A boss is such a female subordinate requirements

A boss is a female subordinate requirements so she came to work for this company almost five years, later than her colleague after another got the chance to be promoted, and his heart is not quite taste, because he is still marking time. He also followed everyone else to go to work every day, work, in the company to do a lot of things, busy and tired, have asked yourself: Why am I so busy, take the time to do so, that kind of thing?I do these things, it is worth it?It makes sense?My contribution to the company how much?I return to the company’s number?Until one day he felt himself not so, why performance is so bad, why productivity is so bad, a lot of problems with this open offices CEOs.The female subordinate to my boss told stories.We work when nothing more than seek knowledge for the fiscal seek happiness, to meet any two of these three, who work attitude, the uniqueness of the work will improve a lot, then the boss to see him play some of his ways of doing things, he wrote every night to do tomorrow’s six important things: everything marked with the number and order of importance to your company’s.Out tomorrow morning, as the first thing.Do not look at the other, but only the first, the first thing to do to proceed until completion; and then treated in the same way the second, third.Until after work so far.If only done the first thing, it does not matter, because it is the most important thing in doing it all worthwhile!To do so is to catch the main thing, this thing to the extreme, to ensure that the bulk of the time at the completion of the most important things in the process, so that the time had fragmented efficiency.Concentration of forces, put 90% of the manpower, resources and energy, the most important thing to just stare without blinking, without distraction, without wavering, to do this thing through thoroughly, shot is unique skills.What we do want to be good, but the result is the average distribution of energy but it is doing everything everything, but everything things are baggy, not one thing could get out to show off.Says here, female subordinates got up to leave, I said to the boss, I understand how to do it…..Author exchange: olpzxc Release headlines on author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.