The sun is fresh every day

The sun is fresh every day, the air is fresh every day, and the days are changed every day..   So as long as people live, thinking is moving, everything in front of them is moving like floating clouds like running water.. It’s just that we didn’t have time to record them one by one. Everything about nature is running in front of the eyes in rapid changes. A person’s days are endless, and the endless moments can be pondered and remembered by people. The new memories constantly wash away and drive away the old ones. People’s memories are like photographic negatives, which can capture the moment of nature, but it is difficult to keep all of it because nature is infinitely variable and the stock of brain is limited.. Exceeding capacity will automatically forget.   Every year, every day and every moment in front of everyone’s eyes, different stories are constantly happening. Happy, sad, happy, painful, excited, depressed, calm, stimulating, tired, relaxed, etc. Any moment in life can stimulate people’s senses, leaving a mark on the negative of the brain, either deep or shallow. Any small mark is a process of life.. Write in the pen, is for people to see footprints, remember in mind is a silent wind, unconsciously disappeared without a trace.   No matter what kind of memories and records are life, they all exist. Existence keeps people busy, busy with labor, busy with work, busy with making money, busy with food, drinking, wearing, playing, parents, children and creating a better tomorrow and a better future..   The sun is fresh every day, and the earth rotates endlessly. Each of us is only a grain of dust in the universe, a drop of water in the sea and a twist of soil in the earth.. We record with our eyes, we touch with our hands, we listen with our ears, smell with our noses, taste with our mouths, and cultivate with our feet.. However, all this is surrounded by us. We are surrounded by unpredictable dots and dots. Our life is too small, our life is too short, and it is difficult to measure how small we are in the face of the universe..   Let’s feel it in this small enclosure, feel the warmth of the sun to our heart’s content and breathe the air of nature. One’s life is an instant, while nature is eternal. We can only cherish this short existence with limited life. We have to love everything nature has given us and cherish every day of life.. So for the work and busy work that the unit has given us every day, there may sometimes be many injustices and even mistreatments that we can accept calmly. Don’t complain, life is precious, and the value of life can only be reflected by working. A person’s life is short, but the footprint is long, leaving nothing to regret. The happiness of life is not much but little to care about..