Happiness is at hand

What is happiness?? Some people say that happiness is wealth, status, a happy marriage, longevity, health, beauty, career success, good food, good clothes, good living, and so on. In fact, this view is wrong, not true. There are so many people with wealth and status now that they may not be happy.     In fact, happiness is made up of many happiness factors. When we prefer something ( wealth, status, etc. ), we think that getting these things is getting happiness.. In fact, any kind of entity, such as wealth and status, is not the essence of happiness in itself, but a certain cause of happiness in life. Happiness is felt by the heart. Only a healthy state of mind can make happiness speak for itself. In a bad mood, even if you are an emperor and have the power, status and wealth of the world, you will still live in agony..     Now there are many people pursuing happiness and few people getting happiness. Why? It is mainly because of wrong ideas that happiness is unconditional and depends on luck. In fact, happiness is conditional. Nothing in the world is unconditional. All things are made up of conditions. Let’s take the formation of a choir as an example.! There should be a command teacher, a league member, a composer and so on, all of which are tangible. Other intangible factors include members’ enthusiasm, confidence, morale, internal harmony and so on. While pursuing happiness, we must have the conditions for happiness and pay the price first. If you don’t want to give and just want to get, there is absolutely no such thing in the world. To accomplish anything, some people pay time, some people pay painstaking efforts, some people pay money and some people pay labor. There is always a price to pay, and there is nothing that can be achieved without work..     Pursuing happiness requires loyalty. Loyalty is loyal and loyal. On the face of it, he often loses money. In fact, he takes advantage of it because his children are very good and his wife is also very virtuous because he is loyal and does not care about others.. Therefore, to lose is to take advantage of others. We must be honest and honest in our life.. Honesty is sincerity. There are many people who have a loyal heart, but their attitude is casual and interpersonal relationship is not harmonious.. We want to live happily and have a good interpersonal relationship. If you don’t have affinity and don’t get along well with others, then you are worried every day.. If you are sincere, even if you do wrong, others will forgive you.     The pursuit of happiness must be modest. Modesty is modesty and tolerance is tolerance. There is no perfect person in the world, there are sunspots on the surface of the sun, and there are slight flaws in Bai Bi. There is no perfect thing in the world, and you must tolerate it.. If you believe in cause and effect, you will be more tolerant, because mistakes are always equal to troubles. If you say a wrong word, troubles will arise immediately.. If you listen to wrong, you will also be annoyed. Others did not speak of you originally. You suspect that you are speaking of you. Aren’t you asking for trouble?? Most people who are willing to tolerate live happily. If you can’t tolerate people, you won’t be happy. All day long, you will have cold war with others, and you won’t beat others but yourself..     The pursuit of happiness must be feared. Fear God and Buddha. Confucius said,’ A gentleman has three fears: fear of destiny, fear of adults and fear of saints. Song and Ming Confucianists’ Kung Fu is to respect and save honesty. Lord worship is not to say that no one around you can relax and be free, or just like seeing a big guest. This is the spirit of being cautious and independent.. If you want to respect everything, you should respect everything. You can’t throw the spoon of the rice bowl to the ground because you are angry and unhappy in a word. It’s called disrespect. It didn’t offend you. Why did you throw it?? This is called angry. We respect people and everything.     The pursuit of happiness must be cautious. Zhuge Liang’s life is due to prudence. Think twice before you speak. Leave half a sentence at the mouth. Be careful and careful in everything you do. You won’t get angry or cause trouble or damage happiness.. There will be no happiness when people live in troubles. If people want not to live in troubles, they must be especially careful.. A lot of people talk impudently and casually, saying the wrong thing for the first time, still saying the wrong thing for the second and third time, and still doing so tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and even next year, that’s not prudent. Caution is to be cautious in words, not in words, not in actions. Only when we can be careless can we cherish our happiness.. Treasure happiness to have and maintain happiness, so caution is a cliche, but it is very important.     The pursuit of happiness requires gratitude. Think of yourself living a happy life every day, and the family living a happy life with a happy family, they must be satisfied and grateful.. People cannot be born into this world without their parents. In the process of growth, food, clothing, shelter and transportation all depend on other people’s contribution to their own life. The free love of sunshine, air and water, the love of parents from nature, the love of the state’s cultivation and education, and the mutual assistance and love of the public are all things that we should know, appreciate and repay during our trip to life..Buddhism advocates reporting four kinds of kindness: gratitude to heaven and earth, gratitude to parents, gratitude to the state, and gratitude to all living beings. Why do you want to thank sentient beings? Because I can’t live without you. Can you be Robinson? No, so be grateful. If you are unkind, sharp and ungrateful, you will not be blessed and your blessings will be destroyed.     Happiness is just a personal feeling. It depends on how you think about it. Therefore, we should spend every day happily and easily. Cherish what you have now and be satisfied. Grasp the time, leave no regrets, very full. A happy person is not because he has more, but because he cares less, knows how to find and find, and has a broad mind and elegant demeanor.. Most of the time, happiness is so simple, spreading like weeds and spreading like air in every space. If you pay attention to it, getting it is actually very simple.. People live in different environments, and whenever happiness and misfortune depend on each other, happiness will follow as long as they calmly deal with life, look down on gains and losses, and actively strive to explore the bright side of life.. Remember, happiness is actually around us, just in front of us, just in time and space.