How can we live a wonderful life when we are used to life in different ways

Loneliness means being in the middle of a lot of noise with many friends and desperately trying to forget a person but always thinking repeatedly of nothing to do. It is also a gentle smile in the picture when you pick up your wallet in your pocket and see it. It seems to indicate that you are away from loneliness, but that kind of illusory feeling is always bothering your heart. It happened that you want to forget deliberately but can’t think of it yourself..     I’m really tired, really.   Always think of the past time, always think of the happiness of the past.   Perhaps I have committed unforgivable mistakes again and again.   But I have never wavered in my kindness to her. I have never changed. What has changed is only the surface, but my heart has always insisted on the initial love..     Maybe you don’t know how good you are, but no one can replace you.   There’s a real reason for our separation, but I can’t find an answer.   Maybe this is how fate plays a different joke with everyone. The person you have been searching for is not the one who accompanies you through your life..   Perhaps, the passion will also fade with the fall leaves, so will the feelings!   Now I just know that in the world of love, no one can live without anyone, and no one is willing to give up and give up. All that once was nothing now..   A person’s time is not really lonely, but a person who misses another person alone with a cold and cheerless heart is the greatest loneliness, because missing makes him more lonely, and when loneliness is deep, missing is also more intense..   What is loneliness? Loneliness is the inexplicable pain in your heart when you desperately want to forget a person in the midst of a lot of noise with many friends, but you always have no alternative but to think of it again and again. It is also the pain in your heart when you pick up your wallet and see the gentle smile in the picture..   So a reluctant smile on the surface seems to indicate that you are away from loneliness, but that kind of illusory feeling is always bothering your heart. It happened that you want to forget deliberately, but you can’t think of it yourself..   Sometimes I also ask myself: Are you lonely?   Maybe so, but it doesn’t seem to be at all. I like loneliness, but I fear it most, because loneliness that is not shared is absolute loneliness. Sometimes I am lonely, but I am not lonely..     Loneliness or what? Loneliness is when you can’t sleep at night. Climb up in the middle of the night and sit on the bed listening to the deep ticking of the alarm clock against the silence. In the following confusion, you seem to have your own dream, but it is only coveted in the night and will be evaporated in the morning sun the next day..   Loneliness is the loneliness of a heart that you put in a distant place when you suddenly realized the imminent departure. It was so popular in the past and you had to wait so far away to feel its fiery intensity, but now it is strangely cold and has a feeling of being torn slowly and cruelly, but you have to bear it again..   So loneliness is also hopelessness after disappointment, loss after sadness, helplessness in waiting, hesitation in trying to win, and confusion in continuing.   Do you know the taste of loneliness? Loneliness is caused by missing who?   Because I miss the person you love!   Loneliness is more lonely because of missing!   It turns out that after you and I loved each other, we were just passers – by!     In fact, when the night is still, some scenes always strike so easily that they can destroy the line of thinking you are trying to maintain during the day. Even if you don’t want to forget, even if you become a puppet of thinking, you can only surrender your arms and study seems to become a reality, a more cruel reality. Is there anyone willing to believe me, a man who has broken his promise countless times??   It is true that I myself have almost despaired of myself and only hope to fight hard.