Accompany you a second entrance

Accompany with you the second time the college entrance examination in June 2016, the second entrance, the first year of college entrance examination nervously sweating palms mad, the second year was no exception…      But the second-year students around one more week, after finished, there will be classes as usual farewell dinner meal, sucker week the students chose a table to sit with me, at that time, he loves me adhesion.I remember physical examination, take Chow I remember him, I gave him a boy, why the old adhesive girls, the boys went to class I smiled and said he is not familiar with them all, I only you familiar with.Then I looked down upon numerous drifting.Sure enough, the next day he followed me, and also with classmates away from us, that sucker Chow in to see everyone obediently gone, then he looked at me and smiled shy and nasty.After a medical examination, and I Chow sucker is both a walk back.Zhou classmates and very relaxed and happy.   Chow final farewell dinner this table we can not stand not drinking, went to the teacher that table.I finished my meal waiting for weeks the students, but he had been drinking, he is a big boy really understand the ways of the world, he loved lay a good relationship with others, he told me, and doubtless will work with the teacher, so give The teacher left the impression.I looked at him in a glass cup to toast with the teacher.   Own silence followed by a large contingent went to the playground, followed twenty-three students sitting in the playground laughing.The phone has already shut down because of no electricity, so they simply chat.Chatting chatting to see from afar there is a familiar figure came running to me, scared I quickly up from the lawn and ran, and he lunged towards me calling my name, threw himself to seconds.Then he used a pressing my arm, lay down on the grass playground.He looked at the sky Why do not you answer my calls, I went out to see you, and asked so many people, you do not know where to go, you must come playground guess I looked at him, smiled and said how much to drink ah, drunk bar.Chow turned his head and looked at me on that wine, drink not fall I smiled then you rush over, I’m scared feces him laugh, do not speak.Teacher came and asked us surrounded by a circle, watching the teacher want to camp bored according to the atmosphere, I express silent, secretly called Chow escaped these silly activities together.Chow still buy a bag of yogurt for me to drink, and then I slipped a few times and he Jizhemotuo on the road.I know that this day might never really played, so we slipped around the county more than a few laps II.Late, I went back.He was very sad, but I was not really how sad for him, probably I was a slow man it, then I did not know him like I have now, then blandly like…   The last day, when I pick up things, help others to move in the week the students book, I secretly slipped away, I do not want to say goodbye to him, he does not want to give up my face.   But when I packed everything, Chow called, and so I did not blame him, I would like to accompany dinner.I silently agreed.When waiting in the pavilion next to Lake ordinary monarch often alone, he looked at me the name of that sucker phone beside bored suddenly told that I went back to get something, I continue to call my dad, he would hand back more yogurt and jelly.I phoned, he tore the wrapper jelly directly handed me.I typed up the phone.He would accompany me to dinner, accompanied only say that he had to eat lunch at home, but only with me, watching me eat.   After dinner, we were idle, bored on water and soil, saw the doll promotion, he let me pick the three little monkeys, and the more weeks the students who hung the three monkeys, it looks quite funny really unworthy of his image cute doll, a kind of contrast Meng.I watched him look at his back, walking laugh.He looked at me and smiled innocently, shy to let me win, because there are people who cast a strange look.I laughed and said it must be firmly hanging, looks good.He is old blushed, quickened his pace, and that the body of the monkey swing to more panic, I was laughing more joy.   Very unfortunately, met his classmates when he hung three different colors of monkey to the tea shop, he embarrassed prodded.Measured overdone to me whispered the monkey to win, I think he was embarrassed, and obediently took down.Time off so quick, I have to go home.He sent me to the station, who stopped a harmonica to me and told me to buy in January 2016, I want to give, but did not find the opportunity.And he told me he had just the same.At that time I think the piano is his only sent me a token of love.   Recalling the past can not break up with him for a long time, secretly watching his dynamic, watching his change, I know I do not have him, I will be sad, but he did not have me, nothing seems strange.Once he could really dead, I can only mourn.I looked around in a daze lover back often, unconsciously misty eyes, I know I think too much, but still can not help ah.