Correct the mind’s trajectory

The major decisions in life are planned by the heart, like a pre-calculated framework waiting for your constellation to run. If we expect to change our destiny, we must first change the trajectory of our hearts.   A person who wants to know his position is like a person who knows his face. This is the most sober consciousness.. Washing out lead is always more beautiful than applying grease and powder at random. So it’s important to do what you can and do it best..   When a man sees how circuitous his route is, he’d better rely on his conscience as a navigator.. And only those who know that they will control themselves automatically at the right time can have a true mental balance and a happy home..   The meaning of human being’s life should be in the process, not the conclusion. Therefore, one should not influence another with one’s own experience and viewpoint, and besides, he is not you and you are not him. Each person’s growth process is different, life’s ups and downs should be tasted by himself, and trying is life.   There is only one time in one’s life when one can make a difference. That is now, however, many people have wasted good time regretting the past and worrying about the future.. There is always something missing in life. What you get, you lose. The important thing is that you should know what you want.. Those who chase two rabbits will inevitably get nothing.   Ever since our life was not full of dreams, the flower of Zhu Jin has swung in the depths of your heart and mine, and we want to spoil the limitless scenery.. However, we are always used to waiting for the first spring, and we often rashly abandon the second spring and turn our dreams into dreams for the empty gains of the first season.. The flowers of dreams are only those who have patience and pursue. Today, if you are given a dream Zhu Jin flower, you should have the courage to buy out the dream for the second spring.   A person can only make himself love life more and love life if he keeps the feeling of happiness and happiness all the time.. Only happy and happy mood is the source of creativity and life power. Only those who constantly create happiness by themselves and get along with themselves can stay away from pain and troubles and have a happy life..   The only guide to life is one’s conscience. Looking back on the past, the only thing that makes people feel dignified is their integrity and honesty. It would be unwise to live without such comfort.. Because people often laugh at themselves for their own mistakes in bursting and planning. However, this kind of comfort, no matter what fate does to you, you can always move forward with a firm pace and full of pride..   In the world, besides power, money, prestige, violence and so on, there is another one that gives people success. With it, a person’s potential can be multiplied, and it is integrity. We may not be beautiful, but we are healthy; We may not be great, but we are solemn; We can not be perfect, but we work hard; We may not be eternal, but we are sincere.   Opportunity is as clear as water. Opportunities such as moonlight can exist with gaps. Life belongs to you. You should live according to your wishes. What has already been lost may as well be lost, at least not to wait any longer. Many things in the world are like this. When you deliberately pursue it, it flies away like a butterfly. The unexpected harvest has been quietly greeting you when you put aside all the superficial thoughts of dust and miscellaneous thoughts and concentrate on one thing for the sake of society and others..   Moved in a flash. Moved may also be eternal, a little tolerance may make others grateful for life; A little love may warm others for a lifetime. A word of blessing and encouragement may make a happy life. Each of us should have more sympathy and love than we need to survive. We should spread it out to others and pursue the light of life..   Money can be either virtuous or immoral. If we all help those in need with a kind heart. Then we will find that there are many things in the world that are much more noble and precious than money.   Wealth is a kind of deposit, no matter how much money you have, you can’t take it to the coffin. Love is a kind of deposit, the death of a person and the attachment of love? Power is a kind of deposit. No matter how powerful you are, you cannot escape the final alternation. Even life itself is just a passer-by on this planet. At best, the planet itself is a small post station built by the Creator for mankind..   If you want to succeed, remember: zero legacy, honesty first, learning second, courtesy third, assiduousness fourth and shrewdness fifth. A complete life should have’ three senses’, sense of mission, sense of loss and sense of crisis.   Always believe in this: everything will change, no matter how much trauma you have suffered and how heavy your heart is, whether you are poor or not, you must stick to it.. When the sun sets, it will rise. Unfortunately, there will always be an end to the day. This was the case in the past and will be the case in the future..