide.Then they heartbroken to San Francisco, and under the leadership of the police to the morgue to identify his son’s body.That is indeed their son right, but surprised that the son actually, only one arm and one leg.    The story of parents and most of us.Love to go a fair face or witty conversation, it is very easy, but to be like those who caused us inconvenience and unpleasant but too difficult.We always prefer and those who are not as good as we are healthy, beautiful, or smart to distance.But thank God, some people will not have us so cruel.They will love us no regrets, no matter how bad we are always willing to accept us.Before you go to sleep tonight, pray to God to ask him to give you the strength to accept others, regardless of how they are the kind of person; ask him to help us understand those who differ from us.Everyone’s hearts are hidden in a magical thing called friendship, you do not know exactly how it happened when it happened, but you know it will always bring us a special gift.You’ll see, friendship is God’s most precious gift to us!Friends like surprising treasures.They bring laughter, inspire us to success.They listen to our hearts, then share with us each a compliment.Their heart is always open for us.Now tell your friends how much you care!    After watching all the way down, we must have deep feelings?So, before the decision and judgment of others have, first of all, think about whether this is a mistake, then please consider whether you have to nail down the nail, if you can, please wait a minute to start, because when you are on others when the large, that is, your own leniency.