Alyssa: marrying the love of a woman only more beautiful

Alyssa: marrying the love of a woman will become increasingly rare beauty news saw Alyssa’s trending on Weibo.    Online today exposed a group Alyssa and repair Jie Kai family portrait photo, the photo of her husband and two children holding sweet dependency, the people look from head to toe is filled with happiness, I did not see that she had given birth to three children.    A person’s happiness over unhappiness, all written on the face before you meet the repair Jie Kai, Alyssa have had a very awkward marriage of giants.  She and less rich Zhi-hao unwed birth Indus sister, and later the two talents licensing of marriage.Can this marriage did not last long, because the man Taosexinwen constantly, debauchery, domestic violence and other issues, and ultimately ended in divorce.  Alyssa that time in order to compete custody of the child, sold his mansion, a lawyer, litigation, from the US to Taiwan this battle lasted more than a year.  During Alyssa each occurrence in people’s field of vision is littered with hair, eyes red and swollen with tears, especially the people of emaciated, did not look like the original Smart.  Can Fortunately, she met her husband later repair Jie Kai, a true love of her pet her strength to carry her man.  Was in the “Kangxi to the” inside, Kevin Tsai asked Xiu Jie Kai with their own large-year-old Alyssa, together, will have pressure?  He said frankly know Alyssa heart estrangement, hoping to give her some sense of security.  Kevin Tsai asked: Indus sister that act as a barrier between you it?  Xiu Jie Kai replied: I do not think this is an obstacle, which is a part of her life, I love every part of her.    Xiu Jie Kai is really put on the apex Alyssa spoiled love ah.He will be pregnant at the time of Alyssa, changing the pattern of rich delicious homemade food for her.  I will accompany her to see concerts, sports, travel around, stop and go.  Indus sister would take her daughter as their own children, to pick her up from school with her skiing, running, chat..    Alyssa and her husband married now, and Bo had Bubu two super cute baby girl, although the age of growth, the girl may still face the full sense, but more and more the United States.  Her photographs are to meet each and sweet smile, as if to tell everyone she is now very, very happy.    No ugly women, only unhappy woman there is a saying There is no ugly people, as long as the lazy woman.I think it should be said that no ugly people in this world, only unhappy woman.    My college classmate Scala is the way she looks sweet, studied ballet since the sake of the whole person particular temperament, the university was once our college school beauty-class people.  Later, a reunion many years later, we meet again when she has completely changed a way, I almost did not recognize it was a beautiful college girl.    Students learned from the mouth, Scala after graduation, the family introduced a boy.Because all conditions are suitable, the two soon married.Marriage conflicts broke out gradually, not motivated temper big man, drunk every time out and will return home in Sijia quarrel, things at home fall to pieces.  Sijia very happy in this marriage, or even tortured physically and mentally exhausted, unrecognizable.  Cooking oil smoke yellow she had fair skin, endless chores she had to let the dough out of the cocoon hands, let Sijia long quarrel often insomnia, dark circles eyes getting heavier and heavier, the more wrinkles to the more once the body Chu Chen temperament, but also devoid constantly moan and groan in.    Some misguided marriage, a man not given appropriate care and love, but let the slim girl had a little bit ugly become emaciated, he had to make a bright and beautiful woman become overshadowed, really distressed and saddened.    Married love marriage, will make people more beautiful a woman looks, and her husband, her marriage is closely related.  Bad marriage is a disease, not only consume your game sharp, so you will not be as vibrant as before, but also visually acting on your face, so you gaunt, pale and thin, and finally ill, drug hair killed.    A good marriage is a beauty salon, the pain you love your husband is surgeon, he will use the unlimited favor, affection and tolerance to warm your heart, your gentle eyes, mouth up so you always luminous eyes become more beautiful, more refined.    So you see, a woman’s face that says man love her, life is fortunately not happy.  Like Kevin Tsai said, do not love that person already beautiful, but love that make your world a beautiful person.  To all the girls, so that you can marry that beautiful people getting.In addition to love, do women have to read more books, Aspect text to the abdominal poetry and gas from China.We opened a new micro-channel public number Lu Qi book club, to look, to make yourself more connotations of it.