Over the years, I have lived in a rather secluded family yard and lived a relatively comfortable life.. Although the salary is not high, wearing cheap clothes all the year round, eating coarse tea and light rice and drinking coarse tea every day, the happiness index of life is not low. Especially when I think about the difficult life of those people in remote mountainous areas, I will be more satisfied.     In the past two years, my work has been quite free, especially in the past few days, it has been more relaxed. I have almost no work, and the bureau seems to be on annual leave. No one can see the boss, but almost everyone knows that the boss who deceives the top and conceals the bottom, takes bribes, eats and drinks and piao gambles is drilling for birds all day and night..     Before the National People’s Congress and CPPCC meeting in our county-level city, several team members in the bureau, especially those who wanted to go up the stairs, were all pregnant with ghosts for their political future and economic interests, and were like black ants on hot pots all day, rushing around in a rash, working up and down, inside and outside, sweating profusely and bending their already unsmooth waists..     I’m a guy who doesn’t want to make progress, doesn’t know the times and doesn’t know how to do things. I squatted in the office reading newspapers and reading idle books when I got to work.. Sometimes, it’s really lonely, so I sit on the sofa and meditate quietly, trying to keep my mind free from distractions..     That morning, I stood in front of the office window and silently looked at the flying snowflakes outside the glass window. Just when I was bored and didn’t know what to do, I suddenly saw the lonely wintersweet tree in the east corner of the courtyard downstairs. My eyes suddenly brightened and my mouth involuntarily murmured, ” One flower, one world, one leaf, one Buddha.”. Then, without rhyme or reason, he intoned Mao Zedong’s song: ” Wind and rain send spring return, snow and winter jasmine arrive.”. Is already a cliff hundred zhangs ice, still have pretty flowers. Qiao is not fighting for spring, but only reporting spring. When the mountain flowers were blooming, she laughed in the clumps. ‘ s poems express feelings.     The wintersweet tree downstairs is full of small yellow flowers. Although it appears hazy in the heavy snow, a very clear picture of wintersweet blooming appears in my mind.. The in the mind involuntarily pondered that if a basin of wintersweet and some flowers were placed on the balcony of the home, watering, fertilizing, weeding, killing insects and pruning dead leaves in due course, wouldn’t it not mold the taste, enrich the life and enhance the physical and mental health?. If we take raising flowers and gardening bonsai as a panacea to release confusion and anxiety, wouldn’t it be more elegant and meaningful. Since it’s fun and wonderful to raise flowers and make bonsai, I’ll spend the rest of my life raising flowers and playing with bonsai.     I thought about it here, and I was wandering around in my mind. Flowers and bonsai are a strange gardening technique for me! What can I do about it? I turned and left the window discouraged, some anxiously walking back and forth in the office. ‘ Hi! Yes, sir! I stopped in front of the computer table and sat down in a chair with such a shout in my mouth. My mouth growled and said, ” Raising flowers and making bonsai won’t be very difficult. Once done, it will definitely be much easier than being a fair and honest official.”. Today, when science is so prosperous, there is no master to guide my theoretical knowledge and impart my practical experience. Indirect masters are also available everywhere. Isn’t this computer the best and most practical teacher?. During the period when I was absorbed in learning how to keep flowers and make bonsai from the computer, my mind was much calmed and my life was much enriched, and my stomach trouble for many years was inexplicably healed.. I am used to the various life styles. In the process of caring for flowers and making bonsai, I feel such a wonderful taste from my heart.. To put it bluntly, keeping flowers and making bonsai is a process of playing, a combination of time and art.. In the process of playing, I gradually realized that not real life is tasteless, but I lack a pair of eyes to find the fun of life in recent years..     That afternoon, when I was sitting in front of the computer and silently enjoying a picture of a wintersweet bonsai, an idea suddenly came into my mind. I spent all day in the office and was idle. Why don’t I compile some text materials about flowers and bonsai from the Internet world, and then try to revise them and compile a pamphlet to play with??     To be honest, if the pamphlet I edited and revised can help some relatives and friends who like to watch flowers and make bonsai, wouldn’t it be a good thing to do! It is also a kind of happiness to observe and understand the growth rules of plants and trees attentively, and then write out and share your own feelings and experiences for everyone to see.! Isn’t it the true meaning of life that everyone should have fun together! Besides, in the process of making bonsai and compiling books, aren’t you already enjoying the wonderful pleasure of life.     Later on, one after another, the text about flowers and bonsai art met the readers one after another in the online world.. In the spring of that year, a booklet in colorful old clothes to participate in the bonsai art compilation regulations was naturally born in my office..