A new day

A man’s life will face death from the moment he was born. This is a very pessimistic statement, but I don’t think it is a wrong statement, just. Some of us have not seriously thought about how to do a good job in this life and enjoy it. Some people, whose ideas are always extreme, have been experiencing everything in optimism. Life is sometimes really interesting, especially the wonderful process. I am not a particularly optimistic person. However, I never pessimistic. In my dictionary, pessimism and negativity always add troubles to my behavior. In my opinion, living is a kind of tiredness. Why bother yourself unnecessarily with something that may not happen and the best way to change negative thoughts? I think getting up early in the morning and saying to myself, this is a new day. Over time, we will find that every day in life is wonderful.. Failure is not terrible. What is terrible is that failure can not be climbed. People will always grow up in failure. Successful people are not born to succeed. They may have experienced too many things that ordinary people can’t imagine. In winter, the sun is still shining and warm on every creature to welcome all smiles.[ Responsible Editor: Warm Up ]