After the pain of 80: a child with a job Sike, grew up as the child of

After the pain of 80: a child with a job Sike, knock dead child grow up to be a job.In recent years, the Internet when adults meet whenever zero logic keyboard Man, barrage fight brain residual powder, pesticides king what God pit teammate, always angrily Tucao one: It seems that students work, or too little.  Pupils do not know a lot less work, we only know the parents of primary school students should be anxious that they do not work, who love the Internet scourge scourge who go, just do not come scourge of his biological mother Qindie.Because – to accompany the students homework is too angry ah!  Like above, the parents encounter as many younger parents have recently online Tucao, in order to monitor their own homes that weary pupils write operation, simply to have 100 kinds of methods are mad.  , Give yourself the next cylinder filling mildly cold water to quell the hearts burning anger – a little heavier, some people teach kids phonetic, just over 10 minutes a smart watch watch anymore – some two-child mothers recall from the fear of being dominated by big treasure jobs, counseling him not to act rashly go, for fear that they have been air-to-back milk – some parents cerebral hemorrhage into the emergency room, bitterly think this Probably a perennial teach children doing their homework consequences – – all children, why do children have learned at home just for money, my baby learned to command his biological mother, ah!  Anyway, write operations only, parents why move it so the atmosphere?  In fact, the reason we have a child with homework when parents are violent?The reason is almost.  Either because of stupid, why not also teach teach, urgent.  We also had an arithmetic problem can be considered a one-hour black history, parents did not know then how many times in the back muttered, the child is afraid of childhood brain bad knock it.Knock on the blackboard: 1. addition is commutative content fourth-grade scholarship!2, children stupid it really is your real daughter ah!(Think there may be more angry) results, when parents are now suffering the consequences fall back after 80, 90 after the parents who.  Even worse than when parents and when parents and a teacher, seeing so many children in the least on a number of his son Emmanuel, almost able to cynicism gas.  This feeling, like that piece some time ago said: knowledge just follow the teacher in the knowledge of the ocean swim, swim for a while you looked back and found that only himself ashore, had to go back to fishing; some child pulled out today, tomorrow and sank, as well as to children even in!return!tour!  Life and death do not teach children basic job is this feeling, but also, and most people feel that their child is the home of leisurely swim back.Either the parents because the child is angry young age, is already seeded procrastination.  Start doing their homework, the children who come into my state where I was not carefully study how to write their names look good, that is tangled with unimportant details, anyway, is not willing to do their homework down.  Even more frightening it is slower than homework before you start homework, chores universe are children suddenly became a top priority that must be addressed, shit pee drinking scratching, God can take away the whole.operation?What is the job?  This time, think of a child that the first cantilever cone Cigu refused to finish the job of playing myself, think again over the whole world can see myself all irrelevant pages of college to write papers, which really have to admit that this is real daughter the.The consequences of procrastination is the child, the parents had every minute mania.  A young man who is not a small fairy ye?The results of a child can not help doing their homework turned Hedongshihou ten players, the whole community can know her family began doing their homework a child Shashi Hou.  Those who feel the other half when the job counseling too hawkish almost everywhere, are personally battle to know, is not my last gentle hands.  Children father always criticized me for not enough patience, since the mathematics tutor assigned to him, we fully swap position.”Today was speaking yesterday to forget?You can not use dot brain?”Yelling every time, I would also like to remind him to control emotions.  Of course, anxious parents owned urgency, in essence, is a vicious bear for their children.Against forced out of a job VS mode Trawler, parents immediately regret just actually really want to smoke their precious child – usually the real mother is exceedingly ready for him, a time to work also suddenly turned into sinister than the Queen of Snow White ruthless stepmother, was forced out of work who is not the fine points.  In fact, parents’ work collective mania is not can not understand, after all, or devoted too many expectations brought about by anxiety.Fear of children can not learn, fear of children can not keep up, if you can, really anxious to come to a brain wave transmission between directly with the children, we will put a full copy to him.  However, geese, parents may now have to face more embarrassing problems than children not quite – are themselves working students stumped.  Times have changed, after the previous 80 after 90 major confusion about academic focus: Chicken and rabbit really can be placed in a cage without incident sell it?Turn on the water side of the pool while the water more than a waste ah you can not turn on the water outlet to plug it?Xiao Ming and a red run, a walk to the store, why insist that running to the store entrance and then it folded ah she is crazy?  Nothing more than a few of the most difficult routine of the Olympiad title.But now children easily thrown in front of you is – under which those goods which are not aliens?!  Hint: look at the number of pins and the number of triangles please according to the following formula to write these idioms?!  20 ÷ 3; 12345609; 1,3,5,7,9.  Please write the following multiplication formula based on these rhythms?!  1, Dingding Ding, Ding Dingding; 2, ah, ah, ah, ah; 3, ooo, ooo; 4, meow, meow, meow.  .Meow meow meow?Artists now Languages Mathematics problems are so linked it?!  We would be able to understand these pretending to be lively and easy job title is to exercise the child sawed thinking, but.Sorry, I did not grow out of that string child ah!  Na Liangdao above problems, a primary school teacher test Guiyang, class 42 students only 10 people answered the second question, the first question no one will do.(Guizhou Metropolis Daily) children in trouble, my parents support – the face of the child’s work, we are obsessive-compulsive disorder, the total did not want the child to the teacher to quiz it?Thus, the circle of friends of his parents to a certain age will converge from the sun baby nature, become Wen’s sad to see those tears of humble neighborhoods who set: you clear North Ivy League graduate doctoral good enough to help my second grade children This question is doing it!  More common in the circle of friends for help gotcha question not only the kind of brain teasers turn out on the scene, as well as long and complex life that even adults are suspected of.  The suspect in that life, listen to children read the title when that is the language problem, only to find that listening to a math problem, find the solution of this question need to toss my junior high school physics knowledge Sa after hours.Just do not know chanted save the children or the parents save.  Some school assignments is to go Sinology cultural flow – a number of physical and chemical forgotten nothing, the text always able to understand it?Holiday homework, reading with your child, “Jiji Illustrated”!  Speaking You may not believe it, “News Illustrated” it.It is to use the Cantonese dialect, full of political cartoons of the late Qing publication.  Figure Source: News surging ahead now take into account the level of primary education, it is likely that many parents are not ashamed of playing time as a child to read it.  If the primary job of parents suffering light stretched IQ no problem, the key to it often as costly edicts.  Issued by the job all the time with the children and parents to promote communication and cooperation of good intentions, the result of parents to get a job, fear of children misbehave the teacher is left out, no one does not want the outcome of bursting.  Then, seemingly simple life and extracurricular homework became parents of a second front in addition to the work of.  Examples of news had appeared just a few bars – teacher in the eyes of the job: parents and children of parents with a pinch-stop work done by plasticine: do everything possible to find professionals to design a model of cool, professional sculpture called craft plasticine dragon teacher in the eyes of the job: the parents do car work done with waste materials: No matter what the new home of the beautiful old teacher in the eyes of the car as long as they all can be removed to do the job: to make your holiday a PPT presentation parents completed assignments life: to use their momentum to the boss to do speech PPT to complete up to fifty of beautiful templates PPT teacher in the eyes of the job: raising silkworms parents to complete the job: got up early every day, ahead of other parents prior to compete for the park’s remaining old mulberry mulberry leaf frogs listen to what children hear the cock crow friends, collect eighty different types of leaves you, the everyday life make it brief (20 years Why this form of presentation not out of date), now is not the manual travel agronomy biology design decathlon art, you are embarrassed when parents.  I still have not estimated when the young mother is capable of only one: use your superb beauty technology, Halloween give children a makeup always been all right!  The more the holidays, when parents work but more can be said that every festival, a headache.  Most people are ashamed of, really Jiabu Zhu parents are particularly severe, the job is what put Hangchihangchi baffled parents of pupils par.  For example, some time ago maxed students study subjects Sushi circle of friends, we are lamenting today’s children are extraordinary, but ahead of the game’s parents saw my father and I ran a program a few words, it has been know everything..Said primary job now is to fight the parents, but the parents are also afraid to fight, but to the child ashamed of it.  After all, beginning now 80 and 90 early childbearing really helpless: a child Hangchihangchi homework written a dozen years, but also to grow up Sike child’s work.  Either it fails to grasp, after the children fall behind sudden death, or be powerless in their own sudden death.  But having said that, after 80, 90 young, I did not think homework is so unbearable to parents tired of one thing ah.  At that time, obviously taught in school is proud to work independently, not so much the parents toss round in circles homework.No matter you are soldiering catch fish, or life and death will not do, anyway, when the results of the final turn in the assignment are a person doing one when.  Mom and Dad will take your plate away from the face front of the TV, but that does not matter so much forward to this urgent.The main conflicts within the family, or the outbreak of a terrible report card you get back in the end to do not give them the time signature, rather than every night had become a bitter tug of war.  Not to mention that time many parents are too busy to supervise the work space, a lot of people have learned self-reliance.For example, there is a time to listen to homework, to read yourself over to the dictation of the word, with a tape recorder, and then put the side and writing.  Of course, now the parents it may not be so willing to work every day staged fisticuffs.In fact, everyone experienced the pain of a child’s work, and had wanted to do a cool wind as parents – work?What job?My children should not be troubled by this vulgar!  Just two days before the fire in the East Zhang Zi father, other parents are careful to report to the teacher how much work children do during the holidays, he nonchalantly said that holiday, I should take my son to have fun.  However, under the weight of competition in education, in the great success of anxiety, the young parents what capital dare cool it?What courage to dare to ignore the tedious tasks that an item related to child achievement, face?  So it can only children face endless operations and endless heart operation, while eating antihypertensive drugs, while obediently put on ourselves to accept the yoke of the.  Click to view the keywords of wonderful article Earthy English suction cat child dog Dafa poor young college annual villain who set easily collapse buying a house you do not want to go to school