10 golden key coaching mind

Golden Key soul coaching 10 1 environment from the heart of a person’s situation is bitter music it is, in fact, based on their own subjective will of the decision.It was content with some kind of life, it was not.It is possible to be content with their own current situation so wish to live, not the effort had to find another way out.You can not say where is successful, we can not be sure when their own to reach a certain point, will not be happy.Some people will never be satisfied, his joy only built on the constant pursuit of the process of gaining, so his goal to constantly goes the distance.Such people may be less happy, but big achievement possible.Joy depends on their own judgment, and this is not necessarily the objective environment has a direct relationship, just as a woman does not love jewelry, even in the middle of great importance to the environment vanity, nor hurt her self-esteem.The rolls of the book has a poor scholar, and millionaires do not want diamonds or stock exchange.Meet the pastoral life of people is not envious honorary title of any scholar or Gaoguanhoulu.Your hobby is your direction, your interest is your capital, your nature is your destiny.Everyone has his own ideal paradise, have their own happy to enjoy the colorful world.2, is the best for you comes to life, there is an old lady never wore fitting shoes, often wearing huge shoes to walk around.If the younger son asked her, she would say: the size of the shoes are the same price, why not buy large?In fact, there are a lot of life we will see this old lady.No thought of the writer, but why bitter says heavy work; there is no content painter, painted happens super giant painting; businessmen often not at home, there is a very large homes.Many people continue to pursue huge, in fact, just the inherent greed is driving, like King of shoes bought, forget their feet as.No matter what to buy shoes, fit is most important, no matter what the pursuit, always in moderation.3, the choice of anyone, often in a person’s life in choices, such as: Which university study?What a career option?Which woman married?And so nerve-racking thing.A person’s choice whether force can show the maturity of their personality.It touches the chest pain which no independent man, not of choice.Because when chatting away to be decided, he always seeking consultation people say: Hey, how do you see?Generally able to National Cheng Kung University exploits the people are very strong people choose force.He knew what the success of the whole mind has no one can do it, but no one can decide on your behalf.Where the choice of the moment, the real success has been inklings.4, the people on such a life we often people on such a life sentence to myself and to persuade friends.Seven words, easy to say, sounds simple, think of it is very deep.It makes me become weak when brave and become humble when pride becomes active when decadence, when the pain becomes pleasure, can afford to take on anything too fit, so I call it a wake-up call, Twentysomething motto.I often think the world of trouble and sorrow, love and hate, if not resolve, can not endure, and do it over a short span of a few decades vanished yet?If so, what is it can not be untied?People on such a life, think of this sentence, if I was a hero, they have to create more great exploits; if I were scholars, they have to access to higher learning; if I love someone, we should be bold to tell her.Because today, in the past will no longer come; this lifetime the past, nothing disappeared.Not read a book, did not say a word, they have no chance of.This precious life, I have a good grasp it ah!People on such a life, you can actively grasp it; it can also be lightly ground.Take things too hard about it, so relieved now!When the spirit of decadence about it, so be thankful!However because you are always lucky to have this life, we can not have been in vain ah.5. Life is the flower, happy, smiling, flowery truth, hope flowery, flowery life also.Everyone has their own favorite flower, each person has many reasons to treat yourself to a lifetime time cemented long time that a lasting fragrant heart.In full bloom at the moment, dazzling it will attract all the attention.The flowers are so weak, no matter how beautiful Yan still can not move to Hanyu night to the wind.Chun Xie hastily, and left full of melancholy.Flowers are beautiful but the soldiers, despite the rain gradually Lvfeihongshou, after all, did not bow.The same is true of life, like fine glass, often can not withstand the impact of natural disasters, to smash into the bright, each is a transparent heart.Life again as Epiphyllum, with many years of tears and sweat, mixed with the watering effort, will havemoment world.Today’s world, people love to spend less.When people go for the time of making a living, and even their lives are not catch, who would listen about the flower?However, the irritability of the city ah, please do not forget that this world is this elusive.All flower, flowers, such as all.So, the Buddha Kassapaand smile; laugh, that is the whole world.6, life picturesque life, the universe might be the only factor that should be worshiped.Nurture life, the birth and the display is essentially a very exciting process.Life like music and pictures secretly relying on fate with a tone or color, when it encounteredtide, when it heard the clarion reminder, it will immediately shook themselves, exposing the nature of the gorgeous and passionate.Of course, it is inherently more likely to be dirty, cowardly, tedious; its owner might not selected.It should be recognized that life is hope.It should be said, despicable and vulgar should not be proud too early, should not mistakenly believe they have succeeded in eliminating pure noble and true.Camouflage is also not sustainable, because as a long time can not always be wearing educator in torrential erosion, despicable person, profiteers and vulgar stick, poets and soldiers crown.At the end of their career unimpeded, and their descendants will be ashamed for a long time.7, the meaning of life I adore the secret life of noble.I adore this life at birth, grow up, fight, disability, darting out of the sacrifice steel flower fireworks.I adore a free live Lingling life in Chongshan river, floating on the oceans and continents.Yes, life is hope.It wanders with no fixed, free, and it makes humans always have a blood unwilling to fail, nine refuses to regret to pursue their own King Ranch.8, each thinking the fish pond Wang, has sea air.Each stone a yard, there are desert shadow.So poets say: a clover, plus my imagination, is a vast prairie.Moon walk across the fields, I think a poet of the old Tolstoy Inquiries: all / ripe / must / bowed his head it?There is nothing wrong, we have taken every step of the way, will become the past, whether they are the joy of reunion, or painful parting, but I assure you that, whether it is eagerly looking forward to, or affectionate remembrance, we sang every song, will not come and go, as Rosa Luxemburg put it: No matter where I go, as long as I live, sky, clouds and beauty of life, we will be with me in!Narrow and selfish soul, can become their own hell, broad and cheerful soul, but others can become a paradise.Hell and heaven, only separated by a layer.And all jealous of flame, always start from the burning of their own.An old writer told me: your feet, how much time Tasui?But do not regret it, as long as the riding was real, who’s pace, there will be shades.Finally won success in your flowers when you do not miss the intersection of past?You re-create the success of the luxurious house where, do not you miss the old wood?9, good faith and trust trust a man sometimes takes many years of time.Therefore, some even their lives can not really trust any one person, if you trust only those who can please you, it is meaningless; if you trust everyone you see, then you it is a fool; if you did not hesitate, hurry to trust a person, then you might also be the person you trust betrayed so quickly; if you just need to go for some superficial trust a people, then Immediately after coming probably annoying suspicion and betrayal; but if you are reluctant to trust a man worthy of your trust, it can never get the sweet love and human warmth, your therefore life will also be The bleak.Confidence is a feeling of life, trust is a noble emotion, trust is a kind of link between people connected.You are obliged to trust another person, unless you can prove that person does not deserve your trust; you are entitled to trust another person, unless you have been proved unworthy of trust that person.10, cherish and possess this world, good things really count, but here, we always want to get too much, so that as many things as they own.As fleeting as life is short, and the loss of life in between have inadvertently drained.If you miss the sun, you have the stars shining, lost money, but also get friendship, when life has left you, but you have to kiss the earth.When have, cherish; lost, right when life is put to the test of true knowledge, right when the ups and downs of life struggle promise of commitment.Have honest, we abandon the hypocrisy; have full, it abandoned the boring; have practical, it abandoned the impetuous.Either intentionally discarded, or accidental loss, as long as the real owners had in some time, generous abandon it not also a state?Inadvertently lost, you can also go to fight again.Lost love, you can find in the spring, he lost the will, in the winter you want to re-sharpen.But lost the lazy, you can not pick it up.Desire too much, it became a burden, what is there than to have indifferent mind, to make themselves more fulfilling, satisfying it?Select indifferent, then ready to go for a mountain