Childhood fun 14 clip fish

In my childhood, there were so many interesting things about fish that I really couldn’t count them out. But there are some things that I want to have with my good friends for many years, or women who have loved me, and I can never forget them.. It’s buried deep in my heart, lingering. It doesn’t look at spring, it also returns to the sun. I also want to get out of my heart and bask in the sun online. Of course I can’t tie it down if I like democracy. Come out if I like.     And fish first began to bond with each other at Xinglong Spring Dam. The time should be in the summer of 1980, in August, when I was eight years old. I still remember that little fish, an unfortunate and very lucky fish, looks very cute, has a fat body, is about seven or eight centimeters long, and is a carp.. How did this little fish get married to me? Words have to start from the beginning. It was very hot every day, about 3045 degrees, and there was no wind at all. It’s hot like a big steamer, and people are like meat buns in a steamer. The heat is difficult to dissipate, so naturally I want to take a bath. So at noon that day, my best children Zhao Erhu, Zhao Sanhu, Zhao Dezi, Li Lizi, Bi Hai and others took a bath at Xinglongquan Dam under the leadership of Lord Bentun..     It goes without saying that when we arrived at the dam, everyone naturally felt cool at the sight of the crystal clear water in the dam, not to mention how happy it was.! Many children are impatient before they get to the dam. They take off their rags and throw them there. They jump into the water to play with their bare poplites.. They and I were no different. We jumped into the water and began to play.. Because we were young, the adults did not allow us to enter the deep water, nor did we dare to swim in the shallow water near the shore.     Xinglong Spring Dam was actually a natural bathing place at that time. The water outside was clear and shallow. From the side, it deepened little by little and knew that it was more than ten meters away to reach the belly of an eight-year-old child. The bottom was still sandy and clean.. We are playing in this area. The water inside is clear and deep, and the deepest part is seven or eight meters deep. It is the world of young people and adults. We, the children, pulled water from each other in shallow water and divided into groups to fight for water.. You gave me a lift, I threw him a hand and had a great time. Sometimes they rush to catch each other’s little brother. Play tired, we sit in the sand and rest for a while.     Just as I was tired of sitting in the sand, I felt as if I had caught a slippery thing between my two buttocks.. Because I was young then, I was stupid, ignorant, timid and small. I didn’t know what was caught in my butt at that time.. I don’t dare to move. After thinking for a moment, the thing under the bottom kept drilling forward, but it couldn’t move because it was caught.. It felt as if it could not hurt me. I slowly became no longer afraid. I think it should be a small fish, just grab it with the right hand bit by bit. ( To put it briefly, Xinglong Spring Dam was a big fish pond when I was a child. ). The dam covers an area of 15 bungalows. North and south are 5 li long and east and west are 3 li wide. There are all kinds of fish in it, such as herring, silver carp, grass carp, carp, fat head fish, old head fish, catfish, crucian carp, diced fish and so on. However, due to the depth of the water, people usually can’t catch it. ) My hand slowly grasped it, bit by bit grasping its gill. Because I’ve heard about brushing adults’ ears before, catching fish should catch its gills, so it can’t get rid of you. I felt that when I grasped it, I took it up from the lower part of my leg and grasped it with my left hand.. So I can hold it firmly. At the same time, I also watch it carefully to see what it is. A look, turned out to be a small carp. Not too nervous heart completely down. A sigh of relief.     I looked at it carefully. Its fat body is about two and a half centimeters thick and seven or eight centimeters long.. At that time, I thought to myself, this small fish was unfortunate enough to be caught in my ass all of a sudden..What a coincidence! How high should I be to hold a small fish in my bottom as soon as I sit down? The probability that it will be mathematically calculated. There are 15 bungalows in the dam. How many fish are there? The little fish swam right here again, overcoming the difficulties of unknown factors and then being seated by me.. I think the probability is about one billionth of a billion. If it were put today, I would have won five million dollars in the lottery! But I thought, what am I doing with it? Play? I’m still in the shower and can’t play with it. Eat, it’s too small! This is also a small life! I often hear from my family’s adults that saving one life is better than building a seven-stage pagoda. I’m going to release it today, isn’t it also saving the life of this small fish?? I don’t build seven pagoda, build a layer! Thought of here, I grabbed its hand and let go. I thought to myself, small fish you also go home, or your mother should try so hard! It is free to swim in the water.     Now I think, how lucky should this small fish be! This is the person who met me with good heart. Is it still alive in the second Lord?? In my life, although I look ferocious, I think I have kindness and very kindness. I still remember when I first came to work, when I was riding a bicycle and saw that I was about to hold down a chick, it suddenly went under my bicycle wheel. At that time, I either ran over it or slammed on the brakes and fell down.. Of course I chose the latter, preferring to fall to the ground, break my arm and not press the chicken.. On the other hand, how lucky was this little fish released by me! Besides, who am I? Although I am now a little-known teacher, maybe many years after my death, there are still so many novels in this essay written by me that I have been dubbed a famous writer, poet and poet of the new China.! At that time, I would like to see this little fish once sitting on my ass and having such intimate contact with such a great world-class man as me, and completely meeting him honestly ( I don’t know what his eyes didn’t see ) then how lucky it should be? How many fish and people dream of that? So I said it was extremely lucky! It’s like someone inadvertently got Van Gogh’s painting to participate in the Sunflower Regulations. Van Gogh was down and out when he was not famous. Who would have thought that he would become the world’s greatest painter in the years to come. My heart was very pleased with the release of the very lucky fish by me. After playing in the water for a long time, I came home happily with my companions at 1: 00 p.m..     Thirty – two years have passed since this incident, but in retrospect, it seems that there is still a slippery feeling under the buttocks, which is unforgettable.! Goodbye my little fish, my close little fish! Just don’t know where you are now? I’m afraid I have already made your greatest contribution to the healthy growth of someone! Goodbye, dear little fish, and hope you will always remember me in the spirit of heaven, a kind child who may only let you live!