I thought it was your mouse

As soon as I got to work, I received a phone call from a mouse in the workshop. Yesterday, the phone line in the office was bitten by a mouse. Today, another phone strike was launched, and it was the mouse’s’ credit’ after a check.. Just then, the quality minister came and was also talking about the mouse. she reported the news very well: we stuck one with a sticker and caught one with a mousetrap. I just said one thing and we also have it in our office.. She said you were a mouse, and I said no, you were a master mouse … Ah, joking and laughing, I really hate mice, especially in the evening, when you are sleepy, it happens all the time, and without permission, you go around’ visiting’. Eat, drink, pull and scatter, regardless of occasion, like a bitch, tearing and biting, and what’s more, jumping up to the head of a bed and wanting to be irregular … ah, in short, annoying!     News barrage, my friend in Jiangxi also complained on the phone that he had been harassed by mice for a night last night. He even had the idea of tearing down his house and catching him. Then he cut his skin, tore his flesh and broken his bones . before he could get rid of his hatred..     I tried my best to do something for her, such as mixing rice with cement. She said that mice did not even eat rice.. I said to use rat poison again. She said she didn’t have to buy it now. I said to get the mouse to the empty room and get rid of it. She said it was downstairs and there was too much space … in short, all the methods were denied by her.. I said: Ha ha, then leave it for your company. She said: No.!     Another day, I saw her on the Internet and chatted with her for a while. She said I got off first and mice were waiting for me at night.. I said peaceful coexistence. She said can peaceful coexistence? It’s destructive, it knows everything, it bites bad things. I had no peace all night. I said: It’s good to get used to it. Please give it a good supply. She said she could bear it!     A few days later, I asked her with concern, is the mouse still there? She said yes, I said to make friends with the enemy. There is, alas, no way to take it, she said helplessly.. I said I would ask a few more people to help you get rid of it. She said she didn’t even know where it was hiding? So we have to let it go!     Another few days later, I asked her through the screen, ” Where’s your mouse?”? Is it all right? Ha ha, help keep house. Good. Become a good friend. This is only a few days. It seems that this mouse has great magic power. She said over there: Catch it. I said here: Anger at the harassment. She said she was angry at the damage. I said I hated the company . Yeah, well, I was jealous of the mouse that was staying in her home.. I hate mice, but I think: If only I were the mouse in her family, I would quietly accompany her in the corner when she talks with friends, looking at her from a distance and watching her with a glassy stare.. When she goes out to handle affairs, I will faithfully help her guard her home and patrol the courtyard. While she was sleeping, I openly told her that I liked to be with you.