At both ends of the scale, I lost love and friendship first.

I am an ordinary girl, attending an ordinary university. Like all girls, I like reading novels. Sometimes I envy their love and sometimes I am moved by their love.. Before I went to college, I had a dream: one is to find an object and the other is to find some friends.     On the day of school, I was different from others. They were’ uprooted’, but my home was very close to the school. On that day, I signed up and got a bedroom. This is the first time I’ve lived in bed. I’m afraid and happy.. I don’t know if I can get together with everyone. Fortunately, I met a friend. At first, everyone got along well. I was lucky to have high school classmates with me. Now we are walking together.     The three of us ate together, had classes together, went shopping together, and went online together … ah, we were inseparable at that time.     In less than January, she introduced me to her high school classmate, and I tried to promise her with a longing for love..     He is Z, and I am not a city. We are equivalent to a long-distance love. At that time, we only contacted our love by text message and telephone.     Remember the first day of the introduction, he said he was the 8th floor, and I was the 8th floor. This is fate. Ha ha!     We sent photos of each other, QQ, imagining the future.     At that time, we didn’t have a network, no video, just by making phone calls, I kept paying mobile phone bills like crazy..     When I was young, I was crazy. Even if I burn my body, I will accompany you until dawn.!     She was just like her sister and was very kind to me. She said to me, ” I have lived in school since junior high school. Unlike you, I am really a child.”! ‘ finished laughing.     Life in freshman year is very good, happy time is always too long, it will disturb me. Soon we broke up and, like all long-distance love, couldn’t stand the torture of distance.! I still remember the text message that killed me: I’m sorry, I feel like a friend and wish you happiness! . Ah maybe, from that day on, happiness will not be around me!     She cares about me very much, ” What is a man? Just look for him again.”! Yes, what is a man, without love, I still have her!     At that time, she met a boy from the department of science and technology..     At that time, I just broke up.     At that time, I blessed them!     At that time, still very happy!     Time has returned to what it used to be, what is more and what is less. Gradually grow up, gradually understand!     I am no longer a child, and she is not with me.     She has her partner to accompany, and I will also be with them. For a long time, it’s not right. Love and friendship, if you can’t choose, you must give up the same thing.     Everything happened with nature taking its course. She went out with her partner and did not come back. We were not in the bedroom.     After receiving her phone call, I was still eating outside. She asked another girl’s phone number and wanted her to go back because she didn’t have the key. Maybe it’s fate that the girl won’t be able to get an injection back. We’re not in school. She can’t get into the bedroom.. I got a call from her partner again.’ Where is it? Hurry back.” Eat?”” Don’t eat, hurry back””’ Take a taxi back, don’t eat, do you hear?” The tone is very blunt. I think I didn’t do anything wrong. I still took a taxi back.. This time, I handed the key to her without saying a word. The more I think about it, the more angry I get, and I put my hand in the machine. I didn’t go to a class that day, but I just didn’t want to face her..     In fact, I am a small temperament, always think things won’t be so serious. That night, she came back very late. Since she had an object, she always stayed with it. I actually didn’t sleep. I heard her wake us up, give us the taxi fare and don’t want to owe us anything. We talked about being late. She said we lost her face. His object was bad temper and scolded us, but I had to lose her face.. I’m good to you, that’s my object. You’re not satisfied with telling me privately that I’ll let him change it. I’m good to you, you’re much better to Nana than I was before.” I won’t be better to you’ .’ The next day, we didn’t talk, but I thought, I’m bad to you and I’ll change it. If you think I’m good to others, then I’ll be good to you.. But don’t you talk to me and treat me like a friend? Today is her birthday. I gave you face. We went to the cake shop. Xiaonan, do you think this looks good, I’ll put them together?’ I stood by and looked at you and others, but I remember to give you face and I didn’t go.At the hotel, I want to leave after dinner, if possible this is the last time. Pretending to be outside, I endure it!     I didn’t drink much that day and I felt drunk. If you are drunk, you won’t feel bad.     I don’t care if you don’t pay attention to me. I also want to treat you as a friend again and change what you think is not good into good, but I won’t stick to you and watch you laughing with others. I cut in and there is no need. If love is that you are heartless, I will cease. The same is true of friendship. If you are heartless, I will cease!     Who said that we could not be as good as before, perhaps the usual minor contradiction broke out and we did not resist it. Now that we have reached the end, we will not reach the end even if we are making a way out..     Some people, just passers-by in your life, walk barefoot. Happiness is pain and can only be a memory! I think you are a passer-by in my life, passing through my life in a hurry, let me know that friendship is also a business. I didn’t manage this friendship well, and he won’t be a passer-by any more in the next paragraph.!